China of world cup of address of Cctv5 of direct seeding of women’s volleyball of United States of Vs of Chinese women’s volleyball watchs time entrance to the United States

Will mixing 21 days on September 20 is playday of Chinese women’s volleyball重庆夜生活论坛, chinese women’s volleyball will meet Brazilian team head-on on September 22, women’s volleyball of United States of Vs of Chinese women’s volleyball will compare contest general start shooting on September 23. Miss this to do not allow authority field is wonderful right definitely, small make up arranged address of Cctv5 of direct seeding of women’s volleyball of United States of Vs of Chinese women’s volleyball, world cup China watchs time and entrance news to the United States, record for everybody.

(on the graph is photographed for Zhu Wei of reporter of Xinhua News Agency)

Game quality: 2019 women’s volleyball world cup

Be opposite a both sides: Women’s volleyball of United States of Vs of Chinese women’s volleyball

Time of match direct seeding: On September 23 14:00

Race site: Huang of Japanese thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China

China of world cup of address of Cctv5 of direct seeding of women’s volleyball of United States of Vs of Chinese women’s volleyball watchs the entrance to the United States: Http:// ? Spm=C28340.PTEIZZ4GiRby.S13356.28

American women’s volleyball, keep indefectible with Chinese women’s volleyball at present. According to women’s volleyball world cup 114夜网论坛odd round robin is made, if Chinese women’s volleyball wants to gain114夜网论坛 the championship, the safest is 11 battle are gotten the better of completely of course. Chinese women’s volleyball and American women’s volleyball are at present only the 2 troops that keep indefectible, this match is so crucial. Recommend read: Time of game of women’s volleyball of China of 2019 leg schedule is opposite women’s volleyball world cup a list

The list of 16 people go out for a battle of Chinese women’s volleyball includes: of Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong, Li Yingying, Liu Yan Han, Yuan Xin, Yan Ni, Wang Yuanyuan, Zheng Yixin, Yang Hanyu.

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The Harbin of Jinan of astral horsemanship contest of future of  2019 sina cup stands wonderful spot [43P]Station of cent of contest head station surpasses the astral horsemanship of future of 2019 sina cup to will be in the home horsemanship club of Harbin noble to open contest smoothly on May 3, 2019 sports season pull open prospective star at this point opening. This statio n match is a station of league matches of 2019 northeast horsemanship at the same time, also be the first time that Harbin glacial a city receives normal horsemanship match. Grading records this note recentlyLogionGold coin+ 48Hair post worked hard2019-5-29 19:25[……]


Preelection of contest of qualification of Olympic Games of female basket Tokyo is surpassed in group circumstance + game time

Beijing time on September 28, qualification of Olympic Games of female basket Tokyo surpasses Asia-Pacific area preliminary contest to give heat in group, chinese female basket and Korea, New Zealand, Phili114夜网论坛ppine with group. Bencibi contest general in November 14-17 day is held, hold ground general at be being announced next week.

A group: Korea, New Zealand, Philippine, China;

B group: Taipei of Japan, Australia, China, India.

114夜网论坛Make according to contest, 8 team will contend for the chair that the contest of Olympic Games qualification Feburary is surpassing 4 next year. Contest of Olympic Games preelection is surpassing altogether 16 team, cent is quadruplet, olympic Games of Tokyo of before the group 3 each promotion.

Original title: Qualification of female basket Olympic Games surpasses preliminary contest to give heat in group: China edits responsibility of battle old rival: Li Xiaoling[……]


Today, assume personal command advocate the 76 people of field with 117 than 95 get the better of silvan wolf greatly, keep complete get the better of while terminative of adversary 3 Lian Sheng. Nevertheless, the focus of this match is not victory or defeat, however Tang Si and favour compare the conflict of heart during the match, two people in pairs is driven out, future may face amerce and the punishment that ban contest even.

When the match undertakes the 3rd, tang Si and Enbide produce intense body to contact below basket, the arm of two people tangles together, enbide pushed Tang Si continuously, latter is very malcontent to this, try to hug with arm Enbide’s neck, bilateral subsequently scuffle falls down.

The try to stop people from fighting each other before the staff member goes up quickly with o114夜网论坛ther team member, stanch of conflict upgrade, but 76 people player Benximengsi presses Tang Si press in the ground, and the motion that doubt seems larynx having a lock. The time that conflict lasts is not long, advocate the judgment is decisive drive out two leading role of conflict come on the stage, match proceed.

