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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 2913 words, update at: 2019-07-08 08:26

Think originally, he is met at least to once not was tender to oneself in that way. No matter involve what issue, always want to listen to oneself to say two patiently, next the wish according to oneself, comply with oneself meaning appropriately.

But, what she did not think of is, he Tian's face is like iron plate one example is worn.

Song Shijun still does not have there's still time to recount his " want to see he just looks for him very much " true mood, he says angrily: "How do you learn traffic safety? Is there so abrupt like you leap up to the front of others car head? Is there so abrupt like you leap up to the front of others car head??

Song Shijun piece dehisce, want to reply, however answer of have no way rises.

He Tianshen moves to pull her by, look at her, say seriously: "The station is here, do not want to move! " return the vehicle on the body, start, start!

Song Shijun still does not have reaction to come over, his car has been carried fast, v12 engine performance is superior, the arrow that the car is like to leave spring leaves Song Shijun's line of sight.

Song Shijun is made fun of, anger of a few paces was chased after at the back and halt a footstep. Roadside has the greenbelt that reachs knee, she raises a bag to be bungled forcibly above, the fire with discharge mind.

After going back, she did not sleep good overnight. The following day, just awoke from the bed, she takes skill chance, sent a short message to Hetian: "Is there time tonight? Occupied should tell to you. " the short message is given out, after awaiting nearly half hour, as before disappear forever.

Disappointing, she did not abandon, every a hour, she can send a short message give He Tian. Content such as: "Don't you think good-bye really I? " " it is good to has there been anything between us talk? " " the menace that you suffer others for me, I did not forget this thing. " " my true infer you, you reply my message, ? " ...

Before long, such methodological other people also has been used. Song Shijun is all along self-reliant and great-hearted, cannot think of, have unexpectedly so a day, she also is met such, approximately grovel before love.

The first day does not have any effects.

The following day, she sends the first day the short message re-edit that pass, send again.

The 3rd day, after she eats a meal midday, the mobile phone is examined before returning desk, discovery, there is to come from on the mobile phone " He Tian " reply.

Song Shijun's heart beats madly immediately. Her finger is trembling almost, take a mobile phone, after Jie Suozhi read a short message carefully. Short message content is very simple, it is the name of place of a meeting and address, still have the time that the agreement meets.

What that meeting calls writing palace, the meet time that He Tianfa comes to, it is in the evening at 9 o'clock.

Writing palace, just as its name implies, should be the place of the of great momentum. At 8 o'clock, come out from beautiful water village when Song Shijun, take a taxi, when this meeting place reaching after 40 minutes, immediately by among them the building of tranquil landscape and elegant air lived to the shock. East state city very little land very little gold, each place wishs to insert full the building of cement reinforcing steel bar, and it is better that height piles up higher. But, it is obviously here in urban limits, held unluckily so big a land, enclothe rate range estimation to be 80% right-and-left afforest, the design that passes skillful craftsman is built, chan of brook water Chan a winding path leading to a secluded spot, a pavilion or house on a terrace of booth stage building is faint, the little bridge of white marble is refined exquisite.

Only two main body is built one, walk into the ability after going to discover, interior sees a new world actually. That Chan Chan sheds dripping brook not only outside winding, brook water also is brought to meeting place inside. Be close to between all bags water and build, between the bag inside leave with part of baluster general inside and outside, the place that is have dinner is reached inside, exterior and OK drink tea to chat. In the meantime, lotus leaf, calamus is planted outside edge of the water in water, there is a fish to had swum in brook water, guest have dinner drinks what tea chats to be able to be admired scene watch a fish, a good work that true dispute often enjoys.

Song Shijun is guided with respect to what attendant in writing lady-in-waiting below, come to room of person name packet. Here although very small, but, because be inside writing palace, layout nature is chic, adornment is very costly also. Thoroughbred female attendant with dialect of very downy sweat and agreeable, light tone inquiry: "What do you need to be nodded first? "What do you need to be nodded first??

Song Shijun shakes his head hastily, say: "Wait meeting besides. "Wait meeting besides..

Female attendant is exited. After 5 minutes, the distance still had 5 minutes of vision at 9 o'clock in the evening, the He Tian with very formal dress is in same of a female attendant guide below, jump the door and enter.

From rise into the room, he Tian's eyes never is contacted with Song Shijun's eye.

Two people greet to be done not have repeatedly, song Shijun just works sitting, the name that heard He Tian to say a kind of tea to female attendant eats with two kinds feed.

After He Tian is nodded, female attendant asks Song Shijun.

The case below have sth in mind of Song Shijun look, the heart also is unable to bear or endure cold, feel sad, blurt out said sentence: "Green jade snail spring is good. "Green jade snail spring is good..

He Tian did not talk as before, it is female attendant reminds: "Young lady, evening drinks green tea to go against Morpheus. Evening drinks green tea to go against Morpheus..

Look of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty He Tian, did not get a response as before, say to female attendant: "That with respect to Pu Er. "That with respect to Pu Er..

Wind ground is laughing at female attendant Dan Reqing, grace was retreated leisurely.

After moment, tea and eat feed came up.

