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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 3183 words, update at: 2019-07-19 22:58

Xu Jing says to Xu Xiaoman: "Xiao Man, you Like and Xiao Wei conceive a design betray our fact, are you early had known? Are you early had known??

Xu Xiaoman nods say: "Pretend 3 cars goods this, rangyoulike and Xiao Wei do business, just about before a plan that has revised. Practise deception of along with custom mocks arrest poisonous team and suppress smuggling team, these are practise deception only plan foreplay. " saying turn aside to see Song Zhenglie: "Real purpose, divert the attention of the attention that combines ** secret service and city public security bureau namely, the Milky way helps a person then honest too was fed up with, tonight, our trade after success, the speech in the system counterpoises to be able to be hit after them pressure, this can be kill two hawks with one arrow. This can be kill two hawks with one arrow..

That 3 traffic accident put *** of a tall purity in the surface, experience case weight is ample also betrayer enters a prison.

Song Zhenglie to divine dragon this act is admiring very, xu Jing and Xu Xiaoman are lifted cup respect him, his smilingly rises goblet end, 3 people at the same time josh at the same time carouse.

The period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in passing is divided. Of Xu Xiaoman add cipher telegram word to ring. Xu Xiaoman looks show, say to Xu Jing and Song Zhenglie: "I am sorry, excuse me. " walk out of a bag.

On the footpath outside standing between the bag, xu Xiaoman receives electrify sentence, speech sound gentleness, say: "Haley. "Haley..

That very agog sound asks the phone her: "You now where? "You now where??

Xu Xiaoman is answered looked at a bag, hesitant and a short while, maintain a smile, soft tone says: "I am sorry, I am coulding there be now plain. There is bit of thing in the home, I must be handled personally. I must be handled personally..

The sound there nots allow however she refuses, tough talk: "I want you to leave the place that you need now, after a hour, I should see you in white sanded park. If do not come, we meet no longer forever. We meet no longer forever..

White sanded park is in east city suburban district, from go vacationing the village sets out, a hour calculates drive closely drive slow.

Xu Xiaoman wants what to say again, the phone there already hang up. She thinks, still return a bag, took oneself thing, said to Xu Jing and Song Zhenglie sentence: "Thing so arranged, I have bit of thing now, be very sorry, leave first. Leave first..

Hao Chen of Lin Xiao ease, Jiang and Chu Zhengzhe sit on the Bin Shidu that have not changes his costume or dress together, along with of travel still Hua Wei essence is carried fine single out a few thinness ace.

Lin Xiao ease asks Chu Zhengzhe: "East outskirt is so big battle you do not let me go, now of our from a great distance, where should hurry to? Where should hurry to??

Chu Zhengzhe says: "Catch trade of 20 tons of *** advocate. "Catch trade of 20 tons of *** advocate..

Lin Xiao ease and Jiang Hao celestial bodies are surprised clinking, all with one voice asks: "Be Youlike and Xiao Wei two people? " cry, jiang Hao Chen has grabbed thread of discourse to ask: "How do you know east the camouflage that outskirt also is the enemy? " Lin Xiao ease is additional: "Perhaps be over there You Like actually trade place. " Jiang Hao Chen says then: "Make a feint to somewhere and attack in another place, also false Yi Zhen, made a mistake, can be defeated with respect to overall. Can be defeated with respect to overall..

Chu Zhengzhe is in into bamboo bosom, the smile says: "Won't wrong, because... " sold slightly close child, trice after 2 people appetite, chuckle says: "You Like and Xiao Wei had formed alliance with us. "You Like and Xiao Wei had formed alliance with us..

On the patron wagon that answers a city, you Like says ceaselessly to Shen Dazhi: "Sir, I am not crime really. I am a good fun of the person performance that cooperates you. Inside your person that cries ' Chu Zhengzhe ' associated ** secret service, let me be according to the plan over there He Xiaowei connect. Let me be according to the plan over there He Xiaowei connect..

Shen Dazhi fulminate: "Let you receive you, you are so obedient, still think besides deceive police how? Still think besides deceive police how??