We think, this conflict evolves into affray finally, punish them according to regulation fell. When NBA government is being accepted to interview after contest, should be worth advocate juridical mark discloses, oneself did not notice the origin of incident completely, just see both sides is pestered together. As to the Benximengsi that presses Tang Si, advocate the judgment expresses: Benximengsi is intermediary.

As one of leading role of incident, enbide expresses after contest, everybody knows, I very the state of mind that is good at affecting adversary, this is my strong point. This is basketball game, this kind fights is bagatelle on114夜网论坛e picket. Enbide’s state of mind is really such, during the match, after Enbide is pulled open, banquet of reserve of trend of star of husband of this 76 people and teammate people attack a palm to celebrate, return great to show movement of fistic brandish fist.

Nevertheless, according to allied regulation, to similar affray incident, NBA allied office has authority to be in to the player in order to prohibit contest and the fine under 60 thousand dollar. Go up at the beginning of sports season, ingram, grand much, Paul is in for similar affray incident with respect to Ce武汉夜网论坛ng Yin with different level prohibit contest and fine, among them Yinggelamuyin brings about fist of strong jump course, brandish to be banned to surpass 4. Do not give an accident, after it is clear to be investigated to the detail of this incident in allied office, enbide and Tang Si will receive the allied amerce, punishment that ban contest. (reporter Xu Bangyin)

Original title: Play a ball game change dozen of person! Enbidetangsi fights to be driven out in NBA match responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling[……]


Article introduction

Rough gentian grass also calls rough gentian the flower is vivacious long xylophyta, it can give out in each years of summer and autumn the flower with bright-coloured color, this kind of plant grows more area of area of development China southwest highland, it is these region are the vitallest view and admire one of t西安夜网论坛ree, besides, this kind of plant can be become medicine, clear hot advantage the crucial action that liver of wet, protection is it completely, mere when feeding, material of this kind of Chinese herbal medicine i重庆夜网论坛s taken also is numerous abstain from, so that make the understanding rough gentian with stronger we all careless, I can adjust lower level its action and abstain from make an all-around detailed introduction.

The action of rough gentian grass and effect and abstain from

The action of rough gentian grass and effect

1, promote digestive absorption

Rough gentian grass is become can cle武汉夜生活论坛ar hot advantage is wet after medicine the digestive absorption that also can promote the mankind, the rough gentian that i佛山夜品茶网t contains suffers from glucoside to be able to drive hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and gastric juice metabolization after be digested to absorb by the body, promotion appetite, also in order to promote a stomach action, common everybody gives dyspeptic or it is stomach trouble gastralgia when, can apply rough gentian grass to develop cure.

2, protect liver benefit bravery

Rough gentian grass can enter liver classics ins武汉夜网论坛tantly, its hepatic to the mankind maintenance effect is very distinct, can reduce the harm of material of 4 chloridize carbon to liver, also can prevent liver necrotic and become ill, still can reduce transaminase, drive bravery fluid metabolization, common it can of a few common diseases such as cholecystitis of mankind of in order to and hepatitis and its liver ascites prevent with cure, effect is very distinct.

The action of rough gentian grass and effect and abstain from

3, curb bacterium diminish inflammation

Curb bacterium diminish inflammation also is Chinese traditional medicine one of crucial action of grass of material rough gentian, common every114夜网论坛body it after unremitting, to be taken orally or it is rarefied after becoming inject liquid, apply, can have combat infection effect significantly, it fights the particularity that infects body cell长沙夜网论坛 inside human body of can reasonable promotion, can kill the varied bacteriu东莞夜生活论坛m inside human body and virus, also reduced 武汉夜网论坛the generation of inflammation with respect to many sided then.

The action of rough gentian grass and effect and abstain from

Rough114夜网论坛 gentian abstains from carelessly

Rough gentian medicinal herbs uses value function very exceedingly good, but it is taken when feeding, abstain from very remarkable also, the most important a bit 长沙夜网论坛that is to say should be taken appropriately feed, although it does not have noxiousness, can be character cold sex, if everybody is taken too much,feed, can cause cold poison is too heavy inside human body, can damage intestines and stomach to also can let everybody give the disease owing beautiful such as disgusting retch and its bellyacke, right healthy bad.



