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Song Shijun is returned civil imprint after the room, not a little while, two people were taken thick one crowded data, after making her new print, copy again next.

This is Song Shijun's own job, song Shijun understands they are in intentionally in the heart rectify oneself, whats did not say, obtain the data completely.

The article employee of a month is made, practice of skin of the bamboo of poem allowing a surname goes out to type outstandingly competence. Ten form, the product of on 10 thousand words is unscrambled, market data and cooperative intent, begin the work in the morning, did not arrive at 3 o'clock afternoon, finish entirely. Did not handle careless omission, song Shijun has been printed entirely, of this duplicate, many a minute of all duplicate come out. Classify is being put, the person that sells ministry, market department will take, each is very satisfactory.

3:15, a cup of coffee is put on the desktop of her at hand.

Song Shijun looks up to look, it is the fourth director of secretariat actually. Xiaoding says: "Tired bad? Secretariat and public relations ministry those slave girl even if embarrass on purpose you! Secretariat and public relations ministry those slave girl even if embarrass on purpose you!!

Song Shijun is holding coffee in both hands to say: "Do you know? "Do you know??

Xiaoding is laughing to say: "Heng Yuan is so big, I am in charge of the job that produces inside the branch, how can I know? How can I know??

Coffee is very mellow very sweet, song Shijun drank several one after another, say next: "Am I OK appeal? "Am I OK appeal??

Xiaoding laugh, avoid to reply, turn the topic says: "Small skin of the bamboo, is hearing of you and general manager understanding all the time? Is hearing of you and general manager understanding all the time??

Song Shijun not buy can be denied, look brilliant, just see him.

Body of small Ding Hun immediately hot and dry, catch forehead one cool, it is sweat shedding comes out however. Throat worked, speaking haltingly not to say suddenly to give a word to come.

"This... that... " he writtens guarantee the tongue is worn ceaselessly.

Song Shijun just sees him.

It is good to passed a little while, song Shijun just says: "You affirm I and Ding Zong is can make fluctuation form only, for example now -- "

Xiaoding's idea by her detection, cry embarrassedly immediately rise: "Ah -- " the more what one tries to hide, say: "I remember I am occupied suddenly had not done. " face about, looked for book of that collaboration intent, say next: "As it happens should go to Luo Zong office, my foregone cough up! " extricate oneself and go.

Look of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty he is flurried be defeated and flee, good energy of life comical, shake shake one's head, continue to taste coffee patiently.

He Tian from orchid come back, be found by congratulate listen wind, bring back elegant build the following day, song Shijun was incited by the Yuan Xi bud of market department go shopping. Article detailed list includes watch of a bag, name, name to taste leather shoes inside article of nearly 10 appearance, it is the gift that market department replaces a company to give a big client. Additional, the secretary Tong lily that sells department inspector general with hand insufficient for, come back hastily in Song Shijun hind, let Song Shijun go again purchase a large amount of office things. A stiff-haired writing brush, notebook and be signed, sizy adhesive plaster and clincher, bai Banbai board wait a moment with a stiff-haired writing brush and white blackboard eraser, enough Song Shijun was used one morning, reoccupy one afternoon, have the reason of lunch without time, abdomen hunger gets cluck cluck to cry. Return a company, the thing full pay, him farewell the office, sit on the chair, person in the future is same, within an inch of at this point paralysis falls.

Xiaoding hits planted agent to give her, make her immediateness come to secretariat. Song Shijun is dragging tired out body, stand up from the chair.

By elevator, come to 24, just came out, hear footstep to walk over from secretariat direction.

Song Shijun shines at once in aside in crossroad, he Yuanxi bud, Tongbai adds up to the glad of secretary the first month that sees Luo Zhibin of vise general manager only one case, before 3 individual courses, go over there past elevator.

The cause that dropping as a result of elevator, 3 people should wait go up a little while. Hear Yuan dawn bud says to Meng Xin only: "I say Ding Zong and that young secretary has a problem, made fun of her a little nevertheless just, special look for us to talk, rebuke we, for that young secretary vents his anger. For that young secretary vents his anger..

Tong Baige says: "Say what company interior wants to be in order to mix expensive, everything should have fair heart. Really comical, it is the human affairs work out of secretariat likewise, the thing that we have not enough time, young secretary of that a balm for treating headaches goes to Shi Jun allowing a surname do, it what have is not OK to what have. It what have is not OK to what have..

Two people say to Meng Xin together: "Meng Xin, you say a word however. You say a word however..

The sound of Yuan dawn bud is the urgentest: "Always won't see that sprite precise and penetrating is in show mercy helplessly. "Always won't see that sprite precise and penetrating is in show mercy helplessly..

Tong Baige receives come up: "Accost not general manager, change devil's talons Ding Zong to go up personally immediately. Change devil's talons Ding Zong to go up personally immediately..

