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Dissolve month village.

The Luo Yue that just is asleep wakes again suddenly into the old person. He ases if foretell what, get out of bed at once come to the doorway. Open the door, see only far, support of a people is by the side of courtyard door.

One bright destroy, should be ignition cigarette.

Door of Luo Yue pass in and out, approach some, identify bit of mark: "Days small? Be young season came? Be young season came??

Shi Yufang also wraps around the garment comes out: "Who ah, do days small come back? Do days small come back??

Luo Yue is entered pressed open the door, he Tian is gone to in took two steps, faint suddenly.

120 arrive at top speed, emergency treatment doctor was checked, rise continuously: "Blood pressure, heartbeat is very normal, those who do not have a thing. See him complexion is so poor, should be hunger. " the airline ticket that takes the drop out in bag of one Zhang Conghe day to come again, "You look, he still sat nine plane of half hours, also do not know how to come from airport outpace, do not have a thing, so overworked, so syncope. So syncope..

"How should be we done now then? "How should be we done now then??

"I give him dextrose of dot of profess to convinced, pass a little while, he can wake. Have bit of thing to him first, beautiful of melt into of easy pass the time in a leisurely way, boil bit of congee. The body restores some, add and so on of shrimp of bit of vegetable, fish again. Tomorrow by day, should OK have a meal normally. Should OK have a meal normally..

Luo Kai sincere hear the news, drive early hastily greatly come back: "Does young season come? " in door mouth look around, he Tian had waked, drinking congee, he fears a bit, dare not go in, pulling Luo Yue to enter the hall: "This young season comes, father, you can want to persuade him to stay to live a few days more. You can want to persuade him to stay to live a few days more..

Luo Yue enters inclined he is one: "What do you want to do again? This he nods odd, the mood is very poor like, no matter you want to do what business, this, do not allow to talk. Do not allow to talk..

"I know, I know. I know..

The word is so say, luo Kai graceful of sincere wife Guo, still be an eldest son that just graduated from agricultural college, and still reading tall the second belt of 3 comes over.

Normal weekday, their metropolis lives in the home that nears downtown.

At the moment assembles in dissolve month village, apparent, be " never go to the temple for nothing " .

Dinner, hetian and Luo Jiasan's acting person eat together. Before, shi Yufang helps him shave the beard that tugs Cha clean, blow at the same time resemble fooling at the same time talk about again and again returns like him in one's childhood: "Dear me, good gracious good, this is farfetched, long ugly on the face. You do not want to start work, the grandma comes, ah, give you shave light completely. " still wiped a face to him then.

At the moment, he dejected, appearance is returned as always.

Luo Kai sincere eating a meal, often secretly look.

He Tian cannot help eventually, put down a chopstick to ask him: "What thing do you have to want to say again? "What thing do you have to want to say again??

Luo Kai sincere laugh hastily: "Days small, not be, I and your Guo aunt come today, it is purely namely see you. It is purely namely see you..

"Be? " He Tianxuan shuts up namely, take a chopstick.

Luo Kai sincere wary opportunity so delinquency, correct oneself hurriedly: "Oh, also not be. " disregard Luo Yue to enter prevent, not shut up path: "Occupied, it is to have so two. Also do not calculate very big, you extend small day it is good to stretch one's hand. You extend small day it is good to stretch one's hand..

"If be to should arrange the job, or it is to aid financially go out study abroad, avoid talk. Avoid talk..

"Why are these two things not OK? " the Guo Ting that keeps silence all the time couldn't help, "Days small, you also are the successful personage of rich armour one party, common you say, grandfather grandma is your close grandfather, close grandma, they foster you, so you just have today. Small east the grandchildren that He Xiaona also is grandfather grandma, will tell on mutual affection, they are two your little brothers. Small east want to manage into agriculture now, xiaona wants to go Wenxi studies abroad, you help, how not OK? How not OK??

He Tian keeps a straight face.

Luo Kai sincere at the same time try to mediate differences at the sacrifice of principle, graceful letting Guo " say a point less " , look dew hopes for at the same time.

He Tian ate two meals again, put down a chopstick thereafter: "I had planned to retire. No matter be Wen Xi, or east city, after, originally those things and I am irrespective. The person goes tea cool, uncle aunty, you should understand. You should understand..

Collect Kennan, Guo Ting not by stare tongue-tied.

Shi Yufang wants to ask, did not start to talk temporarily.

Luo Yue takes the hand that takes the day that take a surname, give the chopstick go back: "Have a meal, have a meal first. Have a meal first..

Till the 3rd day, luo Jiaren just is done understanding after all is how one and the same.

This day, room of classics entrance guard affirms, one runs quickly a Kaisibin opens bank of the month that enter dissolve. Zhang Yunting is taking bodyguard to defend in the courtyard, a person enters Chu Zhengzhe house.

