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Return century home, ability anger asks Lin Fei: "You are not to say to be in writing palace that, do you see that person for the first time? You and he reads an elementary school, read a middle school again, you are known as a child at all, why cannot tell the truth, must cheat me? Must cheat me??

"I... " Xia You is pure be frightened eye socket is redly, "I am afraid that you are misunderstood namely. "I am afraid that you are misunderstood namely..

"What thing is done not have, how can be I misunderstood? " Lin Fei is done not have so pass nohow, brandish begins arm, the voice is in nearly growl, "Has you and he talked about love to be opposite? You had loved the other side each other, he likes you, you also like him, one up-to-date, be such? Be such??

Summerly leisurely pure tear " trickling down Su " fall continuously, sobbing, the answer does not go out.

Lin Fei is holding fist: "Tardy disapprobation does my girlfriend, because,not be missish. Do not agree with me tardy again later propose, because hesitate,also not be. Because,be completely he, what I say is right! Because of him, to now, you are not willing please me, phone me, even if send the short message of a greeting! " when respecting is excited, fury does not have a place to abreact, fist can be bungled in past air only.

"Either, either... " Xia You is pure final that, shake one's head argue.

She holds Lin Fei in arms: "What before I admit, say is true. But, read in lucky man from you since at that time, those were broken before. Those were broken before..

"When then you see he perhaps hears his name, so nohow, what to show again? What to show again??

Xia You is pure burst into tears, slow-witted stand on the spot.

One flits in Lin Fei heart dark cold, sneer, push her, face about goes upstairs.

Congratulate listen wind goes to Chu Zhengzhe call together world female headquarters.

"With respect to Hetian and Xia You's simple thing, what opinion do you have? What opinion do you have??

Chu Zhengzhe thinks: "Very intractable. This week, heng Yuan to acknowledge freely agrees to cooperate, held reward banquet, young season elder brother actually special asked Lin Fei's husband and wife two. Young season elder brother actually special asked Lin Fei's husband and wife two..

Congratulate listen wind is amazed very.

"Cannot think of, normal person at the moment must avoid not as good as, the cummer before can be on bad terms is contacted, with respect to contact of the cummer before disaccord. Lin Fei can not be stubble of what be apt to! It is a stubble of be apt to, as long as it is a man, flagrant also him wife and other man are put have ambiguous. And, I hear of this forest always, all along him Na Weijiao wife love is like life, if has break, sure meeting does it to Heng Yuan. About not kill constant is far, he is difficult disappear mind that evil spirit! He is difficult disappear mind that evil spirit!!

Congratulate listen wind is listening, can't help depressed.

Chu Zhengzhe is about to say to still rest.

Congratulate listen wind is aware of: "What still lets me be accepted hard, you speak out together. You speak out together..

"Congratulate uncle, had thought the curve saves the nation? Present problem, do not depend on the girlfriend that Lin Zongfu's person once was young season elder brother, however ** of young season elder brother is naked to Lin Zongfu the person's love never has been broken off. If let the attention of elder brother small days turn to other place, eliminate forest total him heart the feeling that the wife is getting other to covet, the collaboration of freely and Heng Yuan, also with respect to problem of it doesn't matter? Also with respect to problem of it doesn't matter??

Eye of congratulate listen wind is bright: "You say, how does ability reach such result? How does ability reach such result??

Before Chu Zhengzhe offers his think of a way, one mutters to oneself.

This trouble sees from him that matter speaks of day of congratulate of intercept of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty even.

Go with He Tian at that time after stars garden, of he and Lin Xiao ease dog the task comes to an end. He lets Lin Xiao ease wind the Milky way first, oneself go Haydn left 911 come out, lead to the Song Shijun such as the crossing of periphery in stars garden next.

He looks at Song Shijun to crying all the way garden of stars of rush out of, follow 400 meters next beyond a of the platform public transportation, the Shi Jun that chase after the Song Dynasty will to what Song Shijun works spend shop.

Beautiful inn professional work is a bit much today, a few regale need big gaily decorated basket, proprietress and other side commission are busy terribly defeated. Before Song Shijun enters store, the appreciably that use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch built gaunt complexion. The proprietress still sees incorrect come: "Go out to endure have bad luck? I say girl home home, do not do not have a thing to offend some of some to do not have, in do work here had worked, I provide a day of your 3 food, adscititious hair your pay. Your assemble chooses fund, can buy a check outside 5 annulus in the future, how to wear also calculate oneself to earn a place that establishs a base. How to wear also calculate oneself to earn a place that establishs a base..