Article introduction

The generation of cancer disease can be brought about to human body mentation of the patient special more serious harm, because will possible meeting causes a person to give the state that dies after cancer generation, can be teenager children patient also must active and active develop cure. And amine of annulus phosphor acyl piece the medicines and chemical reagents with respect to cancer of cure of this kind of in order to, is amine of acyl of phosphor of that Zuo annulus what kind medicines and chemical reagents?

Amine of annulus phospho佛山夜网论坛r acyl is have slow effect fight rheumatism medicaments, have improve condyle disease, control disease develops trend and the effect that fight infection, general114夜网论坛 much with the body that be not steriod kind demulcent medicaments exerts practical effect in coordination stronger. Amine of annulus phosphor acyl as preparation of a kind of immunity, usable still with disease of system of various itself immunity武汉夜生活论坛, be like systemic lupus erythematosus, syndrome of teenager children nephrosis, the much granulation that send a gender is swollen, cankerous sex colonitis, treat sexual plaque hard low sex purpura. Certain patient is taken there also is lose one’s hair after feeding, digestion report, cystitis.

The medicine that what amine of annulus phosphor acyl is cure

1, what is amine of annulus phosphor acyl cure medicine

Simple and easy and character, amine of annulus phosphor acyl piece crucial cure action has cancer of nose pharynx of cure of i长沙夜网论坛n order to, lung cancer, breast cancer, send sexual bone myeloma more, septicemia, cervical and surgical, tumor division, mammary gland surgery, haemal division. So if septicemia giving waits differe重庆夜生活论坛nt disease gets a word, patient can the good cure of in 东莞夜网论坛order to of medicines and chemical reagents, the cure that is aimed at disease in that way can have the cure hand on a few cure.

2, character of side-effect of amine of annulus phosphor acyl

2.1, ill: of heart head blood-vess西安夜品茶网el? ? of Deng of Ao of head of pregnant of triangular bream of  of copy of Fei of throat of be ignorant of of bed A Chinese-style unlined garment bleeds like disease position, vasculitis of coronary artery blood-vessel.

2.2, hepatic: ? It is difficult that is anchor of Fei of beans of ∫ of eddy of ⒏ of make a present of of Deng of  corridor Chun gone to to go on  so does  live to fold of dry  of pump of  goblet  ?

2.3, enteron: ? Grand ⑴ brilliant setting out? of Lun Yi felt south Jian is the prime cause that cannot suffer a gender with be able to bear or endure.

2.4, : of secrete 重庆夜品茶网make water?

2.5, inspiratory: ? So does nest of ⒎ of  of  of  cochlea the Song Dynasty live?

2.6, : of skin mucous membrane? Zhui ⅰ ⑼ peddles lie of Sui of ⒖ of ⅰ of abdicate of ⑼ of deceive of Yong of fraud of pacify of ⒚  leaf to live You of trade of the Xi of Yu of ⒖ Zi excrement that bake faithful Fei!

2.7, reproductive: ?  of > of ⑼ of ferociousing Α of dish of be buried alive with the dead of month of  of thin ⑴ of Fei of care of  of department of raw meat or fish?

2.8, other: ? Ping of prize of ⒐ of an ancient wine vessel made of horn of Pi114夜网论坛e annulus carve is planted  of  of Pi ⑻ ザ 4 bed of  of Xi of Nao locust pagoda tree Meng of Sou of throat of be ignorant of of A Chinese-style unlined garment长沙夜品茶网 skips? of discharge of Pie filter  is additional Saimike avoids accord Fu.

3, the use method of amine of annulu东莞夜网论坛s phosphor acyl and use measure

3.1, adult to be taken orally everyday 2 ~ 3mg/kg. 200mg(4mg/kg) of vein inject every time, everyday or lie between a day 1 times. Or every time 600 ~ 1200mg, every 7 ~ 10 days 1. Total ou东莞夜品茶网tput of one cure process 8 ~ 10g.

3.2, child to be taken orally everyday 2 ~ 6mg/kg, , vein inject every time 2 ~ 6mg/kg, everyday or lie between a day 1 times. Or every time 10 ~ 15mg/kg, every weeks 1, inject with 0.9% oxidation natrium after fluid 2b250l diluent logy inject.

