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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 3817 words, update at: 2019-06-26 10:45

Aidelian. Lay mines the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, Angela. Ball and Paul. Wagner is succeeded by the enemy after kill a witness or accomplice, area of world female big an ancient name for China also was stridden new round of grim situation. Financial capacity bought Tian Ou successfully. Because do not have exact evidential charge to expend Er this old fox, so, congratulate listen wind can look at one side of bureau of day gull trustee to pour group of tendency financial capacity helplessly only. The Milky way also international wants to be bought among them ammunition production company, install in Dan Aide. Lay mines the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces after these 3 people are killed, fail even fragmentary ay to be protected.

He Tian's error, let him lose the renown head in trustee of interior of headquarters of division of big an ancient name for China. Article stannum headquarters also holds reservation opinion to his future. Current affairs is actual, condition is brutal. Even if how congratulate listen wind has ability again, also cannot stand in the son here, replace a son what to redeem.

Can accomplish exclusively, retained the position of distant general manager of congratulate day constant namely.

Bank east International Airport, the international airliner that comes from You Guofei relies on harbor eventually. After half hour, large quantities of the passenger arrives at exit to go from international. Congratulate listen wind is taking Xiaoding and driver Laozhang, before be being received personally before long just all previous classics the Chu Zhengzhe of homecoming of more than 10 hours.

Did not see father, hunan is passing by a disappointment on sagacious face. Already grown adult he, appearance is algidder hard doughty, had encountered a lot of people, had experienced many things, brisk ability is concealed already it is under dark shrewdness. But, even if is such, before close person, the loves to father longing that a bit need not pretend, more and more intense instead.

Congratulate listen wind already feel sorry, very gratified, the shoulder that caressing him says: "Your father has main official business to give far door. You also know, southern city is in recently organize activity of large the people's livelihood. " Chu Tielong regards security line of business as the big boss inside, classics J military region makes instructions, appear personally by mobile place city invite, maintain local order.

Chu Zhengzhe eye is seeing him this familial and complete by offer amnesty and enlistment to rebels, of deep feeling must plaint again. From recommend violet blue enrollment, a when also become confederative army thoroughly to oneself, the final desire of congratulate listen wind becomes the group namely and openly force close tie. For factitious oneself, this is extremely fully of meaning of stand high and see far. After all, small I am insignificant.

Take stride Bach 62 return city inside, congratulate listen wind sends Haydn Chu Zhengzhe manorial. 17 villatic overhaul anew, hao Chen of Lin Xiao ease, Jiang, Tan Wenxin and Mu Yunbai had worked in the Milky way, major while stays in the company in allocating employee dormitory, now Chu Zhengzhe come back, congratulate listen wind also replaced Chu Tielong to issue an order, these 4 people, since today, can move 17 villa that decorate anew.

Stand in the sitting room of bright and clean, thank of Chu Zhengzhe from the bottom of one's heart begins this to care his congratulate uncle very much in one's childhood from oneself. The king aunt that new group comes is working in the kitchen, wait for Lin Xiao ease arrives 4 times that together here when, big lunch is already filled up with table.

Congratulate listen wind does not disturb 5 boys to meet again after a long separation the party under, after greeting, leave.

Hao Chen of ease of Chu Zhengzhe, Lin Xiao, Jiang, Tan Wenxin, Muyun is white, became the unrestrained girl a lot of years ago again immediately. They talk aloud, joke each other, opened a lot of bottles of beer, next with respect to this big meal belly-worship.

The playmate that is brought up together as a child gathers suddenly, each other accuses words from one's heart is inevitable then, the topic arrives from the enterprise that manages nowadays severally yesterday evening abdomen is uncomfortable the smelly fart that put one night, all matters, chat ceaseless.

3 hours in a twinkle passes namely, on the table messy.

5 people have eventually some exhausted, chu Zhengzhe drinks last wine, lin Xiao ease instigates suddenly a novel topic.

"A Zhe... " some hesitation are returned before he talks.

Chu Zhengzhe look he desire the appearance that character stops again, cannot help rising gravely, ask: "How? "How??

Lin Xiao ease sees additionally 3, crossing a face, priggish say: "You read greatly in flourish labour and when Sishan trains holy Ai Liya, and so on of what beauty bosom friend encounter again? And so on of what beauty bosom friend encounter again??

Chu Zhengzhe does not understand he wants what to say after all, show an interrogative expression only, not express an opinion.

Lin Xiao ease does not have his so deep scheming apparently, couldn't help swallowing buccal saliva, say: "My means, that... " speak haltingly a long time, talent is suitable sneaked away sentential path: "Before you still remember a few years, you let us protect He Ningxi, next the girl of that door confusing footprint that we come up against jointly? Next the girl of that door confusing footprint that we come up against jointly??

