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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 3487 words, update at: 2019-07-20 23:04

The spot restrains the group of scientific research elite that Reese heads with assistant director of Lu Si institute, everybody was stupefied by this one farce. One instantly, he leads Heng Yuanji to turn pale with fright, and the eye with congratulate beautiful general manager wants ejective fire to come almost.

Young man of general manager assistant is saved hurriedly, director staff member clears the spot quickly clean. Luo Zhibin of vise general manager sees meeting site very short time reinstated original state, maintain one's composure say: "I am sorry, minor accident. " cannot have used because of data sex file, luo Zhibin prepares with oneself these year will share the experience that Heng Yuanjian is set and develops to come, the content that will want to explain originally is nuncupative one. Nevertheless, difficulty came. Foreign language of collect annals Bin the first language is English, it is Russian next, a bit Lan Yu also meets a bit, but not can essence of in order to spends extremely tall commerce explanation definitely. Someone else, such as wears dimension heart and An Ni, nature of scientific research standard does not have a word to say, lan Yu is perfectness also, but, after all the project of be assigned personal responsibility for that company construction is not them, besides research itself, they also do not say to go out too much.

Heart square guest begins comment, after Kelisi teachs the opinion that heard subordinate, preparation stands up cancel to meet this.

Be in at this moment, offended the Song Shijun of catastrophe to suddenly aloud: "I can say! "I can say!!

Because say is to get Lan Yu, kelisi teachs a person to had stood, in spite of oneself side side head, see her use so that Lan Yu asks: "What should you say? "What should you say??

Song Shijun stands beside board, take microphone, with Lan Yu is right He Tiandao: "General manager, my responsible this share data, besides paper content, I am OK still spot explanation. I am OK still spot explanation..

Of He Tian Lan Yushui makes the same score is pretty good, wen Yan, one flits in the eye amazed. Luo Zhibin, Dai Weide, An Ni sees him. He Tianpo has the wind of command, face an unforeseen event not flurried, chen Shengjing gas says: "Good, you become wonderful spot explanation for Professor Kelisi and group. " have it seems that in the look that sees Xiang Songshi skin of the bamboo encourage, but fine fine savour rise, it is chaff is mocked it seems that.

Song Shijun sucked a tone, bite a lip again, say next: "Good. " square guest of look out heart, broaden smile path: "Everybody is good, I call Song Shijun. Welcome to company of Heng Yuanshi estate -- "

Powerful memorial capacity, erupt at the moment. Read at the same time nevertheless input at the same time just, two short hour, song Shijun had gotten on the data actually one word does not differ all content wrote down. From await temporarily greatly begin, try hard assiduously each course also saw attend in a advanced studies together effect. Song Shijun gets Lan Yu colloquial pronunciation is accurate, dialect is sterling. At the beginning when, because of nervous cause, sound some are not self-confident. But, as the development of explanation, she is progressively attain enter the most pleasant stage. Down data explanation while, timely still join spoken language to convert necessary link signal. Consecution is very clear, atmosphere also is handled first-rately.

Be full of doubt countenance loosens Lan Ke's person gradually, kelisi also shows cheerful smile on the professor's face.

Explanation time whole course 15 minutes, and arrange in conference technological process originally roughly consistent.

He Tianmo recognized Song Shijun's achievement, smilingly has the agenda below -- the new research project that discusses to finish one season with Lu Si institute.

Skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty of little fourth hint can leave assembly room, song Shijun anounces a smile to everybody, behavior is decent go toward the doorway. Just walked out of the gate of assembly room, she leans on solid wall suddenly. Just that one convulsion, frighten her heart quickly simply broke. Hand of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty strokes wind, the back is leaning on wall, big mouth is big breath.

The feeling that the foot is tied still is in, the Meng Xin that carries an a lot of crystal cups without what appear opportunely is to write more full say hello to. Song Shijun breaths even later, go slowly on footpath. Go at the same time, she appears in assembly room of memory of in an orderly way at the same time the case when the accident.

Bud of the Meng Xin that before thinking of, hears in 24 buildings before long, Yuan dawn and Tongbai join the talk between, song Shijun has been maintained simply, this is secretariat fluctuation at all stumble to what oneself fall child.

