The 10th chapter, save him, save oneself
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An Ge knows Liu Li has fallen ill actually very long, go up generation, after Liu Li commits suicide, the depressed disease that she just knows him all the time very serious, he chose to end life in order to commit suicide finally.

She shakes his garment horn, ask him " A leaves, do not go good. Do not go good..

A leaves, he is heard such she calls him, some terrified are stupefied.

"Good "

The band with the teenager's small voice is worn trifling blueness is acerbity, she wants sit up body to come, a Bai Xi's slender handle gently pressed her the back of hand gently.

"You had lain, do not move. Do not move..

She is lying silently to see him, his eyebrow eye, his nose, his lip, ever was in the bottom of the heart is painted over and over.

The teenager is stared at so that some feel embarrassed by her, he does not overdo, ear is small red.

Etc hang water, doctor Wang comes over to unplug to her needle, he points to Liu Li's leg, say with her:

"Female classmate, you persuade to persuade him, when he just sends you to come, it is not quite good that right leg is like, I say his look, he does not let. He does not let..

After the doctor goes, li Ange stretchs his hand go the trousers that hold up land leaves, was sheered by him. She some feel distressed, also know these dissuasion however, he won't listen.

Be when, he begins all mix favorably consideration close the door on, can be lone, want how happy living.

Had classessed are over now, the it doesn't matter in corridor person, soundless, li Ange is helping his arm up to go outwards.

"Liu Li, if you do not see a doctor, I am pestering you, sit with you with desk, send breakfast to you every day, irritated dead you. Irritated dead you..

Hear this word, he laughs, the figure beside is a cat, with most if the expression of scamper wool is saying to be without power, he relies on to come over, the face that moves close to her says: "Li Ange, you are being written down, I do not like milk. I do not like milk..

Li Ange has temporarily some be stupefied, she is loose hand, do not like milk, how be met, when she does not drink milk previously, what he says he loves to drink most is milk, let her for company be drunk together everyday. He obviously, drank obviously so long, long to her drink milk to regard as a kind of habit. But Liu Li, you do not like, you do not like obviously.

Why be always such, always bear silently, always go silently, love her repeatedly even so bear. A leaves, you won't painful, you are not afflictive.

Those associate with, the all the time is not reminding her, he loves her, he has many to love her, but she, big big tears rolls from the eye, she with hand Fu face, do not want to let him see such she, helter-skelter, flimsy.

So, you look, associate with is such, be alluded every time, always let a person easy to doly burst into tears, be extremely sad.

Liu Li's pace is very slow, the ache of right leg lets him step forward dimension difficult, the person beside did not catch up with come, transmit from the back very in a low voice sob, crying person very exercise restraint.

His face about, the girl stands in just the position, hand block is worn face, eyeful tear stains, see he turns come over, the girl brushs a face, resembling is some do not pant to go up, the body smokes, the tear of canthus is burnable however his heart.

When everything is all right, how to cry, he goes by, touch her head, left hand is pulling her, go towards corridor end.

"Li Ange, did not cry "

The hand that playing her exerts oneself to do sth. slightly, his hand is very old, very warm, seem to be able to pull her to had taken this lifetime.

She sucks nose, thumb loiter loiter his the back of hand, say to him: "Liu Li, we go to a hospital, go seeing your leg "

"Li Ange, don't you study by oneself in scheduled time to go up late? Don't you study by oneself in scheduled time to go up late??

"Did not go up "

Sound is a little asp, it is sturdy however in the eyes.

There is an English song in campus broadcast, nothing Gonna Change My Love For You, female voice is very affectionate, very the eye that resembles her.

The girl before, that is the girl in his heart, of the eye Gong Gong that just has cried, resemble a bunny same, he hears, small bunny says to him:

"A leaves, we go to a hospital, good "

Look at that pair of eyes, he becomes aware so this kind likes suddenly, this kind is anxious is not to exercise restraint can bear, knit even her beetle-browed, you can be hated to part with. It is all the time when you in darkness, sunshine and you have nothing to do difficulties, can stand in light when you, can not be born to light how again.

"A leaves, I am helping you up "

He is looked at get oneself the cerebella bag below right arm, some cannot help laughing, he is fast a meter of person of 8, let her help by the arm wear go to a hospital, he is hated to part with.

"Lin Shu, you can receive me to the school? You can receive me to the school??