Song Shijun is silent as the grave, insert the flower in the bucket in the beautiful mud in a basket of flowers. Her power of understanding is particularly good, work in beautiful inn before long, the flower is inserted even chiclier than the proprietress good-looking.

She comes land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another, the proprietress gives her land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another work completely, oneself give beautiful gush gush water, direct someone else takes out a basket of flowers that has inserted, send etc. busy about the same, she just stands beside Song Shijun: "Small skin of the bamboo, not be my nag, the small gold boss next door is right for you, very pretty good really. We know you grow good-lookingly, but, the body home that good-looking girl also wants to see her is right incorrect. I hear of, you still are not lived in namely over Bai Lanyuan, is father mother the work person with not high income? Illuminate ancestors 3 generation should be east city person, oneself just are east city person this view, you are one nonnative. A nonnative, find small gold boss such this locality have a cause, very good really. Very good really..

Song Shijun is irritated really a persuasive talker that appeared this to plant 3 days. She does not have an opinion to him proprietress, but, at the moment, the her true with a kind and pleasant countenance that do not have a law says the word below.

"China elder sister, the choose that you know me occasionally standard? Right, I am the nonnative that lives in Bai Lanyuan, but, my boy friend has a villa stars garden or where with respect to this, oneself open Lanbojini, most at least also should open BMW ability is OK. My this all one's life was not married, also it doesn't matter, the sort of man cannot be me finally all, other what person is right me, it is cloud drift! It is cloud drift!!

China elder sister listens eyeball is quickly pop out comes. Go up at the beginning of out rainbow, colorfully decorated lantern twinkles. China elder sister is looking at this woman that the mouth gives mad signal, good a long time, just say: "Well good, stars garden, you still can be carried really. " sit at the back of bar, the tongue just restores benefit to all alone, "Small skin of the bamboo, I see you is really " red Lou Meng " inside that fine Wen. Stars garden that village, I also had looked on the magazine, the open quotation price of fifty thousand and twenty-one square, the cheapest that also is a 9 digit allegedly. The Bai Ma that has these money is princely, I also want to come to, oh, not! Possible word, come to me a dozen ah! Dream, who won't be done, right incorrect? Right incorrect??

Song Shijun is silent. The thing afternoon, discharge shadow is shining in brain euqally.

Have He Tian this individual, she did not lose confidence to pass all the time. But, till today she just knows truly: Original, he Tian that heart, it is early a lot of years ago, do not belong to him He Tian.

Think that cries " Xia You is pure " woman, even if just look far, really elegant is beautiful outstanding. She slightly astounded, the fruit that even if coming back can leave definitely, be absent with the deep-set melancholy, Shen Xueyin that can look for trouble oneself finally a level.

Song Shijun still remembers the expression when He Tian buys immortal flower, again fine nowadays taste him between brows from beginning to end a melancholy of hover, can envisage completely piece: Xia You is pure, already accused He Tian whole soul.

If then the individual is willing, tick off point finger, he Tian can go for her go through fire and water!

But, she is to want to marry with him, all the time so hard.

China elder sister still is in nag: "Little sister, a bit actualer, before carrying others, carrying his also is must. The old man in garden of stars of be not a patch on of small gold boss, in average crowd, the room has a car to have deposit, the age also is mixed you are about the same, very popular come, good? Good??

Song Shijun thinks of sad part, also cannot help again, cry loudly.

China elder sister is foolish: "Alas alas, what did I say, how to cry? " smoke paper towel to come over to brush tear to Song Shijun at once.

Song Shijun is crying to say: "How cannot I carry him? I am purer than that Xia You grow uglily, don't still have her is record of formal schooling tall? Calculate my the university entrance exam to was not taken an examination of good, those who go up also is to be the same as plain, outstanding student also is when graduation. It is he and act evilly in collusion with of his little sister, make the brand that pressed me. These do not calculate, I take an examination of international finance to just also take testimony of undergraduate course graduation this year oneself greatly, or east big. Or east big..

China elder sister is met partly temporarily those pasts that which can understand her, suitable mouth says: "Earthly person knows you you are beautiful, clever, but beside the boss in stars garden, beautiful and clever too much, you such, not easy and conspicuous right incorrect? Not easy and conspicuous right incorrect??

Song Shijun cries out of breath, pull in your ears! of with great difficulty, holding China elder sister in both hands to give the water cup that go up, tear has not stopped, trickling down Su drops a cup completely in.