"Is should driving a company out of me? " Song Shijun is unable to bear or endure gnash is thought of oneself. Fortunately oneself actual strength exceeds besides their imagination strong, today's incident evolves into those who be him individual ability and wisdom to reveal finally, attendant and wait-and-see Meng Xin, doesn't the heart know why flavor?

Afternoon, bud of she and glad of the first month, Yuan dawn and Tongbai close to be encountered again, as expected, from 3 the individual's eyes, song Shijun numerated at the same time the woman as conceit, those who encounter the strong opponent outside expect is unwilling with Jing dread. Handle like handle servent all the time previously oneself Liu Yi and Yang Yuxuan, because Song Shijun can be become unexpectedly,emphasize the aspect that wants a guest, perfect before company high level the reason that show, afternoon, take data document received to imprint again when the room, also not dare again foot Gao Qiang.

Song Shijun goes actively to them before, say: "Is this need added imprint how many? "Is this need added imprint how many??

Liu Yi says hurriedly: "Not Duobuduo, it is OK that ourselves imprints. It is OK that ourselves imprints..

Yang Yuxuan also assentations.

Song Shijun is polite, face about during, hear 2 people to steal steal murmurous. Liu Yi says: "Really true person is not shown ah, so fierce, can be here unexpectedly the nest must live. " Yang Yuxuan says: "Hear Kelisi teachs pair of her admiration to have add, general manager also knows secretariat had a such people. General manager also knows secretariat had a such people..

The word from the back, because leave very far, listen thoroughly no longer.

Song Shijun is guessed, two people are abrupt him dread reason, it is to fear probably oneself are about very quickly to rise accordingly, did their one's direct superior suddenly that day, because once by the cause of create difficulties for sb, be about to give them a lot of small shoes a tooth for a tooth wear.

Think of here, the Song Shijun that sits in him seat cannot help chuckle rises.

This world, it is so actual!

Meng Xin hits him, final it is a go for wool and come home shorn. And oneself life, want after suffering comes happiness eventually it seems that. Long night is about to go, long-unseen bright immediateness should come.

Before coming off work that day, song Shijun clears away his thing in the office. Just had locked up desk, take a package, he Tian from go outside the door.

Civil imprint there still is other employee in the room, see general manager, say hello to affably. Song Shijun not can be avoided without exception, also reverent and respectful says: "General manager is good! "General manager is good!!

Hetian laugh.

Colored person looks reach, general manager drives presence to be not greatly at the moment face fashionable to rise. Besides Song Shijun, prepare all men and women originally, in succession flee to other country. Blink between, so big article imprints room, remain Song Shijun and He Tian.

At that time, he Tiancai says: "Painstaking today you! " say, have article no longer.

The move such as Song Shijun, it is good to waited a little while, just look up: " such? " such??

He Tian laughs, rhetorical question: "How do you still think? "How do you still think??

"What reward a bit at least, this morning, was my expression saved to you how old? Was my expression saved to you how old??

"Because your error caused awkward situation,that also is. Kelisi teachs nearly to announce to cancel cooperative intention at that time. You also know probably, day ear graceful it is a how rigorous nation, as long as it is oral go up stated thing, they won't be changed again absolutely. They won't be changed again absolutely..

"It is desert balance, my expression also can get was promotived. My expression also can get was promotived..

He Tian does not have utter a word.

Song Shijun sighed, grab oneself package goes outside.

He Tian says after one's death in her: "Will let human affairs ministry rise job to you tomorrow. Answer secretariat how? Is those who let Xiaoding induct you to be secretariat deputy always?

Song Shijun was sucked deeply at a heat, face about stares: "General manager, if your memory is bad if, some things, I do not mind to remind you a few times more. But, such falsehearted, I do not need. I do not need..

But be in the following day, the Wen Guo of human affairs ministry sent like that: Secretariat of transfer of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty deputy always. And finishing smoothly after welcoming the job that gets Lan Ke's person, was apart from first time transfer to lie between namely full a week, professor Kelisi and group leave east city, he Tian announces personally to secretariat: Those who rise Song Shijun to develop a department for international is deputy always. This post, come on level say, had been the same as class with Xiaoding. Pay pay and young man are same, lunar income crosses 3W to close greatly.

