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Afternoon, he Tian receives Song Shijun's howling telephone call. Listen to Song Shijun from A to Z complain tearfully, he Tian is aghast very.

"You believe firmly, is you say entirely true? Is you say entirely true??

Song Shijun at the same time lachrymal say at the same time: "Hum. "Hum..

"Where is that milk box? "Where is that milk box??

"Did not think so much, early be cleared by the clean aunt in the school. Early be cleared by the clean aunt in the school..

He Tian knows Ning Xi is done do not come out so insidious thing, those who use such intention, the mother that can be oneself only makes Yi Fei.

His for the moment is controlling the indignation of own heart, good word comforts: "You are fastened first anxious. The university entrance exam, be no good, we come again next year. Never mind, I can accompany you. Many come one year, I can accompany you certainly. My Mom there, I ask her now. " ring off, go out next buildings, drive car is answered elegant build.

Xu Yifei prepared big lunch for He Ningxi and Chu Zhengzhe, wind of listen of along with congratulate inside altogether 4 people, in little dining room, round round-table dine together celebrate: He Ningxi and Chu Zhengzhe end insecurity at the same time and contented high school lives.

Lv Shu opened a bottle of Mo Sijie of 84 years, congratulate listen wind is wife and wine of two children pour personally, for oneself also pour a cup, end has alcoholic drink, congratulate listen wind is very happy, say to He Ningxi: "Ning Xi, begin today, you calculate formal adult. Everything what past father mother does for you, you want to put, after will arriving tomorrow, your life, do with respect to this yourself advocate. " with He Ningxi cheers, father daughter drinks the wine in a cup respectively.

Congratulate listen wind says to Chu Zhengzhe again: "Young wise man, your father carries out official business, not be inside city. But, he holds me in the palm to send word to you: No matter your the university entrance exam studies the result that come out how, he is very glad, very proud. The achievement that he comes to one this many year for you feels pride, had created no matter how many times miracle, do not touch on classics of your all previous 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger, there is unripe old big adult in him eventually. " after drinking a wine, complement again: "The idea of congratulate uncle, with your father. Young wise man, congratulate uncle Is am sorry your grandfather grandma, I am sorry your mom, so, can the success that saw with one's own eyes witnesses you to today, very comfort. Very comfort..

Look of the humble that make Yi a He Ningxi, he Ningxi is comprehended, busy say to Chu Zhengzhe: "Elder brother of young wise man, should you also thank my father? Should you also thank my father??

This ability carries Chu Zhengzhe wine stands up: "Congratulate uncle, many thanks you help advance somebody's career me. My today, also have your painstaking effort, my general continues hard, do not lose you and my father place to expect. Do not lose you and my father place to expect..

When He Tianchong comes in, the atmosphere in little dining room but good.

Xu Yifei is done not have so enthusiastic, taking fair chopsticks, place dish to He Ningxi a little while, persuade Chu Zhengzhe to take a place more a little while. Before major happy event, do not have a person to think more. Include congratulate listen wind inside, be lived the joyance of successful transition is surrounded.

He Tian is black face, pull open the chair between father and mother, sit.

Xu Yifei look and he is contacted, swiftly ground avert. He Tian more believe firmly what Song Shijun says to do not have a fault, took a chopstick, do not have a meal, also do not place dish, pat toward the table heavily.

"Bang! " flush originally full of one room happy.

Complexion of congratulate listen wind sinks: "Days small, what do you make? What do you make??

"In the feed in raw material in the milk that drinks to Ning Xi, after letting Ning Xi and skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty drink, one is in all afternoon have loose bowels, morning rhythm of the heart increases, blood pressure is elevatory, have a headache be about to crack -- Mom, is this you as expected those who do? Is this you as expected those who do??

Chu Zhengzhe just sends a flesh of mouth, " Da " in the dish that drop vinegar.

He Ningxi is blinked blink an eye, ask He Tian: "Elder brother, are you in bullshit what? Are you in bullshit what??

Xu Yifei one face is guilty, the look dare be not contacted with any person. Congratulate listen wind also look gives clue, after putting down a chopstick, be immersed in contemplative.

The air instant dignified of little dining room.

Chu Zhengzhe feign coughs, pulling Ning Xi to stand up: "Congratulate uncle, I eat almost, want to go dock fishs. Want to go dock fishs..

Different of He Ningxi be surprised: "Angle what fish? I should hear my elder brother and my Mom speech. I should hear my elder brother and my Mom speech..