Chu Zhengzhe takes a table: "How, did she appear again? Did she appear again??

4 Xiaolong look at each other in speechless despair, lin Xiao ease says then: "Be, we so guess. We so guess..

"She calls Shen Anqi. "She calls Shen Anqi..

4 Lin Xiao ease groundhog that rise and just got a ground are same, glare became round 8 eyes nod again and again: "It is this name to! "It is this name to!!

"What meaning? " Chu Zhengzhe is a little muddleheaded, it is good to thought say a little while: "This won't among you where individual, like to go up she? Like to go up she??

8 eyes 4 people, shake his head again and again like rattle-drum together.

Strength of Jiang Hao celestial bodies is lively, answer Chu Zhengzhe: "Small ease has fixed girlfriend early. A few this years I and he follows at the back of Yueshu and Yingshu to work, accumulative total a bit capital, prepare him buy course of study, cross easy life of a small family! Cross easy life of a small family!!

Chu Zhengzhe says surprisingly: "Work so quickly! "Work so quickly!!

Genteel says Tan Wenxin: "Line of business establishs after man gets married first. "Line of business establishs after man gets married first..

Mu Yunbai is compensatory: "Anyhow, brother does not have the least bit relation 4 times with your woman. brother does not have the least bit relation 4 times with your woman..

Hunan Zheng Zhefei gives Mu Yunbai one fist, deride and taunt: "Fasten bullshit, what my woman? " but, saying is so say, his heart " phut phut phut " start comes ceaseless. Others tells him, this is the mood that expect, his flatter oneself, oneself just want to sign up for a loving-kindness, the reason why stopped.

Jiang Hao Chen is patted pat little article and Xiaobai, rebuke path: "Say one's proper business, how does nonsense rise? " saying, look at Lin Xiao ease.

Whats does Chu Zhengzhe feel, pack up smile to look to Lin Xiao ease.

Lin Xiao ease also brews almost, sweep circuit, of area of Cong Shikun big an ancient name for China and financial capacity and light child constituent old grudge starts, reel off raw silk from cocoons pares chrysalis respecting Shen Anqi kidnapped He Tian.

Shen Anqi kidnaps what He Tian does, this is in-house secret. Even if they the 2nd acting elite that now have been interior of the Milky way, also have no way is witting.

At the moment, lin Xiao ease says to Chu Zhengzhe: "I also do not decide this Shen Anqi, it is that Shen Anqi, , but, be financial capacity or be light child service, it is not to dispute a fact for certain. It is not to dispute a fact for certain..

Of Chu Tielong cruel and evil everybody knows that, if Shenyang is installed fine jade if really right area of world female big an ancient name for China is harmful, he is met certainly secret arrange she. But Chu Zhengzhe is right however this girl is very special, this is the secret that 4 small dragon just know.

To moment, good not easy and harmonious father and son two have stick to one's position again, can not with respect to flooey?

Cold high of Chu Zhengzhe complexion, do not have utterance a long time very much. Pass a little while again, he ability in no time asks Lin Xiao ease: "I leave these times, has she looked for me alone? Has she looked for me alone??

Lin Xiao ease sees Jiang Hao Chen, jiang Hao Chen sees Tan Wenxin. Still receive stubble by Tan Wenxin finally: "I think, you leave east after the city, she together left. Do not be other, her mom traffic accident died, junior fellow apprentice is taken away by financial capacity again. She does not have the place of other stay again, your idea is only on body of elder sister of size of He Ningxi congratulate, besides follow financial capacity or be light child, I do not think, what can she still do. What can she still do..

Chu Zhengzhe mood immediately heavy rise.

Quite a while, tan Wenxin says: "A Zhe, I look, this Shen Anqi is very differ really to you kind. This Shen Anqi is very differ really to you kind..

"But, " Lin Xiao ease receives on for: "She made in that way issue however, hunan old forgive not she, between you... "

Chu Zhengzhe quickly stand up from the seat.

Lin Xiao ease, tell Ha Chen, Tan Wenxin and Mu Yunbai 8 eyes at once gaze at he.

"Look for her now? " mouth of Jiang Hao celestial bodies is the fastest.

Look wears Chu Zhengzhe they are 4, changed a relaxed mood suddenly: "I have individual private affairs, you should do what to do what to go first! You should do what to do what to go first!!

4 people are stupefied.

Lin Xiao ease says: "I still think, the thing that I say to you is the issue with the largest at present. The thing that I say to you is the issue with the largest at present..

Chu Zhengzhe kick he one foot, lin Xiao ease is agile get out of the way. Chu Zhengzhe turned a circle, cheesy station decides: "See you later! "See you later!!

