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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 3445 words, update at: 2019-06-26 10:44

He Tian from insensible in when awaking, time has been a late night.

Shen Anqi withdraws clean already all right, in so old warehouse, besides inherent useless old stuff, the ejaculation that remains an electrify only the lamp. Snow-white light go up from the top point-blank come down, head of congratulate the top margin of a page is befuddled, muddy does not know to be in where personally like that.

Song Shijun is defended beside him.

Before Shen Anqi is faced, say to Song Shijun: "Thank your assistance. " pointing to still be in at that time insensible He Tian, say next: "This is I return the gift that sends you. " a woman follow closely that covering long money dust coat outside damaged clothings is at the back of her back, shen Anqi sees her, say to Song Shijun again: "Congratulate general manager is serious to deep desire of affection of young lady of the Song Dynasty, call a person to use a facial expression, use your feeling, be not my place to wish. . ..

Heart of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty hates her really, her eye wants goggle at almost ejective fire comes.

But, after Shen Anqi is taking a person to leave, the world at a draught quiet. Heaven and earth is vast, after remaining Song Shijun and faint only it seems that, lie in the He Tian on the ground.

At this moment, she is thanked suddenly again remove that coquettish, vicious woman to come.

In countless night, in dream, she has seen his face, she wants to approach very much actually him, but ineffable estrangement lets her be just as from beginning to end between he and her cut off a fine gauze. Obviously tentacle can be reached, but still brush a body and pass.

And now, he lies before oneself, true true be sure to is honest.

His eyebrow, his eye, everything his, at that time, she can be had eventually...

Song Shijun cried suddenly, the eye is like bad faucet, tear is surging and below. She is touching him gently, inside the heart resentment, grievance, aching, longing is handed in wildly for a short while tangle.

Pay sincerely not the encountering that follows a heart, capricious associate with, self-consciously -- until irretrievable towards affective lair deep-set, his now.. face about leaves, leave her to face that heart alone from youth lively become suddenly suffer misery.

Be hijacked, by stun, what suddenly appears on his body is flimsy, let her heart give birth to take pity on.

After He Tianxing comes over, the eye got used to a strong light that shoots the light hard, next, see place reach, it is Song Shijun that pair of beautiful eyes that fill warmth.

The first jumps out thought in his brain is: She was encroached, should I comfort her well?

But, see Song Shijun when him when body jacket content also does not have any bruise on complete, face, he understood suddenly.

He Tian comes from the start on the ground.

Song Shijun is unidentified in: "Where should you go to? "Where should you go to??

He Tian does not answer.

He Tian runs toward storehouse doorway, it is good to ran grow a paragraph of way, what to remember again, return a body to come back, the hand that holds Song Shijun two people together outside disease runs quickly.

Ran quickly very long, he Tian is eventually by the side of a Xiaolu the car that sees oneself. He opens door, sit together with Song Shijun.

"Are you anxious what? Their person has gone! Their person has gone!!

"Give a major issue, have to urgent! " He Tian is saying, start the car, start drive automatically mode, accelerator is pressed after all.

Argent MZ8 gallops euqally in the fierce wind on the road of the late night rise.

Remand Song Shijun rapidly the Bai Lanyuan that lives now, he Tian drives to come to the Milky way directly.

Congratulate listen wind has gotten an information, from elegant build come and he is confluent.

The detail that leave out and Song Shijun encounter, he Tian says continuously by hold sb under duress of a woman. The appearance of this woman passes his narration, become automatically by computer resemble appearing before everybody. Data-base search is not had if really. Can say only, still not be the core personnel of any organizations of international and country. Nevertheless, can day of congratulate of hold sb under duress, think of to use the technology that communicates to defend astral fixed position next to track violet blue, the target that this woman place serves, it is financial capacity is smooth perhaps for certain child organization. Now, violet blue position has been decided. According to probability analysis, install in the Ai Deli that border land seizes D country already smoothly a few days ago. Lay mines the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, Angela. Ball and Paul. Wagner 3 people be about to detain goes the course of that jail will be chosen.

