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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 4499 words, update at: 2019-08-09 11:05

In flight route, zhang Yunting is in from tail in front: "He Dong, had been told. Chen Wu is in charge of contact Chen Tong, the nephew Cai Qing He of one is in charge of Chen Wu after a while receive machine, send Wu Ling the pond us next. Send Wu Ling the pond us next..

He Tian nods, explain to Liu Wanxi next: "Chen Wu is the handle of total gourd ladle of flying spirit door, help the place in Hua Dong as Long Hu, flying spirit door is China in the big boss that area fierce. Fierce hill pond is in neat Lin Xiang, a very serious person was put to be over there before me. Chen Tong is Chen Wu the direct line of descent of one, local weighs Chen Er, or it is Chen Er father. Or it is Chen Er father..

Fierce hill pond is base of production of lotus lotus root, after entering a village, see the pond of big carry on one's shoulder of stretch to the horizon head on. Lotus leaf cropland, lay whole view into green. Bloom every bits of bit lotus of amid, be like beautiful faery.

Liu Wanxi act out of normal behaviour, collected arrow of a lot of lotus, one bundle is caught in the hand. "Too sweet. " she puts the flower below nose deep smell.

Hetian laugh breathes out breathe out: "If liking, take you to come on a special trip next time. Take you to come on a special trip next time..

"That's settled then! " if Liu Wanxi smiling face is spent, "But must not go back on his word, going back on one's word is a tortoise. Going back on one's word is a tortoise..

2 father Chen Tong greets from the booth that admire a lake old far: "He Dong, favour can I hope meeting. " he not know Liu Wanxi, he Tian introduces so: "Hunan is big little best friend, 10 thousand alizarin red -- hold me in the palm to take care of. " Chen Tong piles all over the face immediately laugh, extend a hand to come: "Favour can I hope meeting. "Favour can I hope meeting..

Liu Wanxi asks He Tian stealthily: "What cries ' is Hunan big little best friend ' ? This ' best friend ' be afraid of is it doesn't matter well-intentioned head! This ' best friend ' be afraid of is it doesn't matter well-intentioned head!!

Hetian laughs and gently: "Meet the person says the land major of international division comes out? " one's voice in speech did not fall, met with write down ancon fist below costal region.

Chen Tong is heard breathe out painful sound, ask at once: "He Dong, is abrupt where uncomfortable? Is abrupt where uncomfortable??

Hetian is woebegone, again and again shake one's hand in disapproval: "I do not have a thing... do not have a thing! " receive Guo Chentong to give the lotus seed tea that come over, drank, breathed out slowly tone, complexion returns to normal just now, "I should borrow Dr. Han to go back today. "I should borrow Dr. Han to go back today..

Chen Tong nods again and again: "Fine fine, your word, it is again hard work, I also want to finish. Han Bo is done particularly well inside countryside hospital now, lack advanced equipment, let his rescue answer the patient of a great traffic accident actually, disastrous, really disastrous. Hospital within can become him a baby, see the person of examine everyday, name having admire from what come somewhere else, discharge growing dragon. I had let a dean hurry to move his time seeing examine temporarily ahead of schedule. Let come out 3 days! Let come out 3 days!!

"Oh, that is too much, have more than is needed. Have more than is needed..

"Have more than is needed, come back to tone again later. Come back to tone again later..

Eat a meal, in the process of Mu Yilai waiting for Han, congratulate talent consider is worn, a few things that had produced a long time ago inshore Wan Xi says. Mysterious blue preparation discovers in the basement of SOUL of secretary of the state before K country from Chu Zhengzhe, go out to want to reply those things with all one's strength to Shen Anqi, rescue Han Mu Yi to Chu Zhengzhe again, muyi of final respecting Han lets Han Zhen turn via He Ningxi's hand one when show him is concerned " Blue Heaven " manual.

"So major issue, you beforehand not ask for instructions, is after the event reported? Is after the event reported??

"Han Mu Yi says Blue Heaven is in below specific situation after action human body, the person's cerebra can lose his consciousness gradually, go to the lavatory to be replaced by new recognizant place thereby. But, how to replace, why to want to replace, all define without redo. So, I reported even if now, what to report to come actually. What to report to come actually..

Liu Wanxi thinks: " , calculate you to say rightly for the moment. Calculate you to say rightly for the moment..

