东莞狼友蒲友论坛The 7th chapter
" search south this night heart " Xie Jiu is fat / , this chapter in all 2372 words, update at: 2019-10-24 09:50

Dream cropland insists to want to visit the place that I stay in, actually a long time ago she has come, it is she cold-shoulders a place only small.

\ " is shabbier than before, whats are done not have, how you live ah? \ "

What \ " does not think me is as fragile as you, what I live in this is quite good. \ "

\ " also is, have so a boy friend that is very fond of you. \ "

\ " elder sister, please don't talk in disorder before Na Xuan again? I like him to do not have a relation with that individual really. \" I in a low voice beg is worn.

\ " that individual? Who ah? Oh, ding Hao, how, do I have say them very resemble? \" is asking at what dream field zone pricks.

You know \ " , I do not have a feeling to him already, and because,I choose Na Xuan also is not he, I request you, not such. \ "

\ " at heart, you dare say to there is Ding Hao in your heart, if he is not the elder sister's husband that you did not come to my boy friend, do you feel your meeting is far from him darlingly? \ "

\ " is, I am to had liked, also can be before then, you did not interact again in those days, I like his right again, you were together now, do I have what had done? \" I am loud growl is worn.

\ " hum, you fasten hypocritically, if not be to should be you at the outset, how do I meet little sister be followinged by person laugh contend for a man again. \ "

I had been far from \ " you two, how do you still think? \ "

\ " tells the truth, high south Zhao of if it were not for at the outset long resembling, can you choose him? Which kinds of person that talks about love easily are you? \ "

You say \ " rightly, I am do not play feeling with others easily, at the outset because,I also am too cold and cheerless, a person comes here, very alone, just interact with Zhao Naxuan so, but not be to think who he resembles absolutely, I also cannot think of, I can like to go up he, originally I just come loose by the side of arrival beguilement, cross paragraph of time to go back, you also know, I won't tend so flat life, and more not reconciled to is defeated by you. \" I exhaust systemic effort says these.

\ " is breathed out, in the final analysis, you are so selfish still, nevertheless you also know, pa Mom won't agree with you for certain, I know Zhao Naxuan's average already young worker, had not attended even the college, you feel, is he your future? \ "

It which have \ " life is certain that which have \ " life, how does know to will be met tomorrow? \ "

\ " looks you are not general change really! \ "

Did I change? Does Na Xuan know me to you still can like so?

\" of \ " Zhi, the door opened, I view the past terrifiedly, the expression that highs I never had seen one face south Zhao, resemble anger, more resembling is the anguish that is cheated, of without consulting anyone toward in go, do not see me.

I bought \ " beverage, putting. \ "

Should get angry obviously, should loud interrogatory how do I return a responsibility after all, but he is silent as the grave however, I want to pull him, however by firm firm swing, that momently I am clear, everything, he knew, but the fact is not such?

\ " listens I had explained, the fact does not think you are heard that appearance, does the explanation that hears me go? \ "

I am chasing after him to arrive downstair, desperately beg him, but he is paid no attention to namely.

I have pity on \" of \ " Na Xuan to crying helplessly again.

He stopped eventually.

\ " first time listens you so cry, fasten again such, let me feel disgusting. \ "

Who says the woman is more vicious than the man, the man is evil-minded rise more the pain that lets a person rip a heart to crack lung. He says I am disgusting unexpectedly, I am complete foolish dropped, tear seizes the socket of eye and go out, do not know completely how to should do. Want to call him, discover throat sends save one's breath however.

\ " heart, don't you have a thing? \ "

Look at the face that Yu Mengtian regrets that piece, I laughed twice, abhor extremely look at her.

\ " Yu Mengtian, I never resemble today so hate you. \ "

Sit on the bed, the heart aches like the sky that be drawn out, I am not intended, I never have really want to who had harmed, zhao Naxuan, I am not intended really, because of you, I decide to stay, because of you, I not plan fame and gain, I am willing to live lightly flatly, want you to be beside only, I can abandon everything.