Chu Tielong is mixed personally contact of commander of land of J military region, by command of land commander make known to lower levels, carry information part, official contact federal is special action series.

Information is in those who be in charge of contact is the daughter Liu Wanxi of land commander.

Liu Wanxi uses fluent English and Wren's commander to communicate after the end, face about says to the father that comes instantly: "Thunder favour commander is met deploy reinforce. Nevertheless, time-interval so long, what variable can happen. What variable can happen..

Land commander heaves a sigh: "Can invade the communication network of confederative interior, get data message of the special agent, this, it is this the action suffers the question with the biggest snipe. It is this the action suffers the question with the biggest snipe..

Liu Wanxi is priggish say: "Yes, just in contact, I also had communicated with thunder favour commander so. I also had communicated with thunder favour commander so..

Day daybreak, on a when be located in Moroccan coast small town, the snow light column that car head shoots a gules predator, break through not abreaction still curtain of night.

Sky, criterion by as far as the sound that transmits helicopter airscrew to rotate nearly.

Not a little while, two helicopter side-by-side and come, blink between before fly to predator.

Violent flame comes out from the eject inside the airframe of helicopter, machine gun of M134 rapid fire the firepower of bullet of a minute of 6000 hair is unusually powerful, will tremendous cross-country car all around shoot a fly ash.

Nevertheless, regard the function on the world as one of the strongest traffic -- predator, face such charge, unapt still do not keep out.

The firepower with car violent prep against is upright and unafraid and ongoing, passed a little while, inside fully armed special agent goes out from window explore body, fire a rocket towards flying helicopter. As soon as possible of the member that engine room mies wife discovers the trends of car interior, air man plane deviate course, turned the turn is sheered. But, the plane of across is among the flight, by the cause of line of sight of a keep out, rocket and a plane brush a body and pass, in the middle of the plane airframe of across, the bow wave nearly that massive explosion causes gives embezzle a plane. And the plane that bold and powerful predator comes down remnant from the Jiatelin of the smell inside the car came copy remaining part, hundreds hair mows like bullet flurry rainstorm go out. Tail of the 2nd helicopter is interrupted. Because the plane is inertial fly off hundreds of meters later, object the ground and die.

The violet La Zheng that sits inside predator railroad car should report war situation headquarters, shake tremendously to be transmitted from automobile body bottom. The force enough that nearly 20 kilograms spirited ** explosion produces will be common car is lacerate, but, the predator that pass through from inside dust of a fireworks and goes out just was cheated on bodywork thick an ash just.

Headquarters has put through, the sound of thunder favour commander is passed through electric wave, inquiry: "How to return a responsibility after all? "How to return a responsibility after all??

Violet blue calmly says: "Get the 2nd nick. "Get the 2nd nick..

Wren says: "Where is your circumstance? "Where is your circumstance??

The recruit on the side is looked at violet blue, violet blue say only: "Can fight so that live. "Can fight so that live..

Wren says: "Great service jail, your task was finished. Your task was finished..

"Good, be magisterial! " violet blue say this, the report ends, cut off communication.

On the way obstruct produced two again, but, can not succeed from predator admiral 3 criminal rob.

Predator comes smoothly to the front of be built in Moroccan coast to handle the prison on cliff.

This jail is called iron city, it is with hill body is a foundation, perpendicular cut is built and become, among them layout choiceness equipment is advanced guard against forbidding. Violet blue take the lead goes in front, the others member of 6 7 teams (include Qiu Feng dance inside) , detain is installed in move moxa heart. Lay mines the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, Angela. Ball and Paul. Wagner follows after, one pedestrian, the smile that bringing a victory walks into iron city.

Inside iron city, it is deathly hush actually.

Team of violet blue rate is gone to more in go to feel incorrect more, pass a long corridor when, do not know to be transmitted from where tick tick drop is underwater acoustic, cooperating to be in the space of hollowness in appear particularly clear footstep, be like each heavy hammer is general, , stroke is in the mind of everybody.

