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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 3876 words, update at: 2019-06-24 13:03

After this day, song Shijun does not have days of any message contact congratulate again. Spent a few weekday, this day is Saturday. Yesterday one late dinner party, till the late night. He Tian answered essence garden directly, the following day shut-eye sleeps to late in the morning.

The aroma of the thing wakes him up from inside the dream, he Tian sleeps eye Xing Song, open a door, absentminded, be just as days to pass through. In one's childhood whenever holiday, mom makes Yi Fei can plunge into an apron, prepare food cook a meal. Porridge of a bowl of millet, one bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food 4 not quite not small gold chestnut cake, add different gust meat again.

This is very long a long time ago remember. Well balanced in 9 lis later, at the beginning stone grandma cooks a meal to oneself, gathering up the doorcase of the kitchen, he also can think.

Person that, forever give up does not leave, opposite raises the dependence of own mother.

He Tian goes back room, brush one's teeth wash a face to shave, changed a T-shirt, collocation lies fallow below trousers, come out next.

Sit down have a meal, millet cornmeal and chestnut pink, still be the flavor that retains in one's childhood more than 10 years ago.

Xu Yifei wipes clean hearth, brush handle, sit by him.

He Tian eats spicily, xu Yifei is at ease even more.

Look congratulate day eliminates breakfast entirely, xu Yifei is very happy clear away bowl dish, was over, endure the son that reads a book on sofa on the side.

She has congratulate day dissemble the word wants to say to oneself.

Xu Yifei alluded him a long time, cannot help eventually, one has seized the book on his hand, thereafter: "Did you say? "Did you say??

"What? "What??

Xu Yifei grows exit to enrage, changed pair of serious expression: "The expects for falling in the grandma especially job that I give Ning Xi, how you say with Song Shijun? " , rise gravely even more: "Fact of won't whole truth said, say my frame she, let her the university entrance exam suffer a defeat? " He Tian does not answer, she cannot help cruel case: "You or my son? You are confused by film of that little girl at all first. You want to let your Mom on purpose be utterly discredited, little to that girl says those, that girl is met certainly the sentence you is complete recording, give next police. Give next police..

"So be afraid of a police, do not want to do at the beginning, not good? Not good??

"Do you still say really? "Do you still say really??

"Say, affirmation must say. " the shoulder that presses Xuyifei, block blocks Xuyifei farther crazy, he Tian mouth sighed, say with very soft tone: "Mom, I hope very sincerely you, resemble person of this kind of caustic's not hoggish thing later, also be not touched again. Everybody knows to be in expect for falling in the grandma especially, cause someone else the thing that significant loss is what property, you know, small skin of the bamboo knows, I also know. I also know..

"So... "

"I can suffer moral condemnation, but in this moment, I still should safeguard you. I still should safeguard you..

Xu Yifei this ability loosened tone. She regretted really, and, after the thing discloses, special fear. The son is no problem, husband says to forbid. Even if husband also does not have a problem, chu Zhengzhe that smelly boy also can not be very firm.

Said fear one by one, he Tian replaces her to analyse: "Pa there, you need not worry. From the current situation of area of big an ancient name for China, he is looked at impossibly also helplessly as his wife you, in morally of words and deeds, what to leave to wipe the stain that does not go. This is firstly. Secondly, you had lain 13 years on sickbed for him. Begin to come from the error at you with respect to what calculate a thing, but, after all the embroil that you suffer his destiny. Father nature absolute sincerity, so, this all one's life won't make abandon you, the thing that allows your interest to have damage. This all one's life won't make abandon you, the thing that allows your interest to have damage..

"Where is Na Chuzheng sagacious? "Where is Na Chuzheng sagacious??

"Young wise man? " He Tian sneers, "His be dead set is loving Ning Xi, do you say he can hanky-panky privately kill you? Do you say he can hanky-panky privately kill you??

Xu Yifei thinks, shake shake one's head: "I am unsure still. "I am unsure still..

"You are right Ning Xi does not have confidence, right? Right??

Xu Yifei nods: "Be, your little sister then you know the individual certainly, fade is not pulled a few, very not clever. " sighed, "This is the daughter of own one's own, took a lot of pain again in one's childhood, I am original ought not to so say. " the topic of conversation turns, "But the fact is such, chu Zhengzhe what person? Allegedly this the university entrance exam, he even if the summit summit level that you await short of in those days, east inside state city, before the university entrance exam divides a list of names posted up high 30, he can hold position certainly. Intelligence quotient is very high! Skill so good, match of countrywide teenage wushu two medal winner, the university entrance exam adds minute of cent, so, success has not gone, flourish labour admits an announcement to had been sent greatly. This kind of boy, your little sister that appearance, so thick that live? So thick that live??