The assistant of skin of the bamboo of poem of admeasure the Song Dynasty, devote oneself to the Liu Yi of backside play a dirty trick all the time just about, yang Yuxuan also is arrived to develop a department by tone, just not be a secretary, did however downstage.

Inside working hours, once had been hostile to when these the Song Shijun, person that has disdained Song Shijun even, when encountering Song Shijun again, again also not dare small gaze.

And in take up the post of international to develop department vice director after a week, of the first weekday afternoon, female singer of bewitching of a bundle of blue passes a mail office, send a vice director the office.

Liu Yi is holding this bundle of rose in the arms, say to Song Shijun respectfully: "Song Zong, your flower. Your flower..

Song Shijun looks up hastily will look: "Who delivers? "Who delivers??

Liu Yi searched inside the flower. Have a piece of card, there is a chain of English above beatific language: Will Be Happy Ones For You. Sign: T.H. Liu Yi looks not quite understand, say: "Do not know, there is T already in a name, the person that also has H. The person that also has H..

Song Shijun listens, take bouquet the past immediately. Take out card to look, abrupt, her good-looking corners of the mouth with respect to raise attractive smile.

Liu Yi does not know this young female boss came up against what favour again, still calculate good professional accomplishment to made her very fast do decision-making to oneself: Quit this office quickly.

Song Shijun is taking a rose to return a seat to go up, holding a flower in both hands single-handed, a hand vacates clean, take a telephone call, dial.

T.H, not be Tony. The abbreviate of congratulate? Congratulate knows in the company always, forgot however " He Tian " this name, and " Tony " this English name.

"Hello. " his what transmit in the phone sound as always, the level is like lens, without the least bit warmth.

Dan Songshi skin of the bamboo is very happy still: "Be the flower that you let a person deliver? Blue rose, very beautiful. Very beautiful..

In the phone silent, passed a little while, he Tiancai starts to talk: "It is good that you like. " say to hang the phone.

Now is time going to work, general manager room often often can have very important discussing.

This, song Shijun forgives naturally.

Next time, song Shijun arranges ace head all general affairs, have one's heart filled with expect to wait in the office. At 5 o'clock -- 5:30 --

The door is knocked at suddenly noisy, "Earnest earnest! "Earnest earnest!!

What Song Shijun restrains inner arise suddenly is excited, aloud: "Enter please! "Enter please!!

The door opened, he Tianguo goes like that.

He Tian walks along Song Shijun before, each other are stared. After a short while, he eventually hold the hand that has her.

"Small skin of the bamboo, excuse me please all the time since insufficient to yours with one one's heart. If can, I hope I return organic meeting, make up for with survive. " saying, draw out a gules flannelette box from the pocket, open, show inside one plunges drop.

This gets jewelry of Yu Jiahe of out of Buddhist monastic discipline, character is elegant, cut worker worker excellent, full 4 carat.

He Tian takes it, belt of skin of the bamboo of the poem that replace the Song Dynasty is on right hand ring finger: "Marry me! "Marry me!!

Song Shijun is missish, good just say a little while: " such? " such??

He Tian odd genu grovel, a moment ago that word come again.

A lot of people still are had outside, everybody was stupefied. Look at them to walk out of the office hand in hand, each is holding the lower jaw that should break instep immediately in the palm, comment stealthily next.

"Make a mistake? It is her really, give spirit away general manager. Give spirit away general manager..

"I am really too envied! "I am really too envied!!

"Heng Yuan does poineering work period, I was in, why didn't general manager like me? Why didn't general manager like me??

The female work in the same placing with old day of congratulate of be covetous on a sad wail.

Vanity of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty gets great and contented, rely on beside He Tian to ask gently: " so decided, do not regret forever? Do not regret forever??

He Tian kisses her cheek: "No matter future how, only myself, ability is repaid. Ability is repaid..

Zhang Yunting has opened Aiwendu entrance hall, he Tian pulls open door for Song Shijun.

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