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Make an appointment with Han Zhen very successful, song Shijun ordered Yin Jing's balcony, mix first the old affection of Han Zhen Xuxu's classmate.

"Although you are in 13 at that time, I am in 6, but, you this a dark horse, let savor of my first time the flavor that defeat. Want to know, ten years of attend school, I or first time are born to suppress to live by the transfer of arise suddenly. I or first time are born to suppress to live by the transfer of arise suddenly..

Besides cope with He Ningxi trashy, smile of form of delicate and charming flower, who saw, metropolis tenderness rises.

"Overpraise overpraise. " Han Zhen says, "I just also took a place first machine, a lot of things listen in one's childhood grandfather and my father had been told, the exam can have been developed. Also I am not good at, for instance the ancient prose in Chinese. For instance the ancient prose in Chinese..

"Who is? " Song Shijun " chuckle cough up " laugh.

Han Zhen is affected, also laughed.

Next, song Shijun says: "Han Zhen, should you still prefer Ning Xi a bit? Should you still prefer Ning Xi a bit??

Han Zhenxiao allows rapid astringent.

Song Shijun sighed: "What did after I also do not know to go back to the motherland, you experience after all, say, you now also is successful personage, eaves tells such big company, you are so young can become specially appointed member, make me true admire. But, see your look now with respect to me, you should be bemused more be more than complacent, right? Right??

Han Zhen did not receive a sentence.

Song Shijun continues to say downward: "Person of Miss Xu Xiaoman is very right, intelligent and capable, but, divine dragon this enterprise water but very deep. " looking Han Zhen complexion up and down to change, she even more consider reinstate demit, "World female is the proponent that combines ** to be in base more, in article stannum home, chairman Mu Shigang also is the good friend of article stannum king. World female just is to hold to regulation all the time, do the business of normal business. Abandon Xu Xiaoman? You have the word that what needs really, be in east city, ning Xi should be OK help on you. Ning Xi should be OK help on you..

"Do you point to the Milky way? "Do you point to the Milky way??

"The Milky way? " reaction of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty is very sharp, "Say rightly! It is me, at the moment gives Chu Zhengzhe the telephone call, he also can send my person, complete the business that I mean. Complete the business that I mean..

Han Zhenshen moves: "That gives me your telephone call. "That gives me your telephone call..

Song Shijun is unidentified so.

Hanzhen lets her lock up mobile phone solution, take a piece of picture that oneself drink tea oneself next, input a string of number again, send go out.

Song Shijun is foolish: "You, you dry what is this? "You, you dry what is this??

"My what your phone sends photograph, this explains we are together at that time. I understand Xu Xiaoman's nature, she is sure meeting group person finds you, let you comprehend her actual strength, strick back thereby, the 2nd, she still can take the most primitive testimony from your mobile phone really, confirming a photograph is not to come from at transmit, however we are together really ' appointment ' get evidence! She can obtain the monitoring of this meeting place, point out mistakes so that they can be corrected when me, I am sure be rendered speechless. I am sure be rendered speechless..

"Do you let me keep I and my mobile phone? "Do you let me keep I and my mobile phone??

Han Zhen nods: "You a moment ago had said, the Milky way is world female, also be you. The fact is such, I need test and verify. I need test and verify..

Half hour is quite long, but, if do not clutch, can become very short.

Song Shijun curses two secretly, must think to search for her to be able to seek saved person rapidly. The lock decides, call next in the past. After ten minutes, she drives gave Yin Jing. Lived new wild way, just entered Ping Jingshan, on the side there is a Hanlanda to exceed on the road come up. There is her BMW only on the road, still have Hanlanda. Passed a little while again, abrupt, han Landa steps on brake suddenly, go to car head again right crooked, song Shijun dodges not as good as, in the backlash door of Lan Da of one car Za Zaihan.

Han Landa's front door left, strong male come out, one fist shatters her car window, had grabbed a sack, search skill plane, on join him mobile phone, decipher, reading is occupied, copy, thereafter, handle machine is thrown, throw again one crowded child money, thick thick estimation, have 50 thousand more, say next: "Compensate gives you. "Compensate gives you..

Song Shijun is done sufficient psychological preparation, still frighten filled with apprehension. Wait for Hanlanda to leave this way, she dials a telephone rapidly: "The thing has come here. "The thing has come here..

After 5 minutes, a dialog box shines on the mobile phone: "Came to an end! "Came to an end!!

Song Shijun grows hiss at a heat, made two words: Thank, send.