Chu Zhengzhe says: "Your brother said, inside milk much thing, let you take bad gut so. He is about and make an aunt say this thing. Are you the day before yesterday is abdomen bad? Are you the day before yesterday is abdomen bad??

He Ningxi thinks carefully: "Be. "Be..

"That was opposite. "That was opposite..

"To what ah? " He Ningxi was thrown into confusion very quickly train of thought, receive go down, the moustache that is immersed in Chu Zhengzhe makes up chaos to build.

Chu Zhengzhe says: "The grazing land of elegant strong and pervasive fragrance that world female sets only in elegant strong and pervasive fragrance, carry out a president for each large area especially extremely the milk products of family, quality should assure excellent. You also know, grass should export large quantities of products everyday. Product more than 1, often quality can have some of careless omission, do you say to be opposite incorrect? Do you say to be opposite incorrect??

He Ningxi most be afraid of listen to a person to ask " right incorrect " , one somebody asks " right incorrect " , the direction that she is about to talk towards the person of inquiry goes considering an issue. Want ah want, she forgets to want what to say originally, later, brains follows Chu Zhengzhe to turn blindly.

Chu Zhengzhe looks for Lv Shu, lv Shu gives arrangement a boat immediately. Will can supply the communal water area of fishing, jack-tar small king is carried come the fish of mix up is fed. Chu Zhengzhe teachs He Ningxi to play a pool,

Wet wet soft soft fish is fed hold go up in the hand, he Ningxi has felt unaccustomed. But, after playing a pool, underwater face begins to the fish comes. He Ningxi looks in the eye, be fond of immediately in mind. Chu Zhengzhe hungs up fishing rod bait hands she, he Ningxi says according to him, cast bait into the place that school collects. Fishhook sinks, do not have when, carburettor float begins to move. Chu Zhengzhe stands in He Ningxi back, helping He Ningxi receive a line. An one feet how long become known fish is dragged a surface.

He Ningxi agitato jumps to shout again again. Look is worn elder brother of young wise man piscine nab, take before, she is overjoyed, just doubt and discomfort, fly to beyond the highest heavens entirely.

In little dining room, have congratulate listen wind, Hetian and Xuyifei only.

Congratulate day look dark cold, stare at oneself mother continuously. Xu Yifei has not been fought eventually, stand up path: "Be ah be, I am done. I offer a grandma especially in two inside feed in raw material, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is made up technically, special to body cold girl is used. Special to body cold girl is used..

"How did Ning Xi drink have loose bowels to say? " face of congratulate listen wind is heavy be like water.

"Empty of Ning Xi body, I also fill to her at ordinary times, you know. The university entrance exam is so important, I can take seriously particularly, special ask a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to open medicine to her, it what there is is very worth while and strange to what there is?

"But you know perfectly well Song Shijun to be able to be drunk, " Hetian is angry and those who interrupt a mother is exculpatory, point out in a stern voice, "This ability is a key! "This ability is a key!!

Xu Yifei is asked, congratulate listen wind also desire argue is reticent.

Silent a long time, strike the table of the humble that make Yi is cruel case: "Be, I know she can be drunk namely, that how? I give myself daughter preparative prescription, put in milk, also be the stuff that should drink to my daughter. Who lets her mouth so owe, grab the thing of my daughter, your little sister? Do I have explain Ning Xi to must drink milk to her? Before long I still teach her a lesson before, let her have self-knowledge, he Ningxi made a friend, also want to maintain suitable space. Do not want handle to could there be, do not take Ning Xi's thing casually. It is her ferial look down on, the petty gain that was used to Zhan Ningxi again, just have only oneself to blame! Just have only oneself to blame!!

"Mom -- " He Tian also stands up from the seat, very distressed argue, "That is the university entrance exam, it is the hour that decides one individual destiny. Small skin of the bamboo she again how incorrect, you cannot be in so important hour figure she. She takes an exam the first times after failure, do not have a predestined relationship basically with. And, do you know not to know? The 3rd English, because of broadcast breakdown, she the examinee audition of that examination room is entirely 0. Full 30 minutes, do not have one minute. Even if the 2nd shadow that she jumps out to fail the first times, gain a delectable mark, and originally her anticipation is compared, the not to be named on the same day with. the not to be named on the same day with..

Xu Yifei became white face, speak haltingly: "How do I know, can you have so serious? " come back namely manner strong rise: "Anyhow, she tells police station, tell a court, I am right. I am right..

Congratulate listen wind gets angry: "At that time, how do you still say this kind of word? How do you still say this kind of word??