He Tian stays in the room of upstair the eastern side, brawl sound passes through a window direct from above wave.

"What, do you go back no longer? Heng Yuan you no matter, area of big an ancient name for China you also without giving thought to? Is Song Zhenglie to be caught in vain before that, the project of freely is taken so hard, you why? You why??

"You regard me as a meaningless weak. "You regard me as a meaningless weak..

"Do then you think Guo Heshu father's younger brother, make aunty and someone else? "Do then you think Guo Heshu father's younger brother, make aunty and someone else??

"I do not consider a pipe, also be in charge of. Also be in charge of..

"You are really selfish. But without giving thought to how, since I came, bind also should bind you go back. Bind also should bind you go back..

Congratulate day sound rises greatly: "Altruistic thing, my experience is too much. You say to cross you in one's childhood, you do not have mom, without father, very unfortunate. But you always had done a lot of businesses that you like to do. No matter be to stem from him protection, still retaliate other. But I? When I want to like the person that I like, my whats are done not have. When I can speak me to like the word of this person, my father let me go Wen Xi. I became pawn of a few years in Wen Xi, changed the Milky way, changed area of big an ancient name for China, my grandfather tells me, I must go to future the host that does Heng Yuan. My father it may not be a bad idea, your father it may not be a bad idea, include you, you feel big area of an ancient name for China all all future this I go administer. Had I had a bit to belong to what I want truly? Had I had a bit to belong to what I want truly??

Here, he cried, cry so that fling caution to the winds, hysterical.

"I never had had a such longing, whats need not are in charge of, I want to have her only, let her be in my world, my for company she, cherish her, make her happy, make her happy, make her happy. When my whats are done not have, when living very hardly, it is to relying on the longing to her one pace walks over, I cannot do not have her, but I cannot get her unluckily however. But I cannot get her unluckily however..

Chu Zhengzhe never has seen such congratulate day, at a loss for word, again unspeakable also a word.

He Tian evicts him, the lock comes, let loneliness bury everything afresh.

Very long very long, the door just is rung by light chuck again. He Tian is very irritated. But that rhythm, be familiar with so again however. Either collect grandfather, also not be stone grandma, not be Chu Zhengzhe more.

He thinks of a person suddenly, come out from inside contemplative world at once. Open the door, it is as expected, he is busy call out gently: "Yun Ting, it is you! It is you!!

Zhang Yunting is carrying a tray, there are meal and chicken broth above. On the table that puts tray inside the room, zhang Yunting presses bright light, peaceful course: "Childe, have dinner. Have dinner..

Congratulate day face slightly one red, want to defy, do not have have the nerve, walk over, sit down, take a chopstick again.

Zhang Yunting is silent for company.

Congratulate day close lightly mouth: "I... do not know you also come. "I... do not know you also come..

Zhang Yunting laughs: "I am original with respect to this for company your. " , say again, "Hunan rare thing, went back first. Went back first..

"My privately acts alone, does my father say you? Does my father say you??

Zhang Yunting shakes shake one's head.

He Tian does not believe: "He cannot find me at a draught, affirmative communications center you get angry. " drank buccal chicken broth, what hypoglycemia causes is frail feeling, immediately a bit better.

Cannot often complicity Zhang Yunting, he Tian must have a meal. The meal has, zhang Yunting received a telephone call, said, give the telephone call again come over: "Of congratulate gentleman. "Of congratulate gentleman..

He Tianting is defied, but very helpless still, can receive the telephone call only come over.

Phone press close to is auditive, do not have violent storm like bomb. Sound of congratulate listen rumour never passes blandly so: "Young wise man said with me. You are so old come, pass very really. Pass very really..

He Tian is opening mouth, be in a daze a little. Hear old father to everyone looking up to sb there self-condemned: "I become you only is to be lovelorn, but it is so important to you to did not think of that girl. Everything is my fault, probably, at the beginning palindrome stannum, I take you with respect to this. If everything can come again, I can try different beginning certainly, probably, so OK really that countervail place wishs. So, father apologizes to you. Father apologizes to you..

He Tian was not controlled so that live, cried at a draught: "Either, father, either, not be your fault. Not be your fault..

"Calculate injury wanting cure, also answer come beside father, ? ??

He Tian sobs so that seem to return in one's childhood: "Hum, i, I go back now. I, I go back now..

Congratulate listen wind laughed: "This dark, tomorrow, the court of a feudal ruler letting the cloud orders the airline ticket tomorrow to you. " enjoin again, "For father, take care of well! Take care of well!!

Luo Yue arrives into understanding the whole thing thing, also be deep feeling very, his adjuration Luo Kai sincere do not allow to be carried again apply for a job and the thing that the child reads, take care of good He Tian together with Shi Yufang the last in the evening.

The following day, the car of a male card, receive Hetian and Zhang Yunting.