A person, no matter there is much more grandiose blue print to need to come true with all one's strength inside the heart, in certain corner, can hide the little secret that belongs to oneself.

Shen Anqi's thing is very important, nevertheless, chu Zhengzhe is satiate drink sufficient, now, want to do a thing only.

Acquired dress is in the shopping mall street street end, still be that bar, on the seat that relies on a window, he Ningxi and Chen Ke are chatting happily.

3 set that He Ningxi designs: Late ceremony, outfit, recreational money, to today, had been finished almost. Chen Ke gave a lot of first-rate opinions, 3 add up to 38 dresses, cast off originally babyish, highbrow characteristic, each had those who belong to He Ningxi special style, can weighs top grade.

There are a cup of coffees before He Ningxi, he Ningxi drank, the time that remnant comes down is saying benedictory word to Chen Ke.

She says: "I am very glad really. Arrive as a child big, never resemble today such, feel oneself existence also is valuable so. Feel oneself existence also is valuable so..

She still says: "In one's childhood, father mother is not beside, everybody can think I am the person that a need is taken seriously. I suffer a person to bully as a child, be in the school, satchel is the brokenest forever, an elder sister that the notebook often still is stayed in together tears. Each minutes are reminding condole bravery, grade is very so poor. When high school, my father just finds me, receive me to come home. I turned Bai Xue into the princess from a Cinderella, nevertheless, because,do not have such change, get the affirmation of someone else. My Mom sends me into east the high school with best city reads. Result, be in that place, I change again the ugly small duckling that answer. I change again the ugly small duckling that answer..

"True thank you, mr. Chen. " He Ningxi hair says sincerely from the heart.

Chen Ke feels some are mysterious, ask: "You in one's childhood, had lived in 3 lis of bridges really? Had lived in 3 lis of bridges really??

He Ningxi says: "Be, the duck bowel alley there can have everyday sell chicken to sell duck to still have those who sell a fish. Everyday, the metropolis that chicken and cut fish kill there sheds a lot of foul water, cardinal, blood is clear, think now, really disgusting still. Really disgusting still..

Chen Ke believed, laughing to say: "Be, I also had leased a building where. " look He Ningxi shows open-eyed expression, his explanation says: "I just graduated at that time, without formal job, also do not have what income. You know, complete east city, it is 3 lis of bridges over there, chummage compares petty gain relatively. Chummage compares petty gain relatively..

He Ningxi calculates calculate time, say: "Await in those days, I seemed to had left. I seemed to had left..

Chen Ke also says: "About the same, also the time with respect to 56 years. Also the time with respect to 56 years..

He Ningxi cries gently immediately, path: "Just brush a shoulder and pass. "Just brush a shoulder and pass..

Chen Ke responds to: "Be. "Be..

Passed a little while, chen Ke just asks He Ningxi: "Ning Xi, since you are the daughter of president of congratulate listen wind, even if do not work, also won't return again once upon a time, spend the sort of hard time. Spend the sort of hard time..

He Ningxi thinks, say: "I feel to had been held out so now. Open an eye everyday, know oneself want to do what thing today. Play the game, the match was over, strive for the work that lets oneself be designed to become in kind. " here, her eye shines suddenly, look at Chen Ke to be full of hope for to say: "Mr. Chen, do you say my work can win a prize? Do you say my work can win a prize??

Chen Ke was weighed in the hand, very conservative say: "I dare not assure special grade award, can be seleted at least. Can be seleted at least..

He Ningxi feels very contented immediately, both hands photograph grasps lift say before the body: "I am very then contented Ye. " drop a hand, continue to say: "So, you can give me the chance, let quantity of my general dress yield come, put in bar to sell next? Put in bar to sell next??

"This... " Chen Ke make embarrassed expression immediately. Look is worn the rubber ball that He Ningxi is like enough vital energy of a sound is abrupt and disappointing, his immediately cannot help " with a ha breath out " the yock rises, say: "Those who cheat you. " the word below, he is to had considered seriously, just speak out: "I think, I will be alone below my brand open up a series. " acquired style, give priority to with fashionable avant-courier, melting romance is not Chen Ke's style. Nevertheless, what small stream of haze of plum of dress bound elder ever had gotten when He Ningxi reads is directive, design concept and plot gimmick are contained advanced the feeling of female outfit MARINA. Among fashionable youth, also have the gens with showily pursuit, he Ningxi's design the quantity yields come, perhaps, can give flourishing really " acquired " reopen monarch gives another new world.

Say down such topic, two people chat more tacitly. Chen Ke has an edge to say the edge compares the habit of bencher situation, and because He Ningxi likes this adviser very much, pull closer more with his distance. Enraptured of two average per capita, talk cheerfully and humourously.

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