Xu Yifei became horizontal he is one: "What do you want me to say then? My offer a humble apology, go before Su Ming Yue, let humiliate of Su Ming Yue I, is those who will compensate her daughter the university entrance exam to suffer a defeat painful? " sneer, say next: "My daughter also takes gut bad, the university entrance exam is affected. Yes, my daughter brain is stupid, serious, 500 minutes of examination paper also can be written into only in that way. But, am I not common also was the heart treated? Does her daughter have many to differ after all? Feel to was not taken an examination of good, next time reexamination is. Accept this mark namely, an average school, also not be the thing with alarming what. Also not be the thing with alarming what..

Congratulate listen wind and congratulate day did not have utterance.

Congratulate listen wind is ad cool-headed face, go off in a huff.

Mother of congratulate day goggle at, hate very, after father goes, he also leaves in anger.

Leave Xuyifei, by father and son two such cold reception, it is very unhappy really in the heart. But, this the design is carried out smoothly, procrastinate broke down the achievement of the university entrance exam of daughter of Su Ming Yue. Overall say, she or glad serious offence at compunctious.

Because, she originally intention, the daughter that wants the daughter that lets Su Ming Yue and oneself namely is become about the same horizontal the person that go up!

He Tian is bringing a fact that he does not consider to face, in Yin Jing meeting place saw Song Shijun about.

Song Shijun is sad take a day again afternoon full, when see He Tian, a sunglasses obscured largely face. Bloated face shows her sad rate, after picking next glasses, a pair of eyes, more red be like peach general.

He Tian sits opposite her, 10 thousand hid in the heart " I am sorry " . Nevertheless, involve maternal reputation, he must say so to Song Shijun: "I ask very clearly, what my Mom mixes to Ning Xi really truly is special in offerring a grandma, mixed a traditional Chinese medical science special the prescription that matchs for Ning Xi. Ning Xi of this prescription according to's consistent level, but, be mixed in milk or removed food to react. So, ning Xi made gut a long time, and you -- " here when, he Tian stopped painstakingly, the answer from the back speaks a mouth, one word: "By accident, medium, deputy, car! " clear and clinking.

Song Shijun dare believe scarcely: "This, it is you special call up me, want to say to listen to me? Want to say to listen to me??

"Know you are very sad, but, this is a fact really. This is a fact really..

"Do you believe? "Do you believe??

After congratulate day appreciably is hesitant, head dot must be sturdy very.

The heart that Song Shijun hears him " pit-a-pat " , decline very far very deep. She halts sadness temporarily, on one at present, look He Tian from the top down up and down well.

She feels he is very unfamiliar suddenly. "I want to be less than really... " she sucked a tone, then, speech sound is asp, speak haltingly gently: "You will be so right I. "You will be so right I..

"I can be said beforehand according to me, if you think answer read, I accompany you. Do not think answer read, a year in, you let me what do, OK. OK..

"Should remorse for the subsistent ashamed since your Mom fill? "Should remorse for the subsistent ashamed since your Mom fill??

"How to say, we also had interacted. To you, yu Qing unfinished. Yu Qing unfinished..

"Who can believe: The lovers' prattle that you say to me for the first time, wear alvine bane namely at all so. " here, also do not have a law how to sit down again. She stands up, the He Tian below lamplight of look down at, seemed to see the person is worldly more very grave dark. Compared with abandon congratulate listen wind of mom, him circumvent Xuyifei, this man gathered before the abdomen of congratulate listen wind is black the blackness with Xuyifei, just be real look is detestable.

"Try in vain, I once enjoyed this piece of face that cross. " the before lemonade since end of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty, spill forcibly.

He Tian is spilled so that pour suction inlet cool air. Carrying the water of citric aroma, the line along facial ministry is drippy come down. He did not take paper, go to water in time. However visual Song Shijun is reincarnate Nemean same, erect back, thereafter face about leaves. He Tian breathed out slowly tone, spent a long time, this ability takes out the handkerchief in the pocket, do for oneself clear.

Pressed service key, attendant knocks, come in, he Tian says: "Give me a brief food. " attendant courtesy agrees.

Eating a meal, mobile phone " babble " one noise, screen comes back to shine namely. Chu Zhengzhe sends short message: "Is there time? Come to green forest. Come to green forest..

He Tian replies: "Do not have the mood, over there too clamorous, yourself plays. Yourself plays..

Chu Zhengzhe continues to send: "Introduce a belle to give you understanding. "Introduce a belle to give you understanding..