Congratulate listen wind, Xuyifei and Hening, be in together east the city is received machine. 3 people receive young prince same, receive with eldest son, numerous star holds a month in both hands to fool He Tian euqally go back. Connecting 3 days, 3 what also are not done, changing pattern accompanies He Tian, hit mahjong, play cards, fishing, picnic, fool congratulate day smile is increasingly.

But, the 4th day, congratulate listen wind make oblique references alludes when letting He Tian answer Heng Yuan to handle an issue rapidly, he Tian one face silent: "I do not want to go to work. "I do not want to go to work..

When congratulate listen wind and Xuyifeidu foolish.

Xu Yifei asks He Ling wind stealthily: "Our home still has so the person that knows dead truth that! So old, so duteous still not 2, you and peace, be swung to go out the a great distance is breathed out. Be swung to go out the a great distance is breathed out..

Frown of congratulate listen wind: "You this is boast person, be still caustic person? Be still caustic person??

"Half boast half caustic that. " Xuyifei thinks, "Have that likely, will is Xia You pure come out to talk about again? Jie Ling still must fasten bell person, perhaps let a few Xia You is pure channel is small days, young season also thinks with respect to what. Young season also thinks with respect to what..

"Lin Feigang just went back to the motherland, xia You is pure be together with him. Xia You is pure be together with him..

"What meaning? "What meaning??

"You are to do not have brain, did not take mind intentionally still? The thing is done so greatly before, why? The thing of freely has ended, inside Hengyuan, the position of young season at long last firm. Blend spray even, either is brain sick? Either is brain sick??

"But brain is sick now is your son, not be me. Young season is so dejected go down, heng Yuan not is morning and evening also the dish of others? Risk danger in desperation, may not is not a strange move. Young him season does not do a success. Young him season does not do a success..

Can do those who seem language of bright and beautiful beauty to make old chief editor in former days, had reduced marketplace woman thoroughly nowadays. She is chased after in marital back babble, the idea of congratulate listen wind, turn went a road.

Heng Yuan.

The skin of the bamboo of poem of young secretary the Song Dynasty of secretariat, come from v of general manager office because of the first day, transfer to a lower level imprints to basic level article room, suffer work in the same placing to be mixed sympathetically fully so laugh at. Because be in,acknowledge again on the party of freely, the top is worn " general manager fiancee " renown head, become the star with that one very glaring evening, after the event, general manager is right however her be indifferent to sth, the collaboration with freely a few a few fell, song Shijun still still is however civil imprint the young secretary that there is the trivallest business in the room, song Shijun's place, add awkwardness more.

In boiled water indirect cup hot water, drink at the same time go outside at the same time, public relations ministry two belles: Hunan girl Liu Yi and Suzhou girl Yang Yuxuan are shoulder to shoulder greet.

Song Shijun by converging attack, can carry hot water to stop only.

Liu Yi says: "Song Shijun, hundreds of people in this building, want a face least of all, be you, do you know? Do you know??

Song Shijun can'ted help turning over a supercilious look, thinking in the heart " disaccord her dispute " , carrying a cup to prepare from the past is worn among two people.

The Yang Yuxuan on the side of Liu Yi exerts oneself to do sth. take everything into one's own hands lives intentionally she!

The hand trembles, water was aspersed, spilled a half to be on the hand, splashed a few go up in the body.

Song Shijun immediately " alas " cry gently.

Liu Yi and Yang Yuxuan shine quickly, was not touched.

Yang Yuxuan says since chuckle immediately: "It is to deserve really, who lets you do not grow an eye? Who lets you do not grow an eye??

Liu Yi is on one half step afresh, say: "General manager is the lover in the dream that we play all and single woman on entire company, this is right. Fine-looking like this kind, have ability the man of much gold, who does not like? But, like you such cost use up idea to pay back go up still do not have really. " fluctuation look askance at bout, ask: "Song Shijun, you are how to seduce general manager, go up in ball unexpectedly, is somebody fabulous the fiancee that you are general manager? Is somebody fabulous the fiancee that you are general manager??

One please yourself laughed at Song Shijun, say: "Do you want to know so? "Do you want to know so??

Liu Yi close lightly close lightly lip, mix insensibly in proud look went up to expect the expression that long for.

Song Shijun says: "I know Heng Yuan company the girlfriend that all single women yearn for to become general manager, you, still have you -- " see two people respectively, say next: "If have such method, be afraid of only be still paid back quickly than me? Be afraid of only be still paid back quickly than me??

Liu Yi and Yang Yuxuan by her the path with those returns Shi Bishen scoff at, under be ashamed anger, immediately all over the face aglow.

Song Shijun is exalted head, gao Qiang ground walks out of foot.

Yang Yuxuan straight stamp says: "What thing, look she in that way! Look she in that way!!

Liu Yi criterion gnash, say: "Have an opportunity, I must she pays price for today's behavior. I must she pays price for today's behavior..

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