Lotus leaf sways, there is a boat to come over on pond of carry on one's shoulder. He Tian looked: "The person came. " half step goes straight towards the past, reach a hand: "Han Bo, we see again! We see again!!

But Han Mu Yi at the moment, still still do not have diverge of blue *** to leave, day of his proposal congratulate: "You or the doctor that look for best neurosurgery see examine less for Hunan, what I study give he, effect specification also gave you. Effect specification also gave you..

He Tian says: "You know to go blame country, island of classics green coconut tree, can receive you and fierce professor finally a Xia Guo, how many money did we spend in all? Light is helicopter of a black eagle, day hire is gotten high fearsome. Still have, chu Zhengzhe joins special type force 17 years old, it is the elite person with ability that force of bend of special type army develops all the time. His sensitivity decided his fighting capacity directly, if from now on gawkish, at peaceful career, the loss is more huge. The loss is more huge..

The sweat on door of head of Han herd appropriate bead risk continuously: "He Dong, you say these I am clear. But, put oneself in another's position of at present issue is large, saved Hunan really little, your it may not be a bad idea, my it may not be a bad idea, metropolis, metropolis bothers the upper part of the body.

"You believe me, the trouble is early began. The trouble is early began..

Look of slow-witted slow-witted ground wears Han Mu Yi, good half talent nods: "Good, I knew. I knew..

Aboard, the Han Mu Yi of that overcautious and indecisive disappeared, he changed to answer sagacious and astute Dr. Han personally. He says to He Tian: "I need the lab with a complete facility, additional, match an efficient security team again. Match an efficient security team again..

He Tian nods: "I can act accordingly. "I can act accordingly..

The same night is returned east city, the day has not shined, all be all set.

Security team heads a group personally by Hao Chen of Lin Xiao ease, Jiang, medical group was provided in the lab, han herd appropriate chose 4 people appropriative assistant personally. Before formal job, han Mu Yi asks these 4 people: "Allow to look only, do not allow to ask, more do not allow to record experimental process. More do not allow to record experimental process..

Tian Bixia is door setting the password initiative condition, han him Mu Yi set password. 4 assistant and Han herd appropriate are alone inside the lab, he Tian, Liu Wanxi falls in Zhang Yunting's company, and you of the Milky way expect is outside the lab. Cut off theirs is what transparent material literary composition is built and become together is solid and huge wall.

Han Mu Yi takes the vacuum bottle that should come back over there Cong Tianbi glow, renew the atmospheric pressure inside bottle first, open next, final teem those 4 pill. These 4 pill just came out from bottle, all coagulating the person eye that eye pays close attention to is opened immediately big. Day, this is how extraordinary material, open system settleclear clean blue dazzling, resembling really is ability some is clever inside heaven bead.

Han Mu Yi puts 4 matter education Min, not a little while, one settleclear live to screen calling a person completely blue liquid of breath appeared. He continues to handling an instrument, the liquid blue over and over extract, inject to lie finally aside in Chu Zhengzhe's arm.

Hao Chen of ease of He Tian, Zhang Yunting, Lin Xiao, Jiang, Tan Wenxin, Mu Yunbai, Tian Bixia... everybody is binocular and pretty good breathless wirh fixed attention.

10 seconds went, 20 seconds went... go one minute full.

Han Mu Yi checked Chu Zhengzhe's eyelid, with communicate implement to Lin Xiao ease says: "Forest always, maneuver personnel is OK perch, blank cartridge appoint, but they had better put on ballproof garment completely. But they had better put on ballproof garment completely..

Lin Xiao ease does not understand this command has He Shen idea after all.

Han Mu Yi sees He Tian.

He Tian says: "Be made according to Han Bo's directive. "Be made according to Han Bo's directive..

In the lab, chu Zhengzhe's afterbrain is like by what arch, then, the mark that together life style has flowed from hind the neck appears hypodermically come out, then, show in the neck outside the dress, arm, ankle, early or late life style sheds the past like. Next, he begins to twitch all over. Range is very big, so that the surface of model form bed below the body is moire,rise and fall euqally.

Lin Xiao ease and Jiang Hao celestial bodies not by nohow, knock a window to cry greatly to Han Mu Yi early or late: "What did you do to him? "What did you do to him??