In the evening, she sends short dispatch to give Han Zhen: "How? Take any primitive data to seek your account without the person? Take any primitive data to seek your account without the person??

The phone passed to meet ring, mobile phone number of Han Zhen.

Song Shijun not doubt has him, receive a telephone call: "Hello. "Hello..

Result, that transmits is a woman however to howl: "Is Song Shijun? You are very bold really! Did Liang Jingru let you move my man to your courage? After the letter did not believe me to teach my man a lesson today, go to your home next, teach you and your husband a lesson together again? Teach you and your husband a lesson together again??

Sound immediately of Han Zhen rings: "You do not want such. "You do not want such..

"Not such, I this in that way? I this in that way??

Ask advice of first time of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty the agile and brave of young lady of a brownstone a thousand pieces of gold, xu Xiaoman also is a crack oneself up insides information right of great capacity returns, corrupt character bawdry come down in torrents and piece, song Shijun also is not a weak, be scolded to get be red in the face actually, can say nothing.

The sound of tussle is transmitted then between the men and women, china of a furniture " Ca of 7 lis of Ka " " the crash in crash is become " the sound that is bungled to rot, han Zhen erupted eventually: "Do you still have? "Do you still have??

Silent, be stormy advent is augural.

Xu Xiaoman gives out the rave that rips a heart to crack lung: "I won't so those who stop! " sound is stood by suddenly, "The person that lets me disappears suddenly, I also have skill to let you be in elegant had built uneasiness is rather! I also have skill to let you be in elegant had built uneasiness is rather!!

Song Shijun is frightened so that heart phut phut jumps, "Bang " hanged a phone.

Pass for ages again, the phone rings again, still be Han Zhen's number. She was stayed in by complete town, the phone is noisy all the time, rang 3 times one after another, the 3rd time be about to break off by oneself, this ability copies the phone suddenly: "What do you want to say again? "What do you want to say again??

"Congratulate little madam, it is me. " Han Zhen's sound is very tired out: "Be very sorry really, my here be on fire, disaster reachs you. Disaster reachs you..

Song Shijun pats take wind: "Not bad and not bad, I am absent the spot. I am absent the spot..

"Your skill me this saw, congratulate little madam, I do not want to join divine dragon really, so, ask you to help me. Ask you to help me..

"This is good. " the victory that Song Shijun gained the first phase, hanged a phone, sweep just haze, cock-a-hoop.

Say You Guofei is gone to again east on the AH-670 plane of the city, the flight of 56 hours, had let major passenger feel exhaustion. Before dawn takes off, flew for a long time, the colour of sky outside is blacker and blacker instead like. Only the indicator light on plane wing flickers as always errant.

The Han Mu Yi that sits in a tourist class, Wu Xin's couple, be in only when the plane just took off, brief single cross flows. Han Mu Yi is kept apart, wu Xin is change of it doesn't matter, but their singleton handed in an extraction to hold out big girlfriend, thereafter, with respect to the company that be connected by eaves the group goes east city, without giving thought to Wu Xin when, with what method contact, final can contact arrives, only that each says " Xu Xiaoman " girlfriend, this that is to say, small brace up also be put under house arrest.

And at the moment, two people are in before recollecting oneself before long experience: No matter be Han Mu Yi, still be Wu Xin, experienced twists and turns one time. Rise suddenly " ally " put to good use many skill, just grab them from respective life circle come out. Why can you have such thing? Wu Xin still is water of a mist, but the hand of Han Mu Yi was extended a few times in spite of oneself into the close-fitting pocket inside coat. Here, one just came out more before long vacuum pyxis. When installing check too, lap outside bottle show the model of written characters that is name of medicaments of respect of disease of inhibitory nerve sex lets ground service personnel believe thoroughly. There is pill really inside bottle, patulin size, altogether 5. Color is snow-white, the surface is floating blue of a bead light. Not be drugs, also not be banned medicaments of row of the place inside international standard list.

Anyway, from now on, these 5 pill, about dictate is worn the destiny of own family.

Outside the window, colour of sky darkens entirely once more eventually. A man that wears gray T-shirt stands up from the seat, seem to want to go up toilet, slowly backward the face goes.

Han Mu Yi sits in the position that stands by wing. Gray T-shirt male go to the side of him, abrupt, crural the next is flabby, the body shook, the right hand is extended come, toward Han Mu Yi humeral head is helped up.

