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Emerald green bright walked along a few paces to stop suddenly again towards the car that parks in the doorway, had answered a body to see Xiang Zhongyu, "Was opposite, you follow A phoenix good work near I wish you happiness is perfect. " " thank madam. " Zhong Yu's tender smile, looked at Na Cuixi to go up in the line of sight that the car disappears in oneself. Face about, zhong Yu slowly turn back, do not have road of a few paces obviously, zhong Yu is abrupt however and aching unceasingly, it is on mind one place only originally, little tear at is worn, till anguish Yan Shen arrives the pit of the stomach, spread lienal lung, cover the whole body then, come over billowily. A hand that Zhong Yu bears hard sorely is stroked in door edge, another hand covers wind, for a long time is not active play. . . . . .

Zhong Yu does not know he is how hard maintaining return former, he knows only at the moment oneself are like a pair of the body, windy, withered be defeated. He is being arranged at the same time emerald green the dress material of bright pitch on, look up at the same time see the sky outside. The sky is very blue very blue, of sun shining accordingly, line gets Yun Duo all the more snow-white. Zhong Yu is looking at a sky to stop the action in the helper gradually, slowly raise an arm, open the way of sun of palmar lay a finger on, chilly laugh is worn from language, "Very poisonous sun, regrettablly you won't maintain an umbrella for me again. . . . . . A Feng, thank you to excuse me. . . . . . ..

Bell rain forced smile is worn receive arm of turn around and stretch out one's hand, the brocade that Jiang Cuixi has chosen a base is good, till the lotus that leaves scene of that light green only at the moment paragraph. Zhong Yu gently touching that silks and satins, the look in the eye is tender. Still be person bearer is gone to in village of silks and satins, busy move chooses guests material for making clothes tries the dress, the business is thriving, go to at person bearer in, that is stroking brocade tenderness with right Zhong Yu, it is the shadow of an unmanned attention nevertheless, nobody are aware of. . . . . .

Nearly a few days of sun even more poison, zhong Yu should be unluckily when sun is the most poisonous sit in kiosk to drink tea. Making is a few minutes of god-given leisure need not go village of silks and satins, even if is poisonous sun, much also trifling idle affection is refined. Qiu chamberlain is taking dizi to approach Zhong Yu, see he is leaning on post edge to look at the flower outside booth, laughing to hand dizi he, "A Yu, thing I am taken to you. You are glad, all people think him regret enraged poison of maternal informal clothes dead to commit suicide inside Zhong Lei, and because fed the meal that remain to become a victim by accident,A Feng also is only. All people support you to become Zhong Jia's host now, everything flawless. " Zhong Yu has received dizi, looked up and down one time, the laugh that does not restrain, "Be, I get everything eventually. The uncle goes looking for a bottle of fine public house, we drink a cup in the evening. " " good, I this goes. " Qiu chamberlain sees bell rain belt laugh, the departure of be perfectly satisfied.

Zhong Yu sits on the stone stool in kiosk, there are beautiful pear small box and key on stone desk. Dizi of Zhong Yu general hold to the side of the mouth, blow at the same time, tear flows at the same time. Do not know when, a Feng walks into kiosk to sit beside Zhong Yu, both hands holds cheek in the palm, look at him, carry the face that the hand points to him, "2 childes, how did you cry? Do not cry, are you glad be? You, should glad. " Zhong Yu looks at A Feng, the laugh of be overjoyed, "How can I cry? It is you were misreaded certainly. I am very glad, how can you cry am I so glad? " A Fengwei is laughing to shake shake one's head, get on oneself palmar Fu in Zhong Yu's the pit of the stomach, "You are crying. I saw, your heart is crying. . . . . . ..

Zhong Yu puts down dizi, want to handhold A Feng's hand, however A Feng is like same flatus however, of quiet silence before disappear in him, a Feng disappeared, a Feng never appears, that position beside him, it is empty none.