3.3, its are putting the use quantity in cure to consult please in coordination basic message.



Article introduction

Beautiful cloth of Ma Lai acerbity music lows a daily life in us it is a kind of very general cure stomach bowel the curative content of disease, because function of intestines and stomach is disorder,can reduce rea长沙夜生活论坛sonably and the abdominal distension diarrhoea of generation or it is appetite falls low disease. Some people are in can go out after taking medicine a few side-effect, dizziness for example, have a headache, rash, also some people may go liver function unusual or it is icteric wait for disease.

Beautiful cloth of Ma Lai acerbity music lows piece effect

Beautiful cloth of Ma Lai acerbity music lows piece effect:

Beautiful cloth of Ma Lai acerbity music lows piece bases is 3 armour oxygen radical benzoic acid and 2 armour oxygen base etc, this kind of curative content is aimed at disease of bowel of a few stomaches have certain remedial effect, can cure because function of intestines and stomach is disorder and the appetite that create not beautiful and disgusting retch. If give abdominal distension, diarrhoea or it is the disease such as constipation, still can consider application should treat medicaments to develop cure.

Beautiful cloth of Ma Lai acerbity music lows a meeting cause a few more serious side effect, for example liver function is injured and icteric. Main show is the body tired, hepatic area is aching, and cutaneous color is caused appear unusual change. This kind of side effect may use curative content to cause too much. If encounter this kind of situation, need is stopped take drug, and view examine human body change, need searchs the doctor’s cure to hospital outpatient service i重庆夜生活论坛nstantly.

Beautiful cloth of Ma Lai acerbity music lows piece also be a likelihood cause general side effect, for example pins and needles of buccal doing, oral cavity, diarrhoea or it is constipation, because take medicine,some people are met and also give exhaustion, swimmy, have a headache or be the disease such as rash. The incidence of a disease of this kind of disease is relatively low completely, general and insufficient 1%东莞夜网论坛 , accordingly everybody also need not be anxious too much, if doctor of severe exacting according to exhorts,take medicine, bring about not easily to human body commonly damage.

Beautiful cloth of Ma Lai acerbity music lows piece effect

Intestines and stomach stimulates the cause that causes syndrome to cause easily:

One, cause of disease of hair of Western medicine respect because:

: of element of 1. gene heredity? Ji? patient from Shi Gang begins to already Yi Ji of intestines and stomach causes syndrome, often appear domestic history, make clear related to gene heredity.

: of 2. spirit element佛山夜生活论坛? ∮ of ⒉ of ⒎ of appearance 〔 ≈ whences swim orange red ば of carbon of ancient wine vessel of  of sew of busy of ε of ⒑ of ⅰ of San of bell of ⒁ of Peng of new moon of ⑿ of Dian of bell of R of Chu of rost东莞夜生活论坛ellum of silkworm of word of dispatch of Gu of  of  helmet grandma says  Fei of  of  of boundless and indistinct of Yong of  of fall from the sky of fermium of ginseng of saute of postscript of  Dan  climbing over a wall: The conversational content of rage can cause second shape colon to support force promotion. State of mind is the element that Yi Ji of aggravating intestines and stomach causes syndrome, is not the primary essential factor that send a gender.

Does 3. intestines and stomach reflex face: ?

: of element of 4. food collocation? Door or window frame of Ling of tip of suddenly ┗ buccal Li knocks Xie of  of  of the generation that build Fei tranquil saddle desk   melt patient of? of slash  J佛山夜网论坛i but because dine,cold drinks and snacks or hot food come on.

Colon of 5. second shape metabolizes and digest absorb functional problem: ? ξ dare allow と to kiss a surname to show  of Bei of common of honest of δ of Ke of easy lip of show off of  of Beng of imperial order of Yi of provide for of silk of ∪ of ⒈ die young n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor to add up to rostellum Chu ∪ of 8 cut writing Sui of δ of easy lip Ke is proud Zuo of Xing lean close to 2 rise, can drive metabolization of mucus of mucous membrane of second shape colon, add again operate the nerve of second shape colon adjusts confused; offends syndrome to often appear because of Yi Ji of this intestines and stomach defecate is mucous, and put additionally with diarrhoea more have.

6.Bacterium of path of bowel of intestines and stomach group maladjusted: ?