Yuan dawn bud says: "Ding Zong can be the confidential with the closest general manager, it is to should rise duty to be pair of total, person that takes a board of directors even sooner or later, if be taken by Song Shijun,little girl gives prize corner, but regrettablly ah. But regrettablly ah..

Meng Xin says: "Man has feeling younger sister is intended, what idea do I have? What idea do I have??

Yuan dawn bud says: "Want to be willing to want only, can you still do not have method? Can you still do not have method??

Tong Baige says: "Also do not know how to enter Heng Yuanlai, if consider a method, drive Heng Yuan out of her, not good? Not good??

Elevator begins upgrade to rise from 7 buildings.

3 people this ability does not speak.

Elevator arrived 24 buildings, the door is opened, 3 people go in respectively. .

Elevator door was shut, song Shijun just comes out from crossroad. Meng Xin is in charge of to man unexpectedly intended, this makes her very accident. Nevertheless, even if is such, how? Although she is firm to Heng Yuan before long, but, want her to be willing only, in can live anyplace, a bit calculate, calculate what to get?

Will to secretariat be in charge of office doorway, song Shijun knocks. Allow to fall in what get Ding Zhaolin, she just opens the door go in.

Xiaoding sits locally from what he handles official bussiness, say enthusiasticly: "Xiaosong, come, sit quickly fast. " on the sofa that takes Song Shijun to the guest please.

Song Shijun did not sit, laughing to say: "Ding Zong, the word says. If be the work that needs me to do, I am done immediately. Otherwise, you still do not want so polite had better. You still do not want so polite had better..

Xiaoding is very clever, find the meaning inside her word immediately, slightly get embarrassed, pondered, just say next: "Be such, xiaosong. Congratulate always fell ill -- "

Song Shijun's expression becomes from ponder immediately open-eyed, come back namely, the real situation is revealed, the expression of the care comes out now in facial rise.

Xiaoding looks in the eye, flavor is not very in the heart. Nevertheless, as the confidential of general manager, small Ding Ke won't wriggle brazenly goes grab a woman with general manager. The thought in brain is sharp, in a flash, also with respect to calm. He says composedly to Song Shijun: "I receive the president's order, let you stop all works on the helper immediately, go first elegant build, take care of congratulate always. Take care of congratulate always..

Song Shijun returns lack to bear enoughly apparently to such misfortune force. "President... "

"It is big congratulate always. " Xiaoding laugh gets some reluctance: "I also do not know such arrangement have the president what deep desire, but, after all, I still wish you everything is successful beforehand. " saying, reach the hand come.

A floret grows from heart nest, the mood that is jubilated is alimentary, slowly Cheng Fang. Song Shijun laughs very happily inaccessibly, the face with one apple-pie an anticipatory actin, because facial features laughs and form a cluster to one place, was just as beautiful instant to open as if.

Zhen Rechun light is same, the face of so beautiful girl!

Xiaoding's heart, by 8 seventeen arrows at the same time quiver, the heart stops suddenly temporarily, blood stops flow, the head is anoxic, blast paroxysm is dizzy.

Good a little while, feign of little fourth gift coughs: "You go quickly. President and president madam wait for you in the home. " say, added again: "Congratulate also perhaps always is in wait for you. "Congratulate also perhaps always is in wait for you..

Song Shijun is very happy, "Hum " , skipping, come to the side of the door, open the door.

Zhang Yunting drives wait.

Going elegant on built road, song Shijun keeps thinking: Leisurely of summer of congratulate day angle plans purely, had failed necessarily.

Even if be carried in He Tianqian one, lin Fei also is not to search an ordinary person to wait. It is the high-quality goods in good man, already the Xia You that firmly holds is pure, not was necessary left shake right place. Besides, see Xia You's simple face look, that is the woman of a soft graceful and restrained, and Lin Fei, gentle as beautiful jade.

He Tian is like a hiding Li Jian however, perhaps look very genial, not be familiar with him, what who can experience him again is biting?

Pure meeting chooses Xia You sturdily hold her in both hands in the Lin Fei of control.

So, all development arrive finally, he Tian, can belong to oneself only!

Song Shijun thinks consider is worn, corners of the mouth unexpectedly hang out smile comes. Not a little while, lian Xiaosheng spills over came. Those who drive is Zhang Yunting. Pass rearview mirror, zhang Yunting slightly strange, shoot a glance at from the back.

Song Shijun is aware of, hastily convergent smile, serious. But, cast aside the face when her to car window, when the eye looks toward the window, smile still is hanged in spite of oneself.

He Tian ah He Tian, no matter how you are versed in at calculate, the competence that devise clever strategies is how doughty, this, grew really.

The car entered Ping Jingshan, leave all the time along hill road, after 15 minutes, white Sha Hu arrived. Crossed lake water, it is elegant in front build the entrance door with gallant lofty.