In waiting for him to help up, another hand suddenly from rear extend come over, the artifice of this fellow by " Peng " the ground is captured. The fine needle of an ox hair that extends on middle finger ring invites Han Mu Yihun body a sweat is wet. That two individual force consider, one is shown suitable press type downward, one holds out type for converse force, should help shoulder of Han herd appropriate up originally that fellow wants soon one-up, the person that takes on backlash must extend a foot to come, tied that fellow while, artifice roll is twisted forcibly, this ability seizes that weapon break up in the ground.

On ahead seat, attack again T-shirt of gray of a previous aggression male partner. This person from a key is taken out to buckle between the waist, 3 pull two pull, be changed the gun to come out. The passenger on the plane was psyched out, with the T-shirt that person of male tussle also ate one Jing, rapid twist T-shirt male bump forth.

Aircraft crew turns pale with fright, the director grows to run quickly to cockpit immediately by Wu, the unforeseen event the newspaper knows to pilot. According to international convention, pilot makes a prompt decision, offer application to the ground, after getting dictating, change course to fly to airport of recent island of green coconut tree to apply immediately descend.

Island of green coconut tree belongs to Pacific Ocean mid J country, after the plane descends, the airport police with large quantities of on call grounds comes in great numbers.

The tussle on the plane at the moment just silent. The silver-colored needle that the person that protects Han Mu Yi wants to prevent T-shirt male finger, 2 will putting a pistol even Mu Yi of Han of the male fire that lift a gun, cry aloud with Chinese then Han Mu Yi, mu Yi letting Han hides rapidly from the back in the toilet. The dodder along below the help of Han herd appropriate in Wu Xin hides leave, two people entered a lavatory together, insert on plug, next because of fear, shake ceaseless all over. The person that protects them time and again in the future looks, see the biggest risk already purify, this ability unlocks skill, with one enemy 2 dozens rise. He seized a handgun first male handgun, took a gun to interrupt T-shirt men's clothing to wear again the finger of silver-colored needle. The T-shirt male using silver-colored needle hold sb under duress in those days passenger of a woman, this person buckles trigger to blast off, bullet interrupts the T-shirt when male finger, the hair that connects female passenger also was not come up against. Just " phut " gun is noisy too shake too. The T-shirt male snapped finger admittedly so painful that wail cries, female passenger sees somebody lifts a gun hither, report of a gun rings, she scares excessive faint goes immediately.

Airport police rushs, two do violence person detain goes down. The person that protects Han Mu Yi was regarded as the hero that be ready to help others for a just cause, take police station to record affidavit. Han Muyi and fierce glad also are taken police station, but, because of do violence person just went up patron wagon sparks inside the body beforehand the poisonous bursa poisonous puberty with good bury dies, han Mu Yi expresses not to know why to be offended will chase after kill, wu Xin also behaves spellbound, the police is examining J state they are all certificate, affirm without the problem, release them.

Gave a police station, han Mu Yicai and the person meet and discuss that protect him are together.

That person to self introduction of Han Mu Yi: "I call Yu Xianfeng, it is base of East Asia of special type army special send, go to blame country, follow a flight, it is for convoy you and your madam is headed for east city. It is for convoy you and your madam is headed for east city..

Han Mu Yi asks: "Are you and heart of Qiu Feng dance, Bai Boming, Wei known? "Are you and heart of Qiu Feng dance, Bai Boming, Wei known??

Yu Xianfeng says: "Congeneric a branch, the work out is different just. The work out is different just..

Han Mu Yi says: "Make up inside with the distinction outside making up? "Make up inside with the distinction outside making up??

"Be right! " two people this ability handclasp, yu Xianfeng barred a taxi, invite a couple two follow oneself go first temporarily the hotel avoids.

East city.

Chu Zhengzhe is inside the triumphant Si Bin in travel.

Tian Bixia says later: "The old, a Xian had arrived to appoint a hotel, before this, tail was swung. Tail was swung..

"Tell him to look for native Joe, need the car money of used car, let the person cash over there give Joe immediately, let A Xian take a person to go as soon as possible grange. Let A Xian take a person to go as soon as possible grange..

"Good. "Good..

"Tell A Yi, Hao Zi, they must go together with me island of green coconut tree. They must go together with me island of green coconut tree..

"Good. "Good..

"The journey is sure to keep secret. "The journey is sure to keep secret..

"Hum! "Hum!!

Movement of glow of cropland green jade is rapid, it is to type, it is to hit impose cipher telegram sentence.

House car is in however fluent travel when, came suddenly an urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes.

Everybody forth fling, chu Zhengzhe is pulled by safety belt painful shoulder, enrage so that tongue-lash: "Can you drive? "Can you drive??

Driver explanation: "Hunan always, somebody bars car. Somebody bars car..

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