You Like did not sneak away so urgently that Chinese says, trilled aloud with English, must use Chinese to explain again after that: "What I say is true, it is according to the plan I just am mixed Xiao Wei is in east outskirt meets. Come into stock really inside the car, but, I know, I know, I know -- " because insecurity is added excited, it is good to stammered, ability is crowded give a the most essential that: "I know to there is flour below that. This time, it is the bargainor is exploring at all we. It is the bargainor is exploring at all we..

"We? " the flaw that Shen Dazhi catchs him to talk, kerf asks: "Who are you to point to? "Who are you to point to??

You Like stayed, reply according to the facts: "I, still have Xiao Wei. Still have Xiao Wei..

Shen Dazhi " oh " , nod, say: "Had you and Xiao Wei been a group? "Had you and Xiao Wei been a group??

Since had chosen to cooperate with ** , youlikegan is fragile bamboo slip pours bean, speak out what oneself know: "Became a group because of I and Xiao Wei namely, so, we talent is total do not plan according to what had decided beforehand. This Cilaidong city, trade the person of 20 tons of *** is not me, I just hit covering. Wait to give move your line of vision, advocate can take *** to leave east city. advocate can take *** to leave east city..

"Where is specific carriage line? " Shen Dazhi asks.

Establish division forced smile especially, say: "I had been eliminated outer, this appearance classified thing, how can I know. How can I know..

"Does that sell the home? Who is selling the home? Who is the generator of 20 tons of *** ? " Shen Dazhi just said, see Youlike the appearance that one face is willing to help but unable to do so, know these a few problems are asked in vain. He does not become aware questioningly, loudly growl path: "Then you implement a plan with Xiao Wei, for what? For what??

You Like knows little apparently, shrug, the regret spreads out hand.

On another car, calmly of Lian Bin of assistant team leader cross-questions Xiao Wei: "You and You Like connect, do not be trade, why? Why??

Xiao Wei is in east city linger is old, calculate on local villain, information content is comprehensive, nature of train of thought is clearer than Youlike much. Before he is being explained, say to Lian Bin: "You make a telephone call to me first. "You make a telephone call to me first..

Lian Bin says: "Before looking for a lawyer, I should remind you. Although violate a ban amount of medicines and chemical reagents is not large, already enough also measurement of penalty. Accident of term of imprisonment, depend on your present expression. Depend on your present expression..

Xiao Wei says: "I should phone series of associated ** special operation to be stationed in the member of area of big an ancient name for China, he is work out of J military region falls ad hoc senior officer, you also should know, this international peddles poisonous case, should be you to cooperate him to spread out with all one's strength actually -- "

Such view, connect Bin and had not listened. He was staring at Xiao Wei's face to see for a long time, phone Shen Dazhi.

Shen Dazhi is very hesitant, the issue passes a secret, some things, arrive here, calculated terminal. Xiao Wei can say with Lian Bin, he cannot say.

Lian Bin says: "He should call that senior officer. "He should call that senior officer..

A long time of Shen Dazhi consider, ability path: "Dial number for him, affirm to communicate again after the identity. Affirm to communicate again after the identity..

Lian Bin is illuminated do.

On the Bin Shidu that fleets towards Ning Chuan, mobile phone noise of Chu Zhengzhe rises.

Chu Zhengzhe looks is unfamiliar number, appreciably is hesitant, look at the environment all around, receive rise, light tone asks: "Which? "Which??

Lian Bin says: "Are you Hunan Captain? "Are you Hunan Captain??

Chu Zhengzhe differentiate and analyse this sound unlike is malicious enemy, can know him of number of this mobile phone, besides already new now go and seek refuge with sb besides his Xiao Wei, it is J military region senior officer and public security system are advanced police officer, 3 person nothing more than.

Then, he laughs, say: "Pretty good, who are you? Who are you??

Link oneself full name on Bin newspaper and status.

Chu Zhengzhe calculates calculate time, reckon Youlike and Xiao Wei had fallen in hand of public security bureau, say: "Be Xiao Wei is should communicating with me? "Be Xiao Wei is should communicating with me??

Lian Bin says: "Yes. " saying, hand oneself mobile phone Xiao Wei.