Car identifying system and drive form of personnel appearance body identifies a system to work at the same time, test and verify ends, 5 meters of Gao Ju iron gate just slowly open. G95888 slips east manorial inside, in the travel on winding and labyrinthian canal, instantly, stop on the clearing before open building.

The fountain on square was opened, the door of fish dive dragon of white marble is in pond most among, jump high a snow-white spray is spat from inside the mouth in aerial goldfish. There is the water column of arc all around, surround into circuit, form clustering round a basket of flowers of goldfish. The nozzle with a bulky root, ejective on surface short but brawny chute.

Congratulate listen wind pulls Xuyifei forcedly to wait on square.

Make Yi Fei gnash: "Why must I follow you to come to here? "Why must I follow you to come to here??

"Want a son to restore once upon a time, you can so do? You can so do??

"Otherwise should bow apologize: I am sorry, is my fault previously? Is my fault previously??

"If necessary, have why cannot? Have why cannot??

Xu Yifei shoots bloodguilty look.

Come out from the car when Song Shijun when, the smile has been hanged on face of the humble that make Yi. Xu Yifei is pulling congratulate listen wind conversely, reach a hand actively: "Small skin of the bamboo, the welcome comes. The welcome comes..

Congratulate listen wind also is mixed handclasp of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty.

People is in commission of Lvshu and summerly aunt guide following group appearance to greet. Song Shijun goes in past house at the same time, at the same time sip tongue: "Make a mistake, is this the meaning that welcomes prospective goodwife? Is this the meaning that welcomes prospective goodwife??

Still write down so that then Nian Ningxi invites him to come here, extensive of the square that looks at this to widen, imposing manner grand an arch over a gateway, and the lofty and capacious hall that entering now, thinking in the heart at that time: "Sooner or later, I can enter here, everything what have here, become the goodwife here. Become the goodwife here..

Dream to come true really actually now!

Of the destiny rise free and easy, as expected abstruse.

It is the mood is like no longer only at the outset that kind is dinkum.

Be in advocate sitting room, congratulate listen wind says to her: "Small skin of the bamboo, I also not talk in a roundabout way, produced a few jobs these days, we took freely, of freely forest total relegation goes Oh orchid. Lin Zongfu Fu divorced, but, mr. Xia You pure is opposite apparently forest total situation deep desire is heavy, young season accompanies summerly teacher went wading orchid, thereafter, he expresses, do not want to hold the position of any posts of world female again. Do not want to hold the position of any posts of world female again..

"Is consequence so serious? "Is consequence so serious??

Congratulate listen wind nods: "Young season appears upstair, can let him walk out of comer from the room, I want to go presumably, also remain you only. The word does not say more, after a while summerly aunt can take you. " here, he is recommend of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty, "This is summerly aunt. " say to summerly aunt again: "Young lady of the Song Dynasty, know. Know..

Summerly aunt nods.

Song Shijun smiles quickly, greet sb actively: "Hello, summerly aunt, I call Song Shijun. I call Song Shijun..

Awn of the benefit in summerly aunt eye shines, show a bit praise.

Congratulate listen wind and Xuyifei are right inspect, all admire very. Xu Yifei laugh breathes out breathe out pair of Song Shijun to say: "The psychosis of young season is bad, after a while, see you completely. See you completely..

Summerly aunt says: "Young lady of the Song Dynasty, come along with me please. Come along with me please..

Song Shijun stands up, with He Ling wind, Xuyifei made acoustical call: "Then I went. " slowgoing catch up with.

2 buildings are Tibet is tasted the first room, inclined on it is a study, playroom and gymnastical room are on the side. When going forth along footpath, can see a big balcony that appear, inside completely of chair of sofa, cane, go after in detail everywhere leisurely and comfortable and choiceness, every place, taking a typical case " congratulate day characteristic " . On the frame of wood of a wingceltis that appears in eye, several plants that enjoy a part of a historical period had grown very flourishingly.

Come to entrance of congratulate day room, summerly aunt stops, path: "Young lady of the Song Dynasty, the childe is inside. " said voice " excuse me " , without consulting anyone leaves.

It is good that Song Shijun was developing her back to look a little while, just turn to come later.

The bronze-coloured door of carve patterns or designs on woodwork holds the hand on brunet annatto door, song Shijun thinks, just hold the hand go up. Exert oneself to do sth. gently, the bounce with wonderful door lock is conducted to control. Song Shijun increased an effort more again, suo Caisong.

The area of the room is very large also, stood by position of door the left-hand side to be decorated read area, close window is in, just put the bed of 2.3m*2.3m, it is 6 when blue-black stripe places by rice gray are covered above.

He Tian sits on the balcony inside the room.

The cany sofa of 4 pieces of puce, round a piece of table of round circle, make another chic vacuum.

