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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 2556 words, update at: 2019-07-08 08:09

Shen Xueyin's pattern is really sad also, two people look each other, sigh together, next, gold times continue to twist towel, he Ningxi is helping Shen Xueyin up to sit to say: "After all, elder brother has promised to receive you. Come home immediately, you explain well with him. You explain well with him..

After 15 minutes, zhang Yunting's phone is hit to He Ningxi's mobile phone.

He Ningxi also is not He Tian comes personally unexpectedly questioningly very, but, hanged phone hind or pretend to jubilate, with gold times, send Shen Xueyin.

Arrived below, never mention it she and Shen Xueyin, it is gold times, also stayed.

Zhang Yunting leaves come, not be that luxurious Mu Shang, however a very common ML350. This city is cross-country car, ferial Li Xiao aspersed the man of unruly to left to also stop, chant of admeasure Shenyang snow, apparent meaningful.

The person always is such, you Jian enters excessive easy, it is difficult to enter frugal by excessive, be surrounded by dazzling aureola long person, suddenly aureola is taken away entirely, also do not have even the soul the law to control ash dash forward protuberant come.

Shen Xueyin is mixed in He Ningxi gold of times look attentively at below, grey dash forward dash forward the car on the ground.

The times face that lets oneself hard does not have He Ningxi and gold it seems that peculiar, stand beside the path, wave to leave with Shen Xueyin.

Elegant build, or in that way imposing manner extensive grand environment is beautiful. Once, each days bring her quiet with enjoy, today, all happiness, the satirize that became pair of not affirmatory future and oppressive.

When to rise, do oneself begin the direction that opposes toward this world look insensibly to go?

Cong Yangqian alizarin red is young lady of that side a thousand pieces of gold in to oneself of materially corrode begin? Be still 10 thousand leisurely, Liu Zhaoqing is the road that for her interest collude she drives her to search her brought about? Oneself are looking for this him world all the time this some position, make Yi Fei like the mother-in-law in that way, stand still heart of wind of grandpa congratulate listen tens of year consistent day, in elegant build make a magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune actually goodwife. But, why oneself exert oneself to do sth. the more, leave further with the target the more?

Walk into the sitting room with villatic big broadness, gao Yuan's housetop is just as the dome cottage of empty boundless and indistinct.

What part is she after all?

She in the future this what course to follow?

After He Tian sets out from Zhang Yunting, return a study, open computer, the mail that period of time of the evening that browse can come over from hair of world each district. These, can be in originally tomorrow is early a processing. But, because know to be able to have a special negotiation immediately, so, had placed the manner of a make a great show of being in earnest beforehand.

Father's younger brother of Lv of classics of Shenyang snow chant is how-to, outside coming to study door when, stood still near one minute in the doorway, ability raise one's hand knocks.

He Tian sits on the chair, light say: "Enter please! "Enter please!!

Two people are like office work same, lying between a table, one is sitting, one is standing, face-to-face.

Shen Xueyin's again arrogant heart, stand before him, the dough that also is obliged to shrink to be had pity on into. She has pity on herself, cannot help sobbing.

This ability says He Tian: "Sit! "Sit!!

Shen Xueyin did not sit, she is very unaccustomed the man is right oneself such cold reception, hard make a stand against. Passed a little while, she is crossing a look, took a few steps ahead, say to He Tian: "Tony, today's thing, you think unlike in that way. You think unlike in that way..

If cold cold of congratulate day look is put on the ice, staring at her, oneself do not speak however. The face like cold ice of his that all ages makes Shen Xueyin special be fear of, good a long time, ability pharynx wears Shen Xueyin saliva receives go down to say: "True, I just accepted a parent invite, with that class all teachers have a meal together just. Go up closet when, the phone is put on the desk, noisy all the time, the Xiao Jiao on the side of the seat grows ability to receive. He just also prepares to tell us to be absent just, do not have the misgivings that you can think to become. Do not have the misgivings that you can think to become..

He Tian says: "I come back on time inaccessibly, return the home in, lose sight of oneself wife however, in the home deserted, this makes me uncomfortable, do you know? Do you know??

Shen Xueyin one terrified, dehisce says: "I think you won't come back so early. " He Tian's word threw into confusion apparently the thinking that ability manage understands her with great difficulty, if getting ready at a loss for word during became trashy gibberish completely.

She did not say, because harbour became sufficient,force cannot find a tiger to hit however!

He Tian criterion leisurely starts to talk: "As a wife, you should act what kind of part in the home, had you thought seriously? I am not to capture you merely today the careless omission night, yesterday? The day before yesterday? Whether the mode in our family, need me to quit all mobile dinner parties, and the life that will cooperate you to go after you your dream? Support you to take Beijing route, support you to become the preceptress with Beijing welcome road, support you to become the education that attends provincial and open class to star? Support you to become the education that attends provincial and open class to star??