But Mu Yiliang seeing Han gives a quadrate module, pressed stretch quickly. On model form bed, chu Zhengzhe eye is opened suddenly.

Lin Xiao ease and Jiang Hao celestial bodies still are howling, abrupt, the door opened. This two individual great rejoicing, grab the past at once, but, two sharp attack are divided scarcely early or late, the instant hits them together.

Zhang Yunting is very nimble, address be like apes and monkeys, bar before Hetian and Liu Wanxi body. The Chu Zhengzhe that breaks up from the bed puts target of the 3rd attack in as expected here, a chain of concentrated attack, let Zhang Yunting have too many visitors or business to deal with. Zhang Yunting do all one can is counteractive, still be written down finally to fly by Chu Zhengzhe the leg is kicked in.

He Tian runs quickly to the side of him hurriedly: "Yun Ting, you do not have a thing! You do not have a thing!!

Zhang Yunting sucked a tone, those who press next wind is oppressed, shake shake one's hand in disapproval.

Tan Wenxin was hit write down in wind, on admire cloud white cheek medium one fist. The gun of security team is carried completely, blank cartridge aimed Chu Zhengzhe completely, but came to nothing completely.

The quick, rack is euqally fluent movement like Chu Zhengzhe lightning lets Lin Xiao Hao Chen of ease, Jiang thought of a few people.

"Shadow of water emperor, fire! "Shadow of water emperor, fire!!

One's voice in speech just fell, the maneuver contingent of 30 people by Chu Zhengzhe a person gives did.

Zhang Yunting is protecting He Tian, someone else is severally blast develop corridor end.

Elevator induction arrives body index of Chu Zhengzhe, elevator door is opened actively, gentle and lovely of beautiful female electron sound: "Welcome you, general manager gentleman. General manager gentleman..

Han Mu Yi pressed module of form of one lower part again.

The Chu Zhengzhe that faces elevator door to pant faces upward to fall.

"The old, old... " person of a gang of the Milky way calls posse.

He Tian asks Han Mu appropriate hastily: "How do this return a responsibility after all? "How do this return a responsibility after all??

"Somebody gives Hunan little injection control sex kind nerve yuan fine grain bug. " this is a new technology, han Mu Yi brought an electron data that he stores, after it is good Chu Zhengzhe relocate to wait, on the electronic equipment that he puts remedial room on, pointing to big screen to explain to you: "This is creation with biochemical very great science, through nerve yuan this kind of uses albumen technology to make micro computer that working principle creates fetterses equipment, the kind that carries intramuscular injection enters human body, release biology report and nerve again yuan union. " changed a piece of PPT, han Mu Yi says then: "The person that a complete fine grain bug has adsorption of the person that the head does adsorption, spinal cord and nerve network control are adsorptive group. " say at the same time, PPT is doing the trends of figure to reveal at the same time. On the picture, the appearance of the person that the head does adsorption, be like the beetle of armor of a dress, elliptic body has an intense acetabulum and many biology report to launch cirrus. Spinal cord is adsorptive person construction and and so on are like, somes build is small just. Control adsorption as to nerve network group individual, each, have an acerose mouthparts like flea. This acerose tone, firmly thorn is in nerve materially.

In system of fine grain bug, the person that the head does adsorption has only, spinal cord is adsorptive person according to the individual actual condition, respectively from 3 differ to 7. Chu Zhengzhe is Asian, constitution compares the cause of be good at large, so, the most effective control attracts an adherent number a few years old should be 5. And the view according to Han Mu Yi, to Chu Zhengzhe explore, fine grain bug runs just to groove. That is to say, for what Chu Zhengzhe injects this covers system of fine grain bug, should be injector special had matched for Chu Zhengzhe. This is one has aforethought operation.

Blue liquid is the nutrient fluid that fine grain bug satisfies protein substance to grow, that is to say, without this liquid, fine grain bug can enter dormancy state automatically. And had this liquid alimentary, the drill that adds exterior program accuses, by the person of bug of grain of such as fine, with respect to the tool that can make a controlled another person.

The quadrate module in hand of Han herd appropriate is collect " remember embedded course " and " specific action issues an order " the fine grain bug that is an organic whole is held control apparatus. This is held accuse appearance to be able to be in through fine grain bug spot of ministry of head of the person that be carried out is embedded a brand-new memory, and, carry this memory, need the order that the person that carry out executes to make known to lower levels of the person that be carried out.