I am dialing a telephone, ability discovery, since this paragraph of time, I am to give him to call for the first time. He is not received, do not consider reason I, but I am not intended really, na Xuan, receive a telephone call?

\ " Na Xuan, had we talked? My excited request wears \" phone he that.

\ " ... \ "

\ " Na Xuan, you listen to me to say, I am not intended... hello, na Xuan, na Xuan \ "

Drop a telephone call, slow-witted slow-witted ground is sitting, love, how to meet so injury person, not amused really, if can, but with from tell me ending at the beginning, in the love like the mystery, what I go is very tired really. It is two people that love each other obviously, why must torment each other, a few simpler bad?

I am not to want intentionally to lie, love is born originally even if did not begin premonitorily, if know I can love so, say whats I won't conceal at the outset now.

\ " toots, zhao Naxuan, I am fed up with you, have only to my jubilation so a bit? The opportunity that explains repeatedly does not give, zhao Naxuan, you are a big bad wolf, if not be that, I now also so won't tired, zhao Naxuan, blamed. \" I cry tiredly, lie on the bed, the tear is however do not stop flow.

In the dream, encountered Zhao Naxuan, he got angry, hold the post of my apology beg, he pays no attention to me namely. Very sad!

Early morning awakes, him eye in the mirror won'ts do swollenly appearance, brush a face, do not want to move, silent recumbent.

Peaceful belle calls come, I cry muddleheaded.

How does \ " do, he pays no attention to me at all, man how this appearance, got angry how to be fooled also fool bad, the opportunity that apologizes repeatedly does not give. \ "

\ " you ah, it is defect went in really, the family calm such as your apologizes again, the family becomes you treasure, you become the person however vicarious, be also overcome to you? Of perfunctory of \" peaceful belle saying.

\ " is instantaneous feeling only, did not have later, more what is more,the rather that, I also did not like Ding Hao so, he calculates where door child vicarious. What I say \" is true, ding Hao, be student period infatuation only learn to grow, since the boy friend that knowing is an elder sister also do not have other think of a way again.

\ " good, wait for organic meeting to apologize again. \ "

3 days, he neither one phone.

Also did not see in the company, also nobody raises, it is those two girl only the eyes that sees me is incorrect.

\ " is less than, since you are together with Zhao Naxuan, do not I am sorry he, his so nice person, does the where on you search? Fire of \" plum Yuan is developing me greatly.

Is he in \ " company? We quarrelled, he is angry, cannot I find him? \ "

\ " he, several days did not see, which went to the person, I also do not know. \ "

In succession for ages, do not see a person, the phone is illogical.

Be in eventually one of these day, the phone is busy no longer.

\ " Zhao Naxuan, you so hate me, ? You think how, do we say to be clear about face to face? \ "

\ " is good, meet, my as it happens has a word to say. \ "

I am happy, at least he is willing to see me.

\ " about the thing before I apologize, I did not treat you as really who. \ "

He does not talk, just staring at my look.

Is because like me to just agree,\ " mine at the outset? \ "

\ " is \ "

Has \ " never wanted to stay in this? \ "

\ " is, but later... I think \" agog explanation.

\ " how, make fun of me very amused? You the woman of this kind of tall record of formal schooling such? Play a man to look for high quality scales next time, like me this kind does not have honest to you it doesn't matter of the level to challenge a gender. \ "

\" of \ " bang, I am no good asply, closely grasping fist. Know this man that makes Zhao Naxuan afresh again.

This issues \ " we with respect to two Qing Dynasty, I also do not calculate lose one's capital, slept at least you, although do not know,be maiden really, but go up in the heart get comforting. His evil laugh wears \" , my heart is clinking however painful.

\ " I wish I had never known you. \ "

Face about, leave, my tear already of unbridled flow.

Zhao Naxuan, once I have many to love you, I have many to hate you now.

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