Magnify of Shenyang snow chant mouth, time do not come out a word.

He Tian stands up from the chair, took a few steps toward the side, next face about looks at her to: "Two people in a family, be destined one is like a boat should go euqally maritime the boat that fishs another waits to fish at any time like haven come back to rest. If two people put energy outside the world, you struggle your, I struggle my, I am lost sight of when you come back, you also are lost sight of when I come back, come so, what appearance can the family make? What appearance can the family make??

Shen Xueyin is asked scalp hair is close, cold sweat appears.

He Tian's expression as before light, do not look to give anger, also do not look to give sadness.

Shen Xueyin the train of thought according to him, can argue only a word: "My person is in the home too frowsty. You always return behindhand, I think with you the speech also is not told one sentence. I think with you the speech also is not told one sentence..

"Disrelish the home so in dull? " He Tian's mood unexpectedly unconventional tenderness.

Shen Xueyin got alluring, nod sincerely.

He Tian looks up at the ceiling, make consider appearance, moment hind says: "Do you know? When you a moment ago came back, in the scene that is together with a man outside the door I saw. That sends you the man that come back, it is that receives your telephone call Xiao Jiao that you say grows, ? ??

Shen Xueyin wants to say " either " , congratulate day detection her idea, sneer: "The school leadership of I and Beijing road has had a contact, you want to deny, also be impossible. " Shen Xueyin does not know he wants what to say after all, heart immediately fluster rises, stammer: "I, I did not think, want, want to deny! "I, I did not think, want, want to deny!!

"Does that admit namely? " He Tian questions closely.

Shen Xueyin sighed, be like convict like, nod.

He Tianli engraves chuckle to rise. He takes very close from Shen Xueyin place, the station is in beside her like confabulate soft tone says: "Xue Yin, when I am written down so that I see this desolate president for the first time, feel he is have very temperamental, cultured person very much. Await in those days, the one dry leader of we and educational bureau is together, his both neither is diligent lead at insinuating, also can search allow oneself to locate, easy and dovish neither haughty nor humble. " , ask: "I know he does education to consider to have very much in Beijing road, his appeal maths, does provincial task study the newspaper went up? Does provincial task study the newspaper went up??

Shen Xueyin is unidentified in, conscientiously replies: "Should go on the newspaper? "Should go on the newspaper??

"How do you know? "How do you know??

Shen Xueyin wants to say: "Have special ceremony opening a subject, the area taught bureau leader to come over. " the thing that couplet thinks of to the leader that he meets educational bureau is for oneself, shen Xueyin not only warmth is touched again.

Her mood was loosened.

He Tian asks then: "So, does certainly will of that desolate president get the support of more person? Does certainly will of that desolate president get the support of more person??

Shen Xueyin replies innocently: "Should be. "Should be..

Hetian is laughing to say: "How be should? "How be should??

Shen Xueyin is asked by him slightly awkward, laugh say: "Such I feeling, capable and Confucianism elegant person, a lot of people meet the teacher in the school admire and like him. A lot of people meet the teacher in the school admire and like him..

Complexion as usual of He Tian, laughing to say: "Is the president that teachs maths also used ' Confucianism elegant ' is this morphology allowed? "Is the president that teachs maths also used ' Confucianism elegant ' is this morphology allowed??

"That of course cough up. " Shen Xueyin seems to return mixed once upon a time he is arbitrary chitchat when, holding a head high to sticking up mouth to say: "He or the ace that read prose poem to write prose poem, when attending high school and college, had published on the magazine, very fierce. His classmate praises he is ' small Zhu Ziqing ' . His classmate praises he is ' small Zhu Ziqing ' ..

"Be? " He Tian is more enthusiastic, ask: "He most what is the article of expert? "He most what is the article of expert??

"" Changjiang Delta is endowed with " . "" Changjiang Delta is endowed with " ..

"Write Changjiang Delta? "Write Changjiang Delta??

"Hum! "Hum!!

"Black town? Be still Zhou Zhuang? Be still Zhou Zhuang??

"Wu source. "Wu source..

"Ah? " He Tian appears to had not listened to this place.

"The oily cauliflower there opens Dekemei, annual in April, golden, like be like gold of full glutinous rehmannia. Drama of movie and TV can be there of find a view ah. Be like teleplay of knight-errant of that well known. Be like teleplay of knight-errant of that well known..

He Tian says: "A lot of places have oily rape flower. "A lot of places have oily rape flower..

Shen Xueyin refutes cheerly: "Can have only there the home town that just is Xiao Yu ah -- "

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