"Yes, I may need to go to a hospital "

Below the setting sun, what the form of boy girl pulls is long long, what they go is very slow, resembling is can take uncultivated land of land old sky so.

Not a little while, a car stops before school door, lin Shu from above come down, his look falls on the hand that two people photograph holds. An Ge becomes aware the hand is like some is burning temporarily, also do not have the hand of loose Liu Li however.

Liu Lichao he nods, look at Li Ange to say: "Lin Shu, this is Li Ange. This is Li Ange..

"Lin Shu is good, I am Li Ange, liu Li's classmate " , because Li Ange is helped up land to greet sb from inconvenience, clever laugh.

"Are you Li Ange? "Are you Li Ange??

Sound inner tube of Lin Shu is worn suddenly, when the look looks to leave landwards, liu Li shakes his head toward him however.

Forest laugh of father's younger brother, it is her so, see the childe has a good friend inaccessibly, the girl is white fair and snow-white, those who look clever also is close, the hope can get along well with the childe.

Lin Shubang she help up land from got on a car, know the leg that is Liu Li gave an issue, his complexion becomes very earnest, drive hastily went to bright world hospital.

Bright world hospital is the orthopaedics hospital of countrywide count as one of the best, doctor in charge of a case Doctor Xu of Liu Li is the orthopaedics doctor with bright world the the youngest, most outstanding hospital more.

"Doctor Xu, the childe's leg may give dot issue " , lin Shu gives a doctor to tell the case roughly.

"Rise trousers hold up first I look " , when the doctor says, Xu did not see Liu Li, look at Li Ange however.

Li Ange crouchs, liu Li thinking a side pulls a bottom of a trouser leg, just stretched his hand the trouser legs that feels him, was dragged by him.

She looks at him questioningly, liu Li touchs her head, draw out stuff of a candy to give her from trouser pocket.

"You are good, go out it is good to take candy, myself comes "

As the teenager of all high-spirited and vigorous, land is extremely strong from proper pride, he won't want her attendant, witness him once those anguish and extremely. She is taking candy to nod, went doorway.

See she goes out, lin Shugang wants to crouch to help Liu Li, was prevented by him however.

"Lin Shu, myself comes, you do not look "

His stoop waist furls slowly trouser legs, line is seaming close needle on beautiful crus, resembling is the baby that defeated is seamed afresh, the place of suture red swollen, shocking.

"Childe, your leg "

This ought not to be the leg of seventeen years old of teenager, if the young lady still is in, she should have many sad. Lin Shu's eye became red red, the word from the back did not say, pharynx go back. His face about, gave a consulting room.

An Ge leans on the wall, shut have sth in mind, the candy box in the hand holds closely, remember Liu Li's injury every time, she can feel ache, not be to feel with experience, feel distressed however, she thinks she cannot cut the anguish that experiences A to leave personally forever.

How can his leg ache, she sees generation on when land leaves a leg, already fast good, can see those scar every time, enough makes popular feeling Jing, each scar is in recounting A to leave how to should ache from time to tome.

The door of the consulting room opened, she carries eye, those who come out is Lin Shu, of eye Gong Gong.

"Lin Shu, his leg how "

Lin Shu wipes an eye, squeezed a malformation toward her loath laugh.

"Some are red, some are swollen, the doctor still is being checked to him. The doctor still is being checked to him..

"Install song young lady, you say he is fond of the childe more, he always likes to be being borne, be like what thing to bear bear can go, he also ability is seventeen years old, if the young lady is in, alas. Alas..

She is helping Lin Shu up outside sit down on the chair, some are fond of the heart, "Lin Shu, blame me. Blame me..

"If it were not for I, he also won't, I am sorry "

The girl is small head, tear falls on the leg, stopped, lin Shu takes the hand that takes her.

"Do not blame you, at the outset you saved him to follow his mother, you have risk, small save you from this "

Lin Shu's word lets her some indissoluble, save him to follow his mother, , last year it is A leaves in that accident car with his mom.

Astonish, sigh with emotion, rejoice, this momently, she the knowledge that to unfortunate favour these 4 words had profundity.

She this lifetime, had not helped a few people, just had saved a pair of parents that year one high child, the fatigue of the raise one's hand that is at that time only leaves A with him the mother is grabbed from Azrael hand come back, did not think of to also be become save atone for to his nowadays.

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