"So thick that live! " He Tian is affirmative, "Since you see extraordinary point of Chu Zhengzhe, so, you also understand his humanness almost. His disposition, give one cause together with Uncle Chu Tielong. Hunan uncle currently holds the post ofgeneral manager of the Milky way, the share of the Milky way, much is in his under one's name. Exchange a word and character, the Milky way is Hunan home. In last few years Huaweian is protected do very well, abroad obligation is extended well also. Year accrual, deduct taxation, they year net profit has exceeded 50 million. They year net profit has exceeded 50 million..

"Oh! " Xuyifei can'ts help exclaim, "This is very pretty good meaning. "This is very pretty good meaning..

"But, " Hetian laughs slightly, ask a mother, "Do you see Guo Chushu is father's younger brother additional go seeking a woman again? "Do you see Guo Chushu is father's younger brother additional go seeking a woman again??

"We do not know, did not search on behalf of him. Did not search on behalf of him..

"Not! " He Tian shakes shake one's hand in disapproval points to, "Upright and outspoken of Hunan family nature very pure, they are after falling in love with a person, a kind that when have a change very hard again. A kind that when have a change very hard again..

Hear this word, xu Yifei can forced smile.

He Tian comes to book recapture, turn over that one page that oneself just read at the same time, sigh with emotion at the same time: "Love letter is not believed, want concern, oneself worry simply go. " the word just said, afterbrain was patted. Effort of the humble that make Yi is used quite greatly, he Tian covers afterbrain, breathe out aloud painful.

The big stone in the heart is put completely, make the relaxed be vividly portrayed when Yi Fei berates aloud: "Painful dead you are good, I say old to you Mom this kind of word, is you teaching this on the book ' treason and heresy ' behavior? Is you teaching this on the book ' treason and heresy ' behavior??

He Tian finds both funny and annoying: "Where do I have to you ' treason and heresy ' ? "Where do I have to you ' treason and heresy ' ??

"Can let mom be at ease obviously, hiding the word however assist is worn, call so much of my be nervous the day finally, either ' treason and heresy ' , what be? What be??

This ability is the scholar is encountered arms, rational says not clear, he Tian sad wail, twist a head to say to her: "Cooking person does not need here, the place is little, the look does not issue Mom this honour great mind. You are fast go back. You are fast go back..

Xu Yifei did not have worry, also do not want to stay of course here, broke a cushion for leaning on to come over, rise to take a package. When be about to go out, she remembers a thing again, face about says to He Tian: "Cross me two days to date with your arrangement, last poplar you do not have the boss' daughter settle on, carry a different feeling this to you. Carry a different feeling this to you..

Congratulate day big Jing: "Why to have this thing suddenly again? "Why to have this thing suddenly again??

"Are you how old? 24, 24 do not look for a girlfriend, do 1978 ability begin to search? You think Tan Lian loves to marry is serving market buy food, the turnip is bought today, can you turn one boiler into soup midday? Is love then is what should talk good? Saw, became, that, osculatory contact is about the same, I and your father can get together for you next. Won't do? Seem and Home Yang that young lady? Must not continue to date, continue to contact, love, just marry next? A kongfu comes down, , doesn't that pass with respect to waste time? " at a draught much so much word, cover the shoe on the foot to be taken off again. Xu Yifei changed slipper, carrying a bag on the back to go, finger all the time the forehead of the He Tian on stamp: "I warn you, su Ming Yue that daughter, you again also must not keep to the side. It is clear to be told with you for nothing obviously, I abhor Su Ming Yue, also abhor her daughter. These two people appear in my world, do not have me by them namely, I do not have them two. I do not have them two..

** of congratulate day heart, answer on the mouth and: "Well good. "Well good..

"I call sometime you, you should come out. You should come out..

This, he Tian indeed not dare agree without giving serious thought. But, what press even old father the old Mom that gets not quite is fierce, how must be he done, does ability give such arrangement jump over?

The brain that turns rapidly, abrupt spirit shines solely.

He Tian chases after a doorway, say to Xuyifei: "I had had amative boy or girl friend. "I had had amative boy or girl friend..

Xu Yifei is stupefied: "Who ah? "Who ah??

"VIP. "VIP..

"VIP? " Xuyifei came again interest, the hand that holds doorknob hand sends, face about, "You say, whole east city, besides Shen Mohui, Yang Shiji, Luo Weijie they, a lot of money that which important person still has is to match to go up of our home setting? A lot of money that which important person still has is to match to go up of our home setting??

The word below speaks a mouth, he Tian made a lot of energy of life to oneself indeed.

