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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 2148 words, update at: 2019-09-13 11:13

Elegant build.

The finger of clock points to 10:30.

Song Shijun is wearing night clothes, come behind He Tian: "Don't you still answer a room? Tonight, I still think you accompany me well. I still think you accompany me well..

He Tian kissed her: "I am waiting for an important telephone call, when, go. Go..

Song Shijun scattered meeting charming, sticking up the mouth to say just now: "Good, listen to a phone to come. Listen to a phone to come..

"Good. " He Tian squeezes a smile hard.

This box just went Song Shijun, that compartment, the phone rang eventually. An a sudden big stride forward develops He Tian, receive rise: "Hello, be father? East the thing here, did you also hear of? Did you also hear of??

Congratulate listen wind is apparent very angry: "True somebody courage is so great, in quick succession does a business, is Lian Ningxi let off now? Is Lian Ningxi let off now??

"Be, if not be young wise man able, ning Xi now, it is cannot predict the outcome really. It is cannot predict the outcome really..

"I hear of, mu Jiwei is in east two force of the city went up early or late. The head that Han Kesi makes blast, xu Xiaoman took a person, return plan and confront the tough with toughness of the Milky way. Return plan and confront the tough with toughness of the Milky way..

"Everything the will because of the grandfather is very possible at any time invalidation. " He Tian too impatient to wait makes this next final conclusion, "Fine grain bug can control the person's cerebra, according to generation and between 2 generation the speed of replace, mu Jiwei can let a grandfather become at any time vitaminic be from dummy. He can let a grandfather be in the lawyer lets revise a will below the case with clear mind it seems that, operate the board of directors calls in area of big an ancient name for China all investment, dismiss the duty of your trustee, admit us no longer even world female group is legal the fact of heir. If arrive really this one pace, father, we are one, do not have means of livilihood again! Because capital shortage is banned,the Milky way is met, connect other people, because raise,also can not rise, must leave us. Must leave us..

Soul-stirring of what one says during a conversation, say to get congratulate listen wind cannot character.

The following day, he Tian made an appointment with Liu Wanxi, in shade Yu road 116 lane give Liu Wanxi 76 numbers fine grain bug.

Come out from 76, he received a telephone call.

"Young season... "

The heart that He Tian is stretching tight closely quivers suddenly: "Small, small pure? "Small, small pure??

"You still remember me -- "

"Of course, heaven and earth was destroyed, I also won't forget you. You now where? You now where??

Become silent, after moment, the sound in the phone just passes again: "9 lis of booth the old place there, willow bank, do you still remember? If have time, we see one side over, ? ??

He Tian's look is unable to bear or endure to shine: "Oh, good, I go to an appointment certainly. I go to an appointment certainly..

What be in charge of driving to him now is a new personality, the Zhang Yunting with the past is different, this cries from what scene city comes " Cai Qing He " the boy grows round head of the head that get a circle not only, do not be like Zhang Yunting so comely piece carry, mouth also is to break OKly. Just drove to He Tian for instance at that time, love to evaluate of all kinds model of He Tian very: "He Dong, your Che Zhen is much, be equestrian card, be bovine card, still have the sort of calling horse, car mark is not a horse however, do not cross me or love this to plant 4 to encircle most, add a circle to become 5 link, reliable, extravagant, like cruiser, best. " now, he Tiangang tells a few, his confabulate came again: "He Dong, before cummer? Listen to your that tone, first love, love and do not get the sort of, remember to the end of one's life, very unforgettable bosom, right incorrect? Go to an appointment immediately? Go where going to an appointment, what should otherwise take, still need me to prepare for you? Still need me to prepare for you??

He Tian is so irritated that He Tian drive sb. to his death, think the needle that take a root gives his mouth very much seam rise, but, hindering Yu Zhangyun Jian of force of the court of a feudal ruler, be forced to be able to bear or endure strength says: "What to prepare for her, I want to go now bazaar. I want to go now bazaar..

"Buy diamond? Diamond is good: A constant is permanent, be handed down from ancient times cannot forget. Be handed down from ancient times cannot forget..

"I go buying infantile articles for use! " congratulate day Leng Leng is interrupted him.

Cai Qing He as expected at a loss for word: "Either those who want first love young lady ah? "Either those who want first love young lady ah??

"I hear your home also has kin to add the child recently. "I hear your home also has kin to add the child recently..