He Tian answers: "Taking for private use. "Taking for private use..

Chu Zhengzhe sends: "Very special, with you ferial place sees, absolutely completely not identical. Absolutely completely not identical..

What He Tian feels Chu Zhengzhe is dear, appreciably ponders, hit " Ok " animation gesticulation, click " send " .

Did not drive, go on foot directly green forest. Walk into the door of bar, of music fulminant be like a wall same, push send before. Next, this wall evolves into one magnify net again, the net stays in all to the person inside coming. According to the position that Chu Zhengzhe shares, he Tian finds that piece of table very quickly. Sit with Chu Zhengzhe neighbour, it is a girl as expected. Say according to Chu Zhengzhe, he Tian is sedulous much more advertent two. See this belle heavy big only, the heroic spirit with one exuberant face.

Hetian laugh: "As expected extraordinary. "As expected extraordinary..

Chu Zhengzhe did not receive his word stubble, turn the head says to that girl only: "The person of your infer, I came about for you. " the cup on the table since end, the beer quaff inside, put down a cup: "I get last closet. " demur does not say, open drives smooth pattern.

He Tian has the without discrepancy that was placed a very much, nevertheless, an An Zhi that comes already, wait for the closet on Chu Zhengzhe to come back for a long time cannot be gotten, he is laughing to say to the girl: "He had run. " hit a noise to point to, the service that is in charge of this area is born to come round quickly.

"A cup of horse carries the Buddhist nun, thank. " He Tian says.

The service is delivered of sheet, very fast, the cocktail of elaborate modulation carries the division that move wine.

He Tianduan removes goblet, self introduction: "He Tian, ' congratulation ' ' congratulate ' , ' sky ' ' day. ' sky ' ' day..

The girl also carries a beverage: "Liu Wanxi, ' army ' ' land ' , ' just like in former days ' that ' Wan Xi ' . ' just like in former days ' that ' Wan Xi ' ..

"Favour is met! "Favour is met!!

2 people all with one voice, two cups are touched together gently.

Ask about how to can know Chu Zhengzhe, liu Wanxi summarizes Bai Lanyuan Chu Zhengzhe to save the child's job. Say, liu Wanxi read smoothly took: "I feel namely, the Everyman with a so good skill, need great attention really. Need great attention really..

"Oh? " He Tian reacts very quickly.

"How? " Liu Wanxi is very alert also however.

He Tian 2 a list of things are good stare, passed to meet ask: "The student that you say to you are martial university... so, your what person is the Liu Zexun give advice of marine corps of J military region? Your what person is the Liu Zexun give advice of marine corps of J military region??

Liu Wanxi couldn't help turning over a supercilious look, the beverage since end pretends to drink, did not receive stubble.

"Special type fights the Liu Yantao's commander of the team, are you very ripe? Are you very ripe??

Liu Wanxi puts down a cup: "Do you know J military region after all how many surname ' land ' ? "Do you know J military region after all how many surname ' land ' ??

"Liu Yu is the same as! " He Tian's positive tone, wan Xi letting land does not stop one shake. This kind those who flow at the surface is uneasy, day allowing a surname is locked up at a draught decided the answer. Nevertheless, this answer let He Tian also be frightened jump. "Be Liu Yu is the same as really? " he uses the expression of pay homage to namely almost and taking plaint.

The identity that Liu Wanxi did not think of him is so fast exposure. Think Chu Zhengzhe wants to fill in his had said when this man at the moment --

"I introduce a person to you, you and he chats, certain 100 times more interesting than chatting with me, 100 times happier. 100 times happier..

"Your skill is certain not as good as 1% Chu Zhengzhe's, " she does not stop to plaint, "But your brain, even several times faster than his. " drank a beverage to decide compose oneself, the topic more branch off some, "I listen to Chu Zhengzhe to say, he also calculates the brilliant student that Ying Hua graduates. He also calculates the brilliant student that Ying Hua graduates..

Hetian laughs, very self-confident: "I also am Ying Hua's brilliant student. "I also am Ying Hua's brilliant student..

"Oh. " Liu Wanxi expresses open-eyed.

"Several years ago, full marks of not quite up to the mark is taken an examination of go up east big. Full marks of not quite up to the mark is taken an examination of go up east big..

"So arrogant? " open-eyed became admire, liu Wanxi lowers his head to ponder for a long time, look up to just say seriously: "You say rightly, the land commander of J military region, be my father. Be my father..

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