And Xuyifei listens, ultimate control does not live, very vociferous come out: "The daughter of commander of J military region? " suddenly, gas breathes heavily not divide evenly: "Oh, this, this... this still is VIP really, oh? " return a house afresh inside, will answer pace back and forth several, arrive again doorway. Open the door, make Yi Fei beaming with satisfaction, can see a son. "Well good... " she one alternate voice says. Saying, yell. Laugh ah laugh, she so be in heaven received lift.

Hetian and old Mom wave leave. Return house in, want to go presumably, still be this thing, did a newspaper to have to Liu Wanxi.

In the evening, he receives Liu Wanxi's order: "Come to green forest! "Come to green forest!!

Dress a suit very the Liu Wanxi of business suit of endure with all one's might, sit in on the side of the stage edge of a piece of table. When He Tian comes over, she is born actively to the service say: "Ma Dini, thank. Thank..

He Tian sits, ma Dini came.

Liu Wanxi stares him, quite inwardly angry: "You are really audacious still. " day waiting for congratulate sipped buccal wine, she just receives go down: "Perhaps arrive home tonight, taking a gun to pointing to your head with respect to meeting somebody: Wishful thinking Miss Liu Wanxi, collapse! Collapse!!

He Tian a chuckle.

"What to laugh at! " the Liu Wanxi with disposition very hard line, take a table suddenly.

Hetian says at once: "Just help. I know your heart is belonged to somewhat, and I, not be that dish of dish that you favor. Not be that dish of dish that you favor..

This word speaks out, liu Wanxi does not love to listen more. Accordingly, her sniff: "It is nonsense simply. "It is nonsense simply..

"Does pastime come to bar before you? " He Tian asks.

Liu Wanxi stays, in be being said, can't help writtening guarantee tongue: "Not, not, that, that how? That, that how??

"How to always love to run toward bar now? Other place also does not go, make an appointment with me today, come green forest? Come green forest??

"What curiosity do this have to blame? " Liu Wanxi's sound rises greatly at a draught, "Had not come before, do not know the atmosphere here has been held out actually so. Come here now, because knew,be of course. Because knew,be of course..

"Young wise man saves the child's appearance, certain dazzle cruel exceeds handsome, make your look over unforgettable. " He Tian interrupts her the more what one tries to hide.

The mouth that Liu Wanxi opens a circle also is done not have a long time very much close. She is concealed desperately, however even more here does not have silver.

Congratulate season word is used up hereat, dig greatly no longer, end removes Madini, shallow water is tasted slow.

Liu Wanxi foul smell became red face, good a little while, just now deep sigh: "Be, I seem to say like you, be opposite that need not the any assistor material, fellow bear in mind constantly that can help child of headroom dropping building. " before memory, she is to feel to be able to 't bear very: "It is good to tell you completely, that day, he helped that child, after leaving quickly again, I demanded his contact kind forcibly. My meaning, or at the beginning what I convey. Resemble his in that way person, or is used by army place, or is used by police place, this all one's life need not military accomplishment, , that ability is unthinkable thing. That ability is unthinkable thing..

"Do then you know he is actual later circumstance? "Do then you know he is actual later circumstance??

Liu Wanxi carries brow: "The Milky way is little east, huadongdi the singleton of dragon of iron of one ace Hunan -- tell the truth, before you talk about concerned emotive problem with me today, I consider an issue really: Let him join J military region, my father administer under marine corps and special type fight team, still have at present assist the international family that provides the Milky way is special action group, very welcome him of the sort of talent join. " staring at He Tian the eye of that double deep and remote blue saw half of the day, she is heavy track: "Do not think my whats do not know, the Milky way deputy total Shen Zi is blue, already the special operation office that be recruited enters confederative ** . This is to be causeway of future of the Milky way, you want to also place in a certain position Chu Zhengzhe into confederative ** . That is international canal accuses, the freedom inside whole world limits walks, do not accept restriction of this locality army. From the angle of my father, include east city inside all forces are special personnel, do not hope to again such thing happens of course. Chu Zhengzhe also can enter federal, but, have us international family puts forward to recommend. Have us international family puts forward to recommend..

"Are you negotiating with me now? "Are you negotiating with me now??

"Be. " Liu Wanxi call a spade a spade, "You use my reputation, I talk about a condition with you now. Unless you never plan to want to be in summerly country permanent, otherwise, prospective the Milky way is attributive Xia Guo control, with the Milky way appurtenant federal is organized, does distinction have again how old? Besides, " here, liu Wanxi's pupil is in in the dark Yi Yi is unripe brightness, "How don't I think after you so line of a human concern? I am in your world, a lot of things, can let you feel blame is same kind. Can let you feel blame is same kind..

4 eye are opposite, a long time, corners of the mouth of He Tian general slowly upgrade pulls: "We just are talking about you to like to go up the thing of young wise man. "We just are talking about you to like to go up the thing of young wise man..

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