Hold the memorial process that controls apparatus to have by tens of thousands, han Mu Yigang just used, it is secret service kind the 22nd program, this is by the memory of the soldier of captivity, what yearn for most is escape from prison.

Han Mu Yi looks at what was stupefied a flock of people say: "Look reach, my experiment, obtained unprecedented outstanding achievement. Obtained unprecedented outstanding achievement..

He Tian stare tongue-tied, mutter: "This is light child secret... "

"Right, " microstrip of Han herd appropriate is complacent sigh with emotion very again: "Also be light child fling caution to the winds the consideration that should pay me. "Also be light child fling caution to the winds the consideration that should pay me..

Be engaged in particularly weapon research, be expert at to mechanical principle Mu Yunbai episode: "Han Bo should be controlled to solving fine grain bug have original opinion. "Han Bo should be controlled to solving fine grain bug have original opinion..

Han Muyi hears talk, inclined shoot a glance at he is one.

He Tian hastily: "Han Bo, xiaobai says very rightly. Smooth child left so great time, should arrest you go back or flat get rid of you, besides the secret that can reveal them besides you, I think, they most fear, still should be this invention that you destroy them extremely likely. Still should be this invention that you destroy them extremely likely..

Han Muyi shakes his head: "I am no good. "I am no good..

Nobody can beg He Tian, can beg him only: "You can go, true, you must can go. Since today, the family that wants Han Bo and you only is in Xia Guo, I am sure and main the security that protects you. No matter what need, wen Xindou can get ready, xiaobai can become your assistant, 3 days, at most 3 days, ask your Wu to be sure fine grain bug is taken inside the body of sagacious as a child. " the hand that tightens cinch Han Mu Yi, he Tian says: "Han Bo, my body home life, the body home life with you nowadays can be an organic whole, hunan must do not have a thing less, otherwise, we are finished! We are finished!!

Han Mu Yi sucks a cool air, do not have method, can nod only.

Fine grain bug is cleared one of core science and technology that art is technology of bug of grain of fine of a complete set of, it is the place that periphery investigator pervades very hard originally.

But, han Muyi and a scientist come out to can be drawn out, just learned a few trick secretly. Include that to be able to control the quadrate module of fine grain bug, that scientist is risking life danger to give him.

Because Chu Zhengzhe was injected after fine grain bug, was not used to do any things that go against the Milky way, so, he Tian analyses this scarcely is light child sedulous action. Bug of this fine grain comes from Yu Guangzhi child the possibility of in-house and rock-bottom personnel is larger, also accordingly, that bends over to work in Chu Zhengzhe head closely only now go up, also be likely very be in before early east of the light of state activity child the person that the generation head that member belt comes in does adsorption.

"If be really such, that is best. " palm of wash one's hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water of rub of Han herd appropriate, "Otherwise supply blue *** , generation is adsorptive person with respect to meeting dormancy. Next, law of my reoccupy drainage, pass the flow of tall purity blue *** inside blood, attract kind of nerve yuan fine grain bug from neurological on withdraw. Attract kind of nerve yuan fine grain bug from neurological on withdraw..

fine grain bug the method exit setting outside derivative body is in right is cervical vena cava, 5 minutes are less than after Chu Zhengzhe accepts haemal drainage, in a steady stream of fine grain bug is constant from be guided to come out inside body.

These fine grain bug are the biggest have 1.5nm only, naked eye is completely sightless. Han Mu Yi was taken a bit, did smear, put below tall diploid electron microscope.

He Tiancou looked in the past, as expected the honour look of this devil.

Han Mu Yi says: "It is primary only really fortunately, again a few more advanced, I come off not know clearly. " and, he is a bit more compensatory: "The blue *** that I take has given out entirely. " that is to say, he Tian can not borrow this to make light greatly again child article,

Consciousness of Chu Zhengzhe's individual is restoring, he has shared a Liu Wanxi the distinction of He Tianbi glow.

Liu Wanxi affirms Chu Zhengzhe does not have a thing really, walk over to say to He Tian: "Arrangement person sends Dr. Han to go back. "Arrangement person sends Dr. Han to go back..

He Tian mouth sighed, nod: "I meet. "I meet..

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