Chu Zhengzhe is in cross the inn that take a flower at this moment.

China elder sister thinks the business came: "Gentleman, buy a flower? Buy a flower??

Chu Zhengzhe looks all around: "Is there violet rose? Wrap a bundle to me. Wrap a bundle to me..

China a general term for young women is busy go freezer there: "Have ah have, firm today airborne those who arrive, 36 yuan, how much do you want? How much do you want??

Chu Zhengzhe thinks: "110. "110..

"Oh! " eye of China elder sister shined immediately, facial laugh becomes a flower, "Be to give a girlfriend. " trick is neat tear open a flower, pack, "The beautiful words of violet rose is guardianship the real situation, gentleman you very know the business Oh. Gentleman you very know the business Oh..

110 flowers are bad to wrap, china elder sister lets Song Shijun come over to help. Song Shijun comes over to helping a bag, the bag was over, rectify a bundle big, give Chu Zhengzhe, chu Zhengzhe looks, hand Song Shijun: "Send you. "Send you..

They are shoulder to shoulder come out from beautiful inn, get on a car, the car opens a ten kilometers, stop in mouth of shaft door of a coffee. Song Shijun is holding a flower in both hands, still laughing.

"Hahaha, be too comical really! I do not know, former firm firm makes the sense of others face, it is so good to have unexpectedly. What she thinks I am true is abjection arrive must want rely on the degree of supermarket young shopkeeper, is the father that but anyhow of skin of the bamboo of poem of my the Song Dynasty also is formidable,is the same as SKY of brand of graduation of plain beauty courtyard, famous dress good? When I am mixed well, it is good that my income swings profit of small supermarket annual far? It is good that my income swings profit of small supermarket annual far??

Good a little while, she is holding the bouquet of heavy in both hands, suck greatly at a heat: "Thank you, let me be in so sad when, still can hold last honor. Still can hold last honor..

China elder sister is staring at Chu Zhengzhe's dumbfounded appearance, brand is euqally deep.

"Your this individual, still have you this car, let her think by accident: The forereach with the old true man of the stars garden that I say will propose I! The forereach with the old true man of the stars garden that I say will propose I!!

Chu Zhengzhe laughs: "You are happy good. "You are happy good..

"The thing of I and He Tian, you had known, ? ??

"Have a bit. "Have a bit..

Later, chu Zhengzhe just understands completely, shi Jun looking for the Song Dynasty chats: "You do not cultivate hang oneself this to die in He Tian again. He Tian is a large tree, he is via hang by the neck already on others body, this all one's life also extricate oneself does not leave. This all one's life also extricate oneself does not leave..

"Short of accomplished fact, won't have final conclusion. Won't have final conclusion..

"Do you return unwilling to give up to him? "Do you return unwilling to give up to him??

Hair of look of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty is straight, quite a while, beat beat wind way: "I think, do not agree here. I like him 7 years, from me at that time of second year in high school rises, I want to conquer he becomes my person. At the beginning I am fishing, angle long, I also became a fish just. I did a lot of things, what also assumed a lot of mentally is oppressive, I torment myself day nocturnal night does not get day quiet. At the moment says to remove really, I do not do! I do not do!!

Face congratulate listen wind, the idea that Chu Zhengzhe thinks of suddenly is: "Enable Song Shijun, her mom and congratulate uncle your past had been in the past, make an aunt how be willing again, congratulate weather outlook is attached most importance to, area of big an ancient name for China cannot have Hengyuan and even Yu Shikun more break. Area of big an ancient name for China cannot have Hengyuan and even Yu Shikun more break..

Congratulate listen wind very questioningly this drop: "I think, song Shijun has been mixed days of small at daggers drawn! Song Shijun has been mixed days of small at daggers drawn!!

"Without. " Chu Zhengzhe shakes his head, "Do not have at daggers drawn not only, she once in that way girl likes to go up who, this all one's life is changed very hard. This all one's life is changed very hard..

"Does she pay no attention to SKY to be rectified height despotic thing? "Does she pay no attention to SKY to be rectified height despotic thing??

Chu Zhengzhe thinks: "Should meet care about, but that is not the error that subjective consciousness causes young season elder brother. But that is not the error that subjective consciousness causes young season elder brother..

Wirh fixed attention of congratulate listen wind ponders: "Still never mention it, this still is a feasible plan really! This still is a feasible plan really!!

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