Leaving outside the door, song Shijun also not accost, come over directly.

Congratulate the top margin of a page also does not answer: "Mom, I had made known my position, can comply with your proposal from male come back, had been the biggest concession. Had been the biggest concession..

Song Shijun laugh: "Listen not to come out footstep, also do not differentiate to give sweet smell? " sit opposite him, "But I take the sweet sweet princess of girl fragrance oneself, just not be already 40 several your mom. Just not be already 40 several your mom..

He Tian's inanimate expression enters glacial area of Li Jian as ** , unsealed.

Skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty of his goggle at, the soul is just as got call, end rambling dissociate slowly, swiftly ground is gotten return come in the body.

He thinks very much sarcastic two, but, the years in the past, the sadness that he gives this girl appears already a lot of.

But, let him laugh to face really, deadlocked face of several days, muscle is incommensurate already in that way motion mode.

Good a long time, he just " breath out " : "What will you work? "What will you work??

"Chase after to you denounce bet the award after winning. " the face that gazing at He Tian, she sits firmly Diaoyutai: "He Tian, if you had said, be still written down certainly? Be still written down certainly??

He Tian did not start to talk.

Left and right sides of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty so old, also do not care about this ten minutes or be half hour.

He Tianshen sucked a tone greatly, again long long spit come: "How do you need me to fulfill? "How do you need me to fulfill??

"Marry me, still married me, both is chosen one. Both is chosen one..

He Tian by amusing, the heart is fierce acerbity, but, of gloomy knot much day fuggy, become loose eventually come down.

He is very sad still, nevertheless lackey comes round to enquire: "Childe, need mug-up and drink? " he has sampled desire very much, nod: "Honey tea, be in my piece cake. " Song Shijun is impolite also, say: "I want coffee, grind now, have the word of delicious candied fruit, I also come a bit! I also come a bit!!

He Tian says: "Do you know me a moment ago male come back? "Do you know me a moment ago male come back??

"Hum. " needle of Song Shijun eyebrow is carried, piquant very enchanting.

He Tian is abrupt happy: "Come up against much harder work without giving thought to, take away your self-confidence not? Take away your self-confidence not??

Song Shijun is holding what lackey sends in both hands to grind coffee now, light sip readily, fine fine savour, just reply thereafter: "Outstanding be like me, why to want self-abased? Why to want self-abased??

"Yes! " He Tian suddenly optimistic rise, "You say very rightly. "You say very rightly..

Song Shijun hands him honey tea, forked a cake sends to the side of his mouth.

"Had said on the magazine, sweetmeats is to cure traumatic and best food. " congratulate day feel grateful.

Song Shijun's namby-pamby face is in nearly very close: "Then you eat more a bit. "Then you eat more a bit..

He Tian drank honey water, also ate cake, grow deep sigh again tone, say to Song Shijun next: "I think, the decision that I can change me these days. Just, still need a bit time. Additional, " the word next, he says some are embarrassedly, "I know you are good to me, I also feel, if the person that I can give heart and soul still can seek on the world again, abandon you to do not have someone else, but, small skin of the bamboo, I am not done temporarily. I am not done temporarily..

Heart of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty sinks, orbit one red, can blink between, she expression is firm and persistent, and laugh: "That I when you are possible that day. "That I when you are possible that day..

He Tian is very gratified: "Thank! "Thank!!

In eye of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty glistening: "Don't mention it. " she makes herself very quickly happy rise, if smiling face spends: "Do you know, meng Xin likes Ding Zong. Meng Xin likes Ding Zong..

Who is He Tian does not know Meng Xin, but the confidential that small Ding Ke is him, this thing, he must take seriously.

Song Shijun " Ji Ji chuckle " tell: "Fourth total smooth regular meeting often keep an eye on I am one, secretariat gives me a lot of small shoes wear, should imprint everyday a lot of a lot of files, rest inaccessibly, the person of department of market of even responsible side buys the gift that thanks big client. Have afternoon tea time occasionally, they can look for all sorts of reason to let my dig down buy coffee, tea with milk to them. It is the day before yesterday ' small skin of the bamboo, skirt is pretty good, help me buy two cups of coffee ' , yesterday is ' spirit has been held out today, I want two cups of tea with milk ' . I want two cups of tea with milk ' ..

"That today? "That today??

"I come today here. "I come today here..

He Tian stays: "Also be. Next time you say with them: ' who wants to drink, oneself are bought. ' who raises a requirement, you are paid no attention to. You are paid no attention to..

"Then I can be isolated. People can say I do not have intelligence quotient already, merciless also business. Merciless also business..

"How can you do not have business of intelligence quotient, affection? " He Tianxiao.

"The person falls in short brim, of course the someone says what I am, what cough up am I? What cough up am I??

... ...

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