This ability faces up to He Tian Song Shijun, look iciness, speech sound inhospitality: "Want what to say after all, speak out quickly. Speak out quickly..

Song Shijun heaves a sigh, gently: "Did not let me taste analyse to time? "Did not let me taste analyse to time??

He Tian nods, say: "Good, use tea please. Use tea please..

The fist since end of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty is big violet arenaceous crock, fell in bovine eye big cup a bit, rise cup end next, slowly with respect to the lip, light sip readily. Take agonized boiled water to pass oral cavity slightly, tea charm is rich and generous slip toward throat, flow in the stomach, whole process feels very comfortable.

"It is good tea really. " Song Shijun puts down a cup to gasp in admiration.

He Tian not answer, just carrying eyebrow of oneself golden fine horse to sip slowly.

Song Shijun says: "I very before the yearning, ever also thought such today drinking. Days elapses quickly, I never had forgotten among them happiness one day. " paused moment, ask He Tian: "You? Had you forgotten? Had you forgotten??

He Tian says: "I am written down do not remember, forget, to you, so important really? So important really??

Song Shijun lowers his head to laugh, say: "That is of course. "That is of course..

He Tian sneers instead rise, sarcastic say: "That I, should fall in this beautiful scene in a good day, does so tender to you situation express to touch? Does so tender to you situation express to touch??

Song Shijun is him to encourage in the dark, deck gives smile, beautiful face if spring flower blossommed in Feburary, dye-in-the-wood temptation sends out come out, say to He Tian: "Do you feel? "Do you feel??

That moving eye wave, enough lets a normal man get drunk.

He Tian is like however blind general, pay no attention.

Song Shijun can'ts help anxious, say: "My intention, do you understand after all? Do you understand after all??

He Tian says: "I know only, if the person exposes an interest intentionally at the person before, its heart is dangerous surely. Its heart is dangerous surely..

Song Shijun just returns amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds face is unable to bear or endure one deadlocked.

He Tian does not plan eventually and she continues music meaning deal with goes down, face up to her look, expressional gravity: "Song Shijun, you feel to be on this world, are you exclusive already clever and fine-looking and god-given girl? All men should live for you, want to fail to be your living person according to your wish only, even if married, the heart still should be put in you here, right incorrect? Right incorrect??

Song Shijun is asked some are ineffably, speak haltingly: "I am not clear, what do you want to say after all? What do you want to say after all??

He Tian changed a view, path: "I divorced. "I divorced..

"This I know. " the thought in brain of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty is sharp, answer of take advantage of an opportunity is only on the mouth.

He Tian says then: "I have very credible evidence, the inducement with my the most crucial divorce is you are made single-handed. The inducement with my the most crucial divorce is you are made single-handed..

Song Shijun this ability is thoroughly foolish.

She comes from the start on the seat suddenly.

He Tian says however: "Since came, why to listen to me to say the word? Why to listen to me to say the word??

Easy, ad cool-headed, elegant... disappeared completely. The Song Shijun that returns appear in all her glory just now is remained only now alarmed with the disorder.

"You, what are you saying? " she is brash under talk almost adverse all alone, "You, you are nonsense obviously, the thing that does not have shadow is made desire together with blame. The thing that does not have shadow is made desire together with blame..

He Tian from the v in the mobile phone the one picture of Zhang Xi day looks to Song Shijun. This piece of photograph, he and that day of Liu Wanxi sit together to be stolen to pat.

He Tian says: "On the new personality contest of can alive Ji Xing, take camera of long focal distance to pat me so, besides you, I do not want to go out to still have someone else really. In my world, have those who want my life, have those who want to replace my social class, these people want to be able to achieve a purpose can not have place only need not its extremely. But, they won't do such business, the red that pats me is heard. The red that is the true state of affairs far from especially is heard. In the meantime, the picture that still will take very big misunderstanding is passed to at that time or the Shenyang snow of my madam goes on the mobile phone of chant. The picture that still will take very big misunderstanding is passed to at that time or the Shenyang snow of my madam goes on the mobile phone of chant..

He Tian says to Song Shijun: "You do not have expect certainly at that time, after nearly two months today, I divorced with my madam actually. So, let me guess, you send me the madam's intention the picture, just should let her heart in sad, best can look for me to quarrel, ? ??

Song Shijun is asked embarrassedly, a word also replies not to come out.

Hetian continues to say: "Although my madam is a person that lacks abdomen capacity, but, the to me feeling in her heart also not likely easily can disintegrate. I say my what she leaves is not, it is my gas word. Actually, I also had not thought, true one day, I do not want her, or one day, she so leave me. She so leave me..

Song Shijun is unable to bear or endure by such word cut heart, mournful path: "You are in obviously that day, before staking the face of your woman admits, you do not love your wife. You do not love your wife..

This word appears very abruptly, heaven allowing a surname can'ts help questioningly.

Song Shijun is enmeshed in the bitterness that love is stabbed, also cannot discover such careless omission and go pestering it.

Congratulate day consider is a short while, suddenly suddenly, path: "Oh, so that thing, also be others of your in collusion with, design me to coming. Design me to coming..

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