"Why. . . . . . Why! " eye end blood red of Zhong Yu, rise suddenly, one fist is on stone desk, what the oozy blood between knuckle makes his shout oneself hoarse full is abreaction, did not have crime gas, some is endless sadness and despair only, "Mom, I took all returning to helped you sign up for enemy, why my heart is so painful still. Am I early don't have a heart? Don't have a heart why am I still met painful? I am living revenge to help you namely, , be? To revenge, my whats need not want, the heart did not want, reason did not want, I tell myself to cannot believe others easily, more cannot easily let others know what he is thinking. I paid so much to revenge, wrong. . . . . . Right, all people are blamed, I am blamed also, I died since A Fengyi accordingly. Yes, zhong Yu rises dead with A Fengyi, so aching is not me. That, who am I? Mom, you tell me, I who is now? Without the heart, without reason. . . . . . I, it is an an eccentric person. . . . . . " bell rain simper is worn, at a draught paralysis sits in kiosk, cry loudly, "A Feng, I am sorry. . . . . . I am sorry. . . . . . " each shout, each tear, taking A Feng's sign. . . . . .

A Fengzhi is looking Zhong Yu's eye, "You are thinking, when can resemble looking at me so now. You laugh to me, it is to can resemble look at me so at the moment only, seeing me is how sad, how painful. . . . . . You had never loved me. " Zhong Yu not language, a tear flows to drop the face in A Feng in the eye. Gently obliterate the tear on A Feng face, wipe oneself to drop that tear on A Feng face, regard as oneself never had cried, be like in the eye is to emerge again an a tiny bit of tenderness, be like again however illusive kind shine and pass, of lax be without a trace, "Why should I fall in love with a servant girl. . . . . . Also do not feel even yourself that is very comical? A Feng, that is your dream only, forgot it. I won't fall in love with you such person, forever won't. . . . . . ..

A Feng looks at bell rain face to go up damp-dry tear stains, slowly stretch one's hand go lay a finger on his face, "I hope you are OK and happy, at least, should look very happy. Still have. . . . . . A Yu, I excuse you. . . . . . Must remember this, i, had excused you. . . . . . " dot of within an ace of, a Feng's hand can stand by Zhong Yu's face, still be in suddenly after all hang down in the air fell down. A Feng's eye still is in look at Zhong Yu, the arm hangs down to go up, motionless.

Slowly Jiang Afeng holds Zhong Yu in the arms in the bosom in oneself, the face that sticking A Feng the slowly eye that closes oneself. The tear in canthus is gushing, flow down A Feng's cheek, silent, frozen if he is cool thin definitely absolutely eye, boiling hot burns the heart with painful burn like him. . . . . .

The beautiful pear small box in hand of Zhong Yu general and key give before amiable and kind nun, deferential nod, "Dean, hope it can help the child here. " nun has received a thing, smiling to express gratitude, "Bell gentleman, I thank you for the children of orphanage, those who thank you is contributory. You are the person of kindheartedness goodness, wish advocate bless you. " Zhong Yu laughs shallowly, "The dean sees me high, kindheartedness of my both neither is not kind-hearted also, it is a day be born with cool small businessmen. Arrive here, the dean need not send. " the word stops, on bell rain face about car, a short while time disappears in the market opening before orphanage. . . . . .

The grave garden after sunrise, the breath that appearing in wind does not have so sadness it seems that, another gravestone by the gravestone of Qiu Yun , engraving above " the grave of love wife Li Feng " husband Zhong Yu stands. Zhong Yu is taking dizi, one step by step approach two gravestone, he stops offal pace suddenly, a man that wearing bearer bank shoulder is carrying a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China of paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead to go to the front of A Feng's gravestone to fall on one's knees. The man ignited fire, burn paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead to follow a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, look at the blaze that lights bit by bit gradually cried, "Elder sister, I now earn one's own living, become in dock bearer. If it were not for I am blamed before, owed the money of bell eldest son, also won't allow your in that way compromise out of consideration for the general interest, be me is sneaking killed you. . . . . . Elder sister, you believe me, after, I can admit to get along really. . . . . . Available I can see you. Available I can see you..