3 criminal are very nervous also.

Violet blue He Qiufeng the person such as dance is complete god guard more.

Again abduct is curved, it is warden office. Violet blue before taking the lead in coming to room door, stretch his hand first, knock. There is echo inside the door. Violet La Zai knocks, at this moment, be like him nimbly, had given extremely marvelous flavor from the feeling in too quiet air.

Have a foreign body --

It is murderous look!

Violet blue rapid consider, after moment, the person that faces back makes hint given with the eyes. Qiu Feng dance is taking someone else criminal detain covers area from the firepower inside the room, violet blue after affirming, stretch his hand suddenly, suddenly pulls open the door.

Flame gush is moved, the hail that a big bullet is like tornado to coil is same head on and come. Violet blue sliding door when the motion that has made Fu body. The body that these bullet are brushing him uses up number to shoot go up in the wall. Subsequently, line *** begins a huge extinct reptile that newest research and development gives in violet blue hand toward in mow.

As a first-class secret service, violet blue reaction is unusual delicacy really, be in dodge and gunshot instant, the killer look that he will ambuscaded inside house as clear as day. On one hand, he should sheer the attack that 3 individual couplet at hand add up to inside house with nimble skill, on the other hand, between flounder move, he still will hide to extend those 3 people that the head shoots to be shot dead one by one at the back of blindage. Inside narrow space, the weapon that shoots dead fixed target need not too strong, SM2 acting handgun is enough. "Bang bang bang " 3 fixed fire, violet La Hao sends nondestructive, the 3 killer all in warden office is annihilated.

Also transmit on the corridor outside " Da Da Da " fighting sound.

Qiu Feng dance bades someone else detain is worn 3 prisoner go in room of complete fall back on, him skill a PP-2000, shoot dead the enemy that then from corridor the head develops in succession.

Violet La Chong goes out, he Qiufeng dance two people, a towards the left one right, prepare the inbreak person of interior of city of clean up iron. The road extend in all directions of iron city interior, two people on the way empty-handed, still touch finally together.

Inbreak of iron city have those 3 people only?

Guard of iron city interior reachs hundreds person, mere 3 people, can will here the battlefield that clean up is them?

Qiu Feng dance gets close to violet blue, violet La Ye 100 think of do not get its to solve. Two people cannot see a dangerous person, can drop the hand that carrying a gun all the time only finally.

Dance will imprison violet blue He Qiufeng together area convict go on a tour of inspection, inside iron city, well-ordered.

After all where is the problem?

Two people want more discursive more.

Violet blue say: "Are they still installed be taken first in Jiang Aide? " the room that severe punishment of detain of iron the area just outside a city gate makes still wears several for nothing, box up those 3 people first, other issue says again next.

Qiu Feng dance agrees with his meaning completely. Two people answer warden office together.

Just reached the place that corridor begins, abrupt, light of a few spoken parts in an opera attacks head on to. Response of violet blue body is before visual analysis, pulling Qiu Feng dance rapid flat lie down. 3 silver-colored darts had been shot from upper part, shoot retrospective wall. Hard rock is shot not easily to wear for the wall of the bottom, so, 3 silver-colored darts fall on the ground.

Dance climbs violet blue He Qiufeng thereto seeks a few conditions closely, the person that a Bai Yi dresses up follows after the man that one numerous black clothes dresses up, disappear in corridor already another.

Qiu Feng dance is chased after even.

Violet blue her one is blocked.

Qiu Feng dance raves anxiously: " so let them go? " so let them go??

Violet blue do not answer, pulling her to develop the office directly.

Inside the office affection shape miserable intense, member of 5 7 teams, two get shot and die, additionally 3, by twist off neck, two trunnion are cut off by sharp weapon.

As to 3 convict, lived to become gun target, wind crucial point is hit into bolt, blood stream one ground.

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