Does 7. treat medicaments: ? Hang ┏ ? A bit Fei sifts cut Chinese disclose to n/HON be unworthy of the honor thoroughfaring  Ping heavies rain F. Other treatment medicaments also can cause allergy of skin of aspect ratio of seco武汉夜网论坛nd shape colon.

Research of kinetic model change makes clear 8. intestines and stomach Yi Ji of intestines and stomach offends syndrome patient to have second shape colon kinetic model change. 9. Other: ? Closely question of buy of Xia Shen farring away flinchs ξ of postscript Yu  does an ancient nationality[……]


Article introduction

The grass that return a heart is a kind of common plant Chinese traditional medicine medicinal material, alias Hui heart is careless, as moss kind plant, gross area is spread all over in China wide, grow more development is in China the brook water of and other plac114夜网论坛es of Heilongjiang province, Jilin province, Liaoning province, Yunnan province or it is agricultural in the ground. Because its are spread all over,cover a range wide, efficacy of a drug is good, suffer we all to dote on fully. But the crucial action kimono of the grass that return a heart is fed abstain from much perhaps, discuss together with we all now.

The grass that return a heart is taken feed abstain from

Answer a heart to be taken carelessly feed abstain from

Because gross is much,answer heart grass, good with, suffer we all to dot重庆夜生活论坛e on fully, of whether applicable whole group? The answer is denied. Most what want establishment first is pregnant woman bad, bosom pregnancy takes drug, can cause not quite good effect to darling of the embryo in abdomen. Physiology period should have friends of female of take second place less, take too much can cause menstruation to be not moved, affect hea佛山夜生活论坛lth of body 西安夜品茶网and mind.

The grass that return a heart is taken feed abstain from

Return the crucial function of heart grass

The growth that because its are simple and easy,answers heart grass growth level and the account number in expanse of our country area a lot of. Answer heart grass, look from literal meaning the effect that it has extraordinary to cure he西安夜网论坛art disease. The distinctive component that its oneself contains sheds what kinetic influence and its cardiac muscle are short of blood to improve to blood, tone fat fights arteriosclerosis, resist rhythm of the heart is wrong have distinct effect, join moderate old age, have the group of heart problem.

The grass that return a heart is taken feed abstain from


Abstain from group

Although the grass that return a heart is the curative thing with a kind of good 长沙夜生活论坛effect, but anybody can be not drunk, the person of bald-headed, lose one’s hair can be not drunk, if this长沙夜生活论坛 kind of group drinks the grass that return a heart, can cause of hair more fierce, and cannot give somebody a new lease on life. ” gleaning of a book on Chinese medicine ” in record and narrate ” bald person hair, many quantities in Mu Shang, send, also not reborn. “

The grass that return a heart not only the group that is aimed at hea东莞夜网论坛rt problem s114夜网论坛uits, still having the effect that raises a heart to calm the nerves. As material of a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, take feed period inside if app重庆夜品茶网ly additionally with other treatment medicaments,may produce curative content effect, cause the side effect that owes beautiful, special situation ought to consult doctor or doct佛山夜网论坛or.



Article西安夜网论坛 introduction

Be aimed at Shi Jiaoxiang of delay of cloth Luo Fen, be certain everybody nots allow Yi Tai is too not close, it is the curative thing with the very common be placed in the middle since a kind of our life, a few ladies often can have delay of cloth Luo Fen commentate capsule, because it is one kind stops,be fond of curative content, can use at assistance to alleviate dysmenorrhoea, have certain profit to health of body body and mind, after all classics is painful it is huge to the person’s influence. We are having delay of cloth Luo Fen commentate below the circumstan佛山夜品茶网ce of capsule, a lot of need advertent area, it is not OK to wanting advertent that is to say especially hollow take, as a result of delay of the hollow Luo Fen that take cloth东莞夜生活论坛 Shi Jiaoxiang gets a word, very easy excitant to maw mucous membrane, create the situation that gastric heartburn appears on person. Below looks actually.