The man risings left, zhong Yu continues to go ahead, the intermediate genuflect in two gravestone come down, "Mom, I am sorry, I got Zhong Jia's most important thing cannot bring it however let you look, I contribute it to orphanage. I did not open it, because already not important. " the gravestone that bell rain sideways sees Xiang Afeng, take out lay open of a piece of paper from cuff, there are 4 words on paper, of askew " Li Feng " rectify carefully and nearly with labour " Li Feng " . Zhong Yu puts paper into igneous caboodle, look at it by slowly light, "A Feng, thank you to accompany my Mom to join, did not listen to my flute for ages? My flute listens to you but good. My flute listens to you but good..

Zhong Yu leans beside A Feng's gravestone, slowly play a bamboo flute, taking on his face laugh, also bringing a tear, resembling is to playing wind instruments a paragraph this gives birth to only think of sb with respect, exclusive be sentimentally attached to, exclusive dream, beg exclusively must not, exclusive, hate to part with. . . . . .

On stage, " cut down child " bring universal applause. Zhong Yu sits the performance that upstair drinks tea to look at a stage to fall at the same time at the same time, the seat on the side of oneself is empty, two seat of tea desk across also are empty. Be mechanism calculates on the stage, each use calculation, zhong Yu looks to also acclaim together accordingly in the eye applaud, part with the person never mind of other playgoing it seems that, appear again, in whole theater, only he just is the person that understood this play. . . . . .

After 10 years

In the garden, the woman that has one countenance plain and neat is in crop flowers and plants, after one's death a lovely little girl be laughing and playing is worn run to run. Bell rain face is taking a smile to wave to little girl, when she runs towards oneself, the look passes kid casually the woman beside, the laugh of gentle gentleness is shown on the face. The woman is taken some bashful low first, the little girl that sees be worn to be laughing and playing again, "A Feng, piquant girl, always do not follow father mad. Always do not follow father mad..

"Father, ha, father. . . . . . " little girl if hearing that woman, the direction that laughing to going straight towards her runs over. Zhong Yu is laughing to pull case beside the woman's hand, pulling her to run ahead again a few paces, answer a body to see Xiang Xiaonv child when laughing again to her brandish wave, "You do not catch A Feng father mother, with a ha breath out do not catch. . . . . . Fast come over A Feng, ha. . . . . . ..

Qiu chamberlain puts refreshments on the stone desk in kiosk, of smilingly look at the Xiaohua opposite side one of amuse oneself is in in garden 3, before both hands put the palms together raises a chest, gratified from language, "Little sister, today is your the anniversary of the death of a parent, a Yu receives your picture answered ancestral temple, you can rest in Tian Zhiling. You look, a Yu looks much happiness. A Yu looks much happiness..

Hang on the wall of bell home ancestral temple full the picture that past dynasties forefathers follows madams, most the picture that there is Zhong Tiande to a form of a address for an official or rich man to still have Qiu Yun with Zhong Bai on lateral wall. The midpoint of picture lower part is past dynasties forefathers is clever a wooden shop sign, the spirit in Zhong Tiande as much with Zhong Bai family name and the memorial tablet of Qiu Yun are next to, below, placing a celadon flagon that bestrewed crack. . . . . . All everything is former it seems that this this some appearance, wen Running and, years is static good. . . . . .

Bell rain weigh in hand is worn the key, go to the side of A Feng's body, look at coldly, "Leave all one's life, do not encounter me again. . . . . . " nutation body, close A Feng's eye, a Feng closed eyes, zhong Yu still is Leng Leng look at, make the hate that is mind not disappear, be being made again is not to agree to admit his mind has sadded of silence those who be born to be overcome with grief is painful. He hates her, he wants her to die on his hand, what won't have a tiny bit is hesitant; He cannot forget her, close a key point from her that momently, leave truly that momently, he also cannot forget her again. . . . . .

(be over)

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