Xiao Wei both hands is worn by beat, a hand takes the telephone call, two hands are lifted together in side side.

Xiao Wei also is disregarded all round it is a person, to phone fast track: "You promise me, break away from the awkward situation that I face now smoothly, assure my safety. I was caught now, peddling poison can be great pain, you come round to explain immediately, let them put me. Let them put me..

Chu Zhengzhe says: "Xiao Wei, yourself brains is calorific, putting the Chinese parasol tree with so good the Milky way not to want, slant go climbing divine dragon that Gao Zhi. What I can accomplish now is this. What I can accomplish now is this..

Xiao Wei is anxious say: "This the action is you obviously incite ah, when they give me *** , I had been checked. I want turn over to the higher authorities, you do not let, let I and Youlike cooperate you to act in a play. Play acts, do you give me sold? " saying, his mood warms up. The gumshoe that both sides is taking is not abstain from eating meal, see him grumpy want to skip on the seat, stretch his hand immediately, press him, berate at the same time: "Do not move, bit franker. " Xiao Wei by two individual hold sb under duress, and civilian disaccord official is fought, panting to had been done, a piece of face, gas became pork liver look.

Chu Zhengzhe says in the phone: "Be like the second, I send you into the jail, also be for your oneself consider. We should like to ask, you are offended got on so big to bother, betrayed they still consider the whole body and retreat, does in the world have so cheap thing how possibly? The method of that place you know, god enters the ground, can find you, let you disappear from the world next. Enter a prison, most at least ** is to take on at one's own expenses your protection is magical. Most at least ** is to take on at one's own expenses your protection is magical..

Xiao Wei explodes greatly to the phone wide mouth.

It is good to passed a little while, ability calculates Xiao Wei's mood to be stabilized slowly come down.

He returns the telephone call Lian Bin, continue to appease anger, say to Lian Bin next: "Let me see your team leader, his interrogative thing, I can be solved to him. I can be solved to him..

On fleeted Bin Shidu, after Chu Zhengzhe ring off, see Lin Xiao ease and Jiang Hao Chen one case, eye a list of things is good stare at closely at him.

Chu Zhengzhe laugh says: "How? Your curiosity also by overturn? Your curiosity also by overturn??

Lin Xiao ease says: "If you are no-go, can whats do not say. Can whats do not say..

Chu Zhengzhe " hey hey " laugh, say: "What can say, be like the second to help betray from Long Hu, discover situation is bad, think again. Think again..

Jiang Hao Chen says: "He so essence of life, the nature of ins and outs of divine dragon group detects. The nature of ins and outs of divine dragon group detects..

Lin Xiao ease thinks, suddenly: "Pardonable go reachcapturing water emperor they, you do not let I and Hao Zi go. You do not let I and Hao Zi go..

For Jiang Hao Chen Xiaoqi: "Early before already offer amnesty and enlistment to rebels. "Early before already offer amnesty and enlistment to rebels..

3 people laugh together.

Think of 4 emperor became the Milky way to make again nowadays below, narrow one's eyes of yell narrow one's eyes says Lin Xiao ease: "This has fallen, in those days 4 so awe-inspiring people, mean workable method nowadays, the at hand that must become me... " pondering how to should get a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument before 4 emperor in the future well, the head was patted forcibly by Chu Zhengzhe.

Chu Zhengzhe says: "The issue of hematic shadow hall is more complex, not only participate in international to peddle poison this one thing, find out rise, a long-pending case on a lot of abuttals, they cannot take off implication more or less. Cong Xiaowei begins, estimation should shut period of time. Estimation should shut period of time..

"How many years can you have probably? " Jiang Hao Chen asks.

Chu Zhengzhe says: "See Shen Dazhi how much can check to come out to them cough up. "See Shen Dazhi how much can check to come out to them cough up..

Lin Xiao ease says: "Xiao Wei this prime culprit, did not go out 15 years not to come for certain. Did not go out 15 years not to come for certain..

Chu Zhengzhe nods, come back to laugh to say again namely: "Say to him like me, authority sends a person to protect him when ** , get exceedingly to thank me, thank Shen Dazhi to help a person then again. Thank Shen Dazhi to help a person then again..

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