The rhythm of Cai Qing He is taken eventually crooked: "Haw, right. Right..

"What kin? "What kin??

"My elder sister. "My elder sister..

"Oh, this is quite close, unripe boy or girl. Unripe boy or girl..

"The girl, an extremely beautiful big brother's daughter. An extremely beautiful big brother's daughter..

He Tian calls to call Xiaoding. Xiaoding bades according to his, chose articles for use of one pile male baby, chose again be the same as things of numerary female baby with the paragraph. Paid cash, xiaoding hands Cai Qing He big packet one those who installing female baby things completely.

Stare of Cai Qing He: "This this this... be give me? "This this this... be give me??

Hetian laughs: "Give you, turn show your elder sister. Turn show your elder sister..

Cai Qing He piece move two hands, just dare not receive.

Xiaoding says: "Trustee lets you take, you are being taken. You are new employee, it is a company to give your new personality welfare. It is a company to give your new personality welfare..

This ability appreciates Cai Qing He tears 0: "Thank trustee, thank trustee. "Thank trustee, thank trustee..

The phone rang again, he Tian takes the mobile phone: "Hello. "Hello..

"Did you set out? "Did you set out??

Congratulate day corners of the mouth is small carry: "Immediately. "Immediately..

"Then I go there first wait for you. "Then I go there first wait for you..

"Good. "Good..

Cai Qing He takes hand weak point, conveniently mouth is soft, frowsty not at the back of utter a word follows in Hetian and Xiaoding. Went up road, his gramophone does not press again just now: "Alas, he Dong, is that mixed namely you the oxcart with that not much car? Is that mixed namely you the oxcart with that not much car??

Xiaoding is strange: "Can there also be oxcart to come up on high speed? "Can there also be oxcart to come up on high speed??

He Tian is cold hum: "He says Lanbojini. "He says Lanbojini..

Small fourth astonishment, cai Qing He " Oh " one, "With a ha breath out " laugh: "Call Lanbojini so, to be opposite, I had been checked, seeming is so cry. " eye ignore another bright, "Alas, na Gang past Where is that carriage? Na Gang past Where is that carriage??

Small Dingyou looks around: "There, there? Do you say BMW? Do you say BMW??

He Tian turned over a supercilious look: "Farad benefit. "Farad benefit..

Cai Qing He beats steering wheel: "Right, it is farad benefit. It is farad benefit..

Black line of face of small Ding Yi.

He Tian mouth sighed, ask: "Xiaohe, I have a thing to consider commit sth to sb's care very much you, do not know you can help me finish? Do not know you can help me finish??

Cai Qing He pats smack chest: "You are at ease, you are Yun Tingshu tells the person that must have protected, your thing is my thing, must have done. Must have done..

He Tian nods: "You see your rearview mirror first. "You see your rearview mirror first..

Cai Qing He took aim: "You are to say, is the car that there is a silvery white dogging we? Is the car that there is a silvery white dogging we??

Small Ding Yi listens, do not rise by insecurity: "Is there a car dogging we? "Is there a car dogging we??

Congratulate day look eye of small Ding Yi, small Ding Lianmang straightens his clothes and sit properly. He Tian says to Cai Qing He: "Phone me before, not be my first love. Rather, she is likely very from the back drive dog my person. Her purpose is impure, want extremely likely to kill me. Want extremely likely to kill me..

The appearance of careless and casual of Cai Qing He disappeared: "Do you need me how to do then? "Do you need me how to do then??

"You tried to swing her first. "You tried to swing her first..

"Get Lie. " on road of choose of nearby of Cai Qing He high speed, follow accelerator to walk, speed instant has carried 120. Overtake, overtake, again overtake, if the Xiaoding that lets sit by him sat together switchback.

Do not have when, he drives the car next high speed, stop by the landscape of dense of a greenery. The car is spat below Xiaoding, spit at the same time grouse at the same time: "I say, you are to drive, still fly a plane. Still fly a plane..

Cai Qing He is very innocent: "I am the requirement according to trustee is done. " twist a head to look again, never mention it the car of silvery white, the car of what color is swung invisibly by him.

Xiaoding must not refuse to obey: "Go all right, you have ability. You have ability..

He Tian is quite gratified also: "Pretty good still, be worthy of is the person that Yun Ting recommends me. " but, be in at this moment, his mobile phone rang again.

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