Buluofen is hollow took meeting how

Delay Shi Jiaoxiang is opposite Buluofen of the person healthy be to have the certain effect that owe beautiful, accordingly we often can not have delay of cloth Luo Fen commentate the东莞夜网论坛 circumstance of capsule issues empty stomach, because be met in that way excitant to maw mucous membrane, the state that aches with wind in the stomach appears on the body th西安夜网论坛at creates a person, this namely the gastric h东莞夜网论坛eartburn that we often say, have the certain effect that owe beautiful to person heart health, so that the patient’s body and mind is healthy,consider accordingly, we fall in the case that takes drug must not empty stomach.

Buluofen is hollow took meeting how

Medicaments of a few cure falls in the case that takes drug need to maintain empty stomach, the curative content tha重庆夜品茶网t just can make in that way produces stronger actual result adequately, but have a few curative,content is not OK hollow take, shi Jiaoxiang of delay of cloth Luo Fen treats medicaments one kind so, if empty stomach eats Buluofen to get a word, create the situation that gastric bowel ache appears on person very easily, and in that way the sufficient play of adverse also efficacy of a drug, accordingly we are eating Buluofen before a few feed cap114夜网论坛able person.

Buluofen is hollow took meeting how

Shi Jiaoxiang of delay of cloth Luo Fen is a kind of curative thing with the very common be placed in the middle since a kind of our life, have the certain effect that owe beautiful to health of body bo114夜网论坛dy and mind, but be ai重庆夜品茶网med at,have via painful person talk, be Shi Jiaoxiang of delay of indispensable cloth Luo Fen, because t佛山夜生活论坛his kind treats medicaments to be aimed at assistance,the lady alleviates dysmenorrhoea has hand very, can alleviate the anguish inside feminine menses, delay of Luo Fen eati长沙夜网论坛ng cloth commentate below the circumstance of capsule, we have a lot of to need advertent area, be in especially that is to say with advertent need is not OK empty stomach, can cause what gastric heartburn appears on person to feel otherwise, the effect owing beautiful that causes to health of body body and mind is quite big.



Article introduction

Hao elem佛山夜生活论坛ent is a kind of fiber shape crystallization that does not have color, it is a basis unique kind is gotten in the foliaceous bine from chrysanthemum Hao go out. Green Hao element is a kind of special medicine with counteractive ill dengue, ill to head dengue cure effect is东莞夜生活论坛 very distinct, its character is the effect good, poisonous side effect is small. The action of green Hao element is extremely strong, it not only can come cure dengue is ill, OK and counteractive tumour.

The action of green Hao element and effect

1, fight dengue fever ill

Green Hao element has the effect with counteractive ill dengue, because of it can active oxygen is free b重庆夜品茶网ase, freedom radical can mix the oxygen that causes according to green Hao element impaludism former protein is united in wedlock cheek by jowl, destroy its then qualitative film, nucleus film and bubble film, the film outside causing its falls down, can destroy the body cell of plasmodium in that way, additional, still can continue to once,be caused to its chromatin influence.

2, fight tumor

Via considering to discover, green Hao element still has the effect of counteractive tumour, it can make the cancer cell such as ca重庆夜网论坛ncer of neck of breast cancer, liver cancer, palace n114夜网论坛ecrotic, OK and apparent all the time the growth of tumor cell development. Green Hao element can cause wither of tumor cell cell to die, kill tumor cell 佛山夜生活论坛then. Gre西安夜网论坛en Hao element can check large intestine of cancerous body cell grow development, can let splash of cell of this kind of tumour go up die.

3, f114夜网论坛ight fungus

The effect of green Hao element is counteractive bacterium, via considering to discover, the agent of water simmer in water of green Hao element and agent of broken bits grain can check of the bacteri西安夜品茶网um such as bacili of diphtheria bacili, cortical grape coccus, anthrax grow development. Additional, can check yellow of dysenteric bacili, orange is red carry streptococcic the breed that waits for a bacterium. This shows, green Hao element still has the effect of the certain diminish inflammation that eliminate bacterium.

4, fight diabetic

Via considering to make clear, green Hao element can be used at resistance diabetic, this detects, may turn rescue into a wheat straw of diabetic person. Because green Hao element can make cause pancreas,the body cell of element of tall blood sugar turns into the body cell of insu佛山夜网论坛lin 东莞夜品茶网of metabolization pleasant essence, can reduce the ingredient that blood sugar is worth substantially with coming in that way. But, this scien东莞夜生活论坛tific research is begun further even in, we still need to await its